Why to Use Cloud Storage

A decade ago, we still used albums to save photos, the paper to save data, bookcases to store documents, etc. Recent years, we are still using that traditional way but preferring digital store way by computers, smart phones or external hard disk drives.

However, we are stepping into a cloud age now. And we believe that the cloud storage will become the main way for people to store their data in the near future. This assumption is by no means without foundation. Instead, the cloud storage has 5 key advantages for people to use, making it popular as well.

Store and Backup

As is known to all, if we use traditional store way, with time going by and data increasing, we may lose some data or feel difficult to find it. Digital store way is more advanced but once the computer or disk drive get damaged or lost, and we lose our data too. And it is impossible to get it back.

cloud-storageHowever, the cloud storage has store functionality for users as well. Moreover, if you store and backup your data in the cloud, that data will never lose or get damaged unless you delete it. And you can find what you want easily and fast.

Besides, storing in the cloud is secure. Your data are encrypted and protected by advanced infrastructures. What’s more, you will not worry storage space anymore since there is unlimited space prepared for you in the cloud server.


Compared to previous store ways, the cloud storage has a unique advantage for people. No matter where you are and what time it is, you can access your cloud space and data from devices connected to Internet. In principle, cloud storage service providers allow users to access from all operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android.


The cloud storage is not only for store. Instead, it has other high-end functionalities that will create much convenience for people. Sync is one of that, already starting to change people’s life.

To be exactly, the cloud storage allows you to pick the files and devices that you want synchronize. Then that file will be automatically synchronized among the selected devices when it changes. Thus, you can work on that file on the computer in the office and continue to work at home with another computer.


Cloud-storageAnd the cloud storage offers people a new share method. To share, people have to send pictures to friends or upload the pictures on the community websites before. It costs a lot of time if that picture is very large.

Now, with share functionality in the cloud storage, you can just send links or email invitations to your friends. Then they can access your cloud server and just see what you want to share with them. Furthermore, they can still access and enjoy your shares even if they do not have the cloud account.

And you need not to care about security because only people authorized and given passwords by you can access your cloud server and data.

Affordable Cost

Many cloud storage service providers have the free solution for users. Even the paid solutions do not require high prices. Instead, the cloud storage is so affordable that everyone can use. And there are hundreds of cloud storage providers. You can firstly calculate your needs and then pick a suitable one in case you waste cloud space and money.

The cloud storage has so many advantages, including the traditional store functionality as well as other high-end and convenient functionalities. So it is bound to replace other store methods soon.

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