Wuala Review

Wuala (www.wuala.com) is based in Switzerland, offering one of the best cloud storage services for both individuals and professionals. Besides getting storing functionality, customers can receive more services from Wuala, including sync, backup, sharing and accessing their data at anytime from anywhere.

Wuala Review on Usability

WualaWuala cloud storage is easy to use with a broad range of features. The basic feature is about store and access. Users can store anything, like pictures, songs, documents, etc. And then they can access their Wuala cloud accounts to manage what they store. Moreover, both store and access can be operated at anytime on any computer that needs to connect to Internet.

Furthermore, users can make backups on highly secure Wuala cloud servers. And Wuala has file versioning service that allows users to check out the previous copy of what they backup. In addition, Wuala provides the simple operation for sync. Users just need to add what they want to synchronize to Wuala Sync folder, and then the data will be synchronize on all devices and automatically updated.

What’s more, users will get sharing service to share pictures, documents and more to contacts. To achieve that, users can use filing system or send links. Beyond that, Wuala Groups is a unique service. In that group, both users and their colleagues are allowed to share documents, edit them and leave comments together.

Wuala Review on Security

And the company does much work on security and makes its service become one of the most secure services in the industry. For example, at Wuala, the data will be encrypted on the computer before uploading to its cloud servers.

More than that, Wuala uses client-side encryption to secure data that users put in the cloud, which is the most secure encryption way. With the client-side encryption, anyone, including providers, cannot access the data except users themselves. However, client-side encryption does not allow users to reset or recover password.

Additionally, Wuala utilizes several datacenters throughout the Europe. So it can place data of users in different servers in different datacenters, which protects the data from losing or stealing.

Wuala Review on Pricing

Since Wuala designs cloud storage both for individuals and professionals, its cloud storage price varies as well.

  • Wuala Personal cloud storage solution is for individuals at 0.99 €/mo. 5 GB storage in this solution allows users to store and backup 500 songs or 1,500 photos.
  • Increase Storage solution is for users who have increasing needs. Users can pay 2.99 €/mo for 20 GB, 5.99 €/mo for 50 GB or 9.99 €/mo for 100 GB. Besides store and backup, users are able to share and sync data too.
  • Wuala Business solution is aimed at professionals. They will spend 389 € per year to get 100 GB cloud storage for 5 users. Furthermore, Wuala provides customers with 30-Day free Business solution trial.
Wuala Business Solution
30-Day Free Trial

Wuala Review on Customer Support

Wuala opens many doors for people to search help or find self-help ways. If people have questions, they can go to support center on Wuala official website. Knowledge Base and FAQs in that part are informative enough to solve people’s problems. Besides, they can also go to community forums like Wuala Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

If above ways are not effective, then send tickets to Wuala support team about technical questions, sales matters or others.


After the usability, security, price and customer support review toward Wuala cloud storage, it is not difficult to come to a conclusion: Wuala cloud storage is very secure no matter on store, backup, share or sync. And it is affordable as well. Therefore, if customers are looking for secure enough cloud service, Wuala is a pretty good option.

More information is at www.wuala.com.

Wuala Review

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