Wordtracker vs Google Analytics Keyword Research

google-analytics-vs-wordtrackerThe search engine algorithms are becoming complex nowadays than they were in the past, but the value of keywords has not changed.  The search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo look at the phrases and words on a page to decide what the page is all about and what it should rank for. So, all website owners approach for keywords in order to rank their websites in the search engines results.

Therefore the first stage should be conducting keyword research in order to rank your website in the search engines results. But before you start keyword searching and picking the phrases with the most search volumes, you should use your site analytics to know what keywords searchers are using to find your site. If you do not know how your website is being searched by traffic, you may eliminate a keyword which was performing well.

WordTracker vs Google Analytics

Most of the business owners use Google Analytics tool for keyword research. However, there is another important keyword research tool available in the market helping you a lot in keyword researching. If you are enough serious about your online business and want to grow it effectively, then you should consider investing some money on this tool, named WordTracker.

  1. The WordTracker’s keyword tool helps you to get high performing keywords which Google Analytics might not show you in the keyword list. It can be said that Google Analytics can help you to get started with your online business, but if you want to go ahead, you should have a look at the WordTracker keyword planner tool to get a control on the big picture.
  2. Google analytics will of course list the keywords which are profitable for you, but also you should do Adwords for your website with the help of Google, especially if your site is in its early stage. Also you should conduct Pay Per Click marketing for your website. You must have heard that Google declared its replacement for keyword tool by putting Keyword Planner Tool in place and this tool has keyword research facility with the users Pay Per Click (PPC) Accounts.

keyword-stuffUsers who want to use the keyword tool of Google, they have to have an Adwords account and they are mostly interested in PPC campaigns. So you will need to have some dollars with you in order to get benefitted from Google Keyword Planner.

When it comes about the paid version of WordTracker Keyword Planner tool, it delivers more than any other free tools. WordTracker is an industry level keyword research tool and it is one of the most trusted tools for keyword analysis. It shows you the most related terms and words that users have entered or typed into search engines to get some results.

WordTracker Keyword tool contain a large database that provides you more keywords. So using this powerful keyword research tool you can remove the pain of keyword researching. This tool gives you valuable competitive data so that you can get keyword terms of high potential by narrowing down your keyword list. Now WordTracker Tool has become one of the best keyword research tools that can give you world class support.

However, both Google Analytics keyword research and WordTracker keyword research tools are helpful to find the phrases and words of most search volumes and using of those terms and phrases are important for your site to rank in the search engines.

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