Wix Review

Founded in 2006, Wix (www.wix.com) is one of the most leading cloud-based development platforms with millions of users all over the world. By providing high quality website builder and other related products & services, Wix is committed to making it easy for everyone to create professional, personalized and beautiful web presence.

No creative limits and coding, Wix ensures customers complete freedom to express themselves and manage their entire websites as well as businesses online. So far, Wix has hundreds of customizable templates, and serves 73 million users in around 190 countries. Wix website builder has win a lot of awards in the industry, and it’s named as best Website Builder by many popular review websites, such as BigCheapHosting, and HostUCan.

Wix Review on Features

As one of the best website builder providers, Wix provides customers with rich and useful HTML5 templates. The categories include business, online store, music, design, events, photography, fashion & beauty, creative arts, landing pages and much more. Customers can pick the website template they love to make their websites look amazing.

To ensure customers personalized and customizable websites, each Wix template come with some specific features, also, there are plenty of essential features available. Generally, customers can find everything that they need to build their HTML5 websites. Wix website builder is feature-rich.


All of the essentials include free but reliable hosting, custom domain name and beautiful and simple one-page template. Wix Drag & Drop Editor is easy to use, and it allows customers to customize their websites exactly the way they want them. With Wix App market, customers can grow their websites as well as businesses with various web apps and services. Since Wix website builder is mobile friendly, customers’ websites will showcase proper and amazing look on any device.

In terms of site design aspect, Wix offers image editor, millions of high-resolution images, more than 40 unique galleries, video background, strips with text, video and etc., unlimited web pages, anchor menu, Parallax 3D effects, protected & private web pages, audio & video files, HTML embed code and more.

There are some great features and tools developed for online store and business uses, for example, content manager, site analytics, SEO wizard, personalized Google mailbox, communication tools, financial tools, ShoutOut email marketing, Wix Touch, all-in-one management, accept payments with no commission and others.

Wix Review on Premium Plans

Some of Wix templates are free, and they contain Wix ads and Wix domain. The company gives customers multiple advanced and premium options if they require more features and benefits. To ensure customers maximum convenience, Wix integrates all the needed features and products in one place.

Compared to the free version, the Premium Plans offer many other benefits, including no Wix ads, extra bandwidth & storage and the ability to connect own domain name. With these, customers are able to upload higher-res graphics & content, increase the professionalism and credibility of their websites.

Wix has 4 premium plans: eCommerce, Unlimited, Combo and Connect Domain. Basically, Wix premium plan provides 1GB to unlimited wider bandwidth, 500MB to 20GB storage, own domain name, free hosting, free web hosting, Google Analytics, optional customized favicon, form builder app, site booster app and etc.

Wix Review on Plan Pricing

It is quite easy and affordable to purchase Wix premium plans. Wix allows both monthly and yearly payments. Regularly, the price of its premium plan starts from $5.95/mo. Now, it provides some special discounts for customers who choose the Combo, Unlimited or eCommerce yearly plan.


If customers cancel the premium plan, their Wix websites will return to the free version. Wix never destroy or remove websites and customers can still have full control of their websites. Moreover, all of its premium plans are covered with a 14 day money back guarantee.

Customers enable to purchase Wix premium plans using a credit card and major debit cards. Currently, Wix supports the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Diners and JCB.

Wix Review on Easy To Use

Wix website builder is quite easy to use. The offered features and tools make it hassle-free and fun to create and customize own websites. By making use of the drag-and-drop editor, image editor, all-in-one management and others, customers can customize and control their websites easily.

At the same time, no matter customers want to transfer their websites to another Wix accounts, transfer a domain purchased elsewhere to Wix or transfer their premium plan to another Wix account, Wix ensures simple and convenient transfer process.

Wix Review on Support Service

Wix Help Center contains comprehensive articles and solutions. If customers have questions about its website builder or others, customers can check out the step-by-step tutorials, browse through Wix FAQs or post their own questions for Wix Support directly.

Or customers can choose to schedule a call with Wix support to get better and more effective assistance. Wix Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube social media channels are available.

Wix Website Builder is Recommended

Wix offers more than 500 designer-made templates for any type of website. Its website builder comes with rich features and high usability. Additionally, Wix integrates everything people need to create a stunning free website into its premium plans, such as free hosting, domain name, Google related services and more. The price now starts from $4.08/mo, and Wix guarantees 14 days money back.

For any entrepreneur, musicians, artist, online store, photographer and designer, Wix website builder is recommended create and manage their online businesses. To know more information about Wix, please visit: www.wix.com and do not forget to take benefits from its latest promotion to save 45% off.


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