WPEngine Review

As one of the first managed WordPress hosting service provider, WPEngine has caught the eye of a lot of webmasters. And in below, we will reveal why it's outstanding when being compared with its competitors.




WPEngine Review in below would analyze the price value, reliability, ease-to-use and customer support of WPEngine.

Unlike many other hosting companies in the market, WPEngine is a quite special web host who focuses on managed WordPress hosting service only. It has built a reputation as a solid and reliable managed WordPress hosting with rich features, reliable performance, expertise and great supports.

The company is challenged by the most interesting and meaningful work of its careers and inspired by engaged passionate people. With only few years’ development, WPEngine now proudly hosts tens of thousands of WordPress websites and apps around the world, and its customers keep increasing every day.

WPEngine Review on Price Value

WPEngine specializes in managed WordPress hosting service, and its solution includes all necessary and remarkable features for customers to create the best WordPress website. At the same time, the company would help manage it, so customers should never worry about.

In order to meet the different requirements of different customers, WPEngine managed WordPress hosting comes with 4 packages: Personal Plan starting at $29/mo, Professional Plan at $99/mo, Business Plan at $249/mo and Premium Plan at custom price. For each package, they allow different amount of WordPress install, visits per month and local storage. The common features include unlimited LargeFS storage and data transfer, managed upgrades, and daily backups, curated plugins, themes and power tool & services and more others. No matter customers need personal, professional or business WordPress websites, they can find a suitable solution at WPEngine.

WPEngine Review on Product

Basically, WPEngine Personal Plan is built with shared environment, and it provides customers with 1 WordPress website install, 25k visits per month, 10GB local stroage and unlimited data transfer. There are some other great features such as staging, WPE SSL & CDN available, transferable installs, LargeFS and others.

WPEngine allows customers to choose between monthly and annual billing cycles, and the regular price of its managed WordPress hosting service starts from $29/mo. For customers who prepay annual plan, they will receive 2 months free. Now, WPEngine offers a special promotion and makes its managed WordPress hosting service much cheaper, and the discount applies to both monthly and annually payments. By using coupon code “speedup” when purchasing, customers can get 20% off first payment.

Everyone can try WPEngine managed WordPress hosting risk free for 60 days. If customers are not happy with any aspect of its service or support, they are able to cancel and request a refund within the first 60 days to get their subscription fee back. WPEngine offers 60 days money back guarantee.

WPEngine Review on Reliability

As a WordPress hosting expert, WPEngine is committed to offering WordPress users the fastest and the most reliable hosting service. The company has datacenters in the United States, Europe and Asia, choose the closest one among them to get the fastest connection speed, and it comes at no extra fees as well.

In addition to that, its servers contain automatic engine upgrades, automatic daily and malware scans. These factors combined allow WPEngine to bring a secure hosting service for WordPress. Meanwhile, WPEngine guarantees 100% server uptime, and customers can also get full hardware RAID, servers with maxed out memory, comprehensive firewall protection and enterprise grade architecture.

Generally, WPEngine makes full use of the industry leading technologies and innovations to deliver customers the most reliable and fastest managed WordPress hosting performance. Its best-in-class architectures and highly redundant systems work to keep WordPress scalable, secure and fast. With a full time engineering employees and dedicated labs team, WPEngine is defining the bleeding edge of WordPress.

WPEngine Review on Ease-of-use

Choosing WPEngine managed WordPress hosting, the company would handle most of customers’ things. It offers paid migration assistance if customers already have a WordPress website and they want to move to WPEngine.

For customers own part, it is still ease-to-use. With its one-click restore-points, customers are able to take a snapshot of the entire website with few clicks. And they can also deploy new pages, themes, or site changing via staging area.

On the other hand, WPEngine provides customers with free automated migration service. With it, customers can migrate their WordPress websites to WPEngine platform in just minutes and with a few simple clicks. WPEngine free automated migration plugin eliminates the complexity, the time and the cost required for a full WordPress website migration.

WPEngine Review on Customer Support

What really distinguish WPEngine and traditional web hosts is their full managed service. The company is responsible for site tuning, security update, daily backup and more, with which its customers could 100% focus on creating content instead of worrying about how to get WordPress works fast, reliable, and secured.

Although many hosting companies claim “great support service”, they can never guarantee their customers that the technicians will answer all WordPress hosting questions. WPEngine will, it can provide the most effective and friendly WordPress support service.

The entire employees at WPEngine are the best WordPress professionals, they know everything related to WordPress. Its support service is available at 9am to 6pm central time and can be contacted over email and phone call methods. At other times, customers can search for helpful WordPress tutorials in WPEngine Support Garage.

Do We Recommend WPEngine?

Generally, WPEngine is a reliable and famous hosting company offering the top-leading managed WordPress hosting service. Its managed WordPress hosting is feature-rich, fast, secure and fast. WPEngine technicians work all the time to ensure customers responsive and the best possible backup supports. For customers who plan to carry out big web development projects or seriously business careers, they can fully expect a secure, scalable and speedy managed WordPress platform from WPEngine.

However, compared to regular cheap WordPress hosting hosted on shared hosting platform, a managed WordPress hosting service is relatively expensive. If people consider to learn installing WordPress and maintain WordPress by themselves, they could manage the hosting service at a much lower price. For example, Bluehost (www.bluehost.com), one of the Best WordPress Hosting service provider in the industry, only charge $3.49/mo for its hosting service with 1 free domain included.

To know more about WPEngine or its service, please visit www.wpengine.com. If you like its hosting service, don’t forget to check out its 2 months free deal and extra 20% off.

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