Winhost Announces Significant Updates to the Control Panel

According to an official blog post of Winhost, the web host has announced a few significant updates to the control panel. It is believed that these changes will make hosting and management easier for some of customers who now or are going to power users.

Founded in 2000 in California, Winhost, the Microsoft Golden Hosting partner, is a reputable web hosting company that provides best budget ASP.NET hosting products and the latest Microsoft technologies for individuals and small businesses.

Firstly, for customers who have a large amount of websites in one account, they can totally take benefits from this Winhost control panel updates.

In order to bring customers faster and more smooth hosting experience, Winhost has sped the Oder New Site and Order New Domain Name functions in its control panel. There is no necessary to wait, and the operations can be completed immediately.

Besides, Winhost customers have ever entered a DNS TXT record in the control panel, and they might have run into a 128 character limitation.

After Winhost updated the control panel, they have no need to worry about this issue. The web host has enhanced the TXT record limit to about 512 characters.

Even better, now there is a Reset DNS button that resets the DNS record for customers’ websites to Winhost default settings.

For those customers who like to mess around with DNS records in general, this new thing is cool and powerful. Since it would help completely remove any customizations they have ever made, so Winhost notices customers that use it carefully.

With these latest control panel updates, Winhost ASP.NET hosting service becomes a greater choice to personals, ASP.NET developers and small-to-medium businesses. Now, Winhost hosting price starts at $3.95/mo, and the company guarantees 30 Days Money Back.

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