Why Not Host Small Business Site with WebHostingPad

Nowadays, more and more small business owners create websites and expand their businesses and brands online. This trend and situation make small business hosting service increasingly popular. Also, many hosting providers are available, and claim that they offer optimized hosting solutions to meet the specific needs of small business websites.

Whether all the small business hosting products are trustworthy? Among hundreds of small business hosting services, WebHostingPad is the web host who guarantees customers hassle free hosting solution. Can WebHostingPad hosting be used to host small business website? In the following, we are going to figure out.

About WebHostingPad

Operated and managed by a team of web hosting veterans, WebHostingPad (www.webhostingpad.com) has been serving its customers since its foundation in 2005. The company began its career to provide customers with shared hosting only, and now, its customers enable to choose between web hosting and VPS hosting product.

WebHostingPad Unreasonable Low Price

low-priceHonestly speaking, WebHostingPad is well-known for its cheap hosting prices, instead of its hosting feature, uptime, performance or customer support. If we take its hosting solutions and all the main features into account and compare it with other same-type hosting providers, the result shows that WebHostingPad offers unreasonable low price.

WebHostingPad regular price starts from $3.99/mo, and customers are not allowed to pay monthly. WebHostingPad provides them with 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and even 5 year service contract options. Its payment term sets make it quite inconvenient for customers to cancel the service if they change their mind or feel unsatisfied during the service process.

If customers want to get the cheapest price $1.99/mo, then they have to sign up with WebHostingPad 3+ year plan.

In terms of WebHostingPad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, it applies to hosting service only. No additional services will be refunded. Moreover, WebHostingPad does not offer pro-rated refund after the first 30 days of service.

Actually, for small business website owners, hosting performance and the contained features are most important considerations when purchasing a hosting solution, instead of the hosting price. How about WebHostingPad hosting features?

WebHostingPad Hosting Features

WebHostingPad provides customers with free cPanel control panel and Softaculous. By making full use of these tools, customers cannot only install, setup & update applications with few clicks, but also make an easy management of the whole websites.

On the other hand, WebHostingPad Linux-based web hosting contains 1 free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, FTP users, add-on domains, parked domains, sub domains, email accounts and MySQL databases. Throughout the marketplace, and compared to other web hosting providers, these features are quite typical and common.

Meanwhile, customers have to be aware of WebHostingPad free domain name. First of all, it is free for the first year of registration. Secondly, domain names renew at $14.95/yr. The renew price is much higher than many other hosting providers, even domain name registrars. WebHostingPad Power Plan has no SSH access feature, and we also cannot find any detail of its PHP version on the page.

WebHostingPad 99% Uptime Guarantee

99WebHostingPad guarantees its customers a 99% uptime, which includes both web server uptime and network uptime. Is this uptime guarantee reliable enough for small business websites?

99% looks quite good, but for hosting uptime, it is not. Let’s do the math. There are 365 days a year. For the 99% uptime, customers’ websites are guaranteed to be up and running for 361.35 days. Conversely, customers could have at least 3.65 days of downtime, around 87.6 hours. This is definitely terrible.

The most likely reasons were that WebHostingPad utilizes cheap datacenter, servers & equipment, and did not make improvements on the facility upgrade and maintenance. No matter for personals or small businesses, we recommend them to go with hosting providers who can guarantee at least 99.9% uptime.

WebHostingPad Support Service

According to WebHostingPad, its support is US based and it is 24/7 available through telephone, online chat and email. To figure out the quality of WebHostingPad support, we tested the service. Presently we were connected with WebHostingPad. But the truth is its support staffs cannot help resolve our issues and even cannot properly answer our questions.

At the same time, we collect feedback and reviews from WebHostingPad customers. Many comments are negative, such as “Not The Best Servicer”, “Awful Outsourcing” and etc. Most of the customers give a half or one star rating.

Considering the price, feature, performance and support aspects of WebHostingPad, it delivers unreliable service and support. Above features are main reasons why not host small business websites with WebHostingPad.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites

business-hostingWebHostingPad is not recommended to small business owners. If people are going to build small business websites, what sorts of hosting solutions are reliable?

Based on the common and also specific needs of small business websites, we highly recommend Inmotion Hosting, Bluehost and Dreamhost, three of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the industry and offer customers business-class hosting services.

Their hosting solutions are truly feature-rich. In addition to plenty of guaranteed features, Inmotion Hosting and Dreamhost integrate free SSD into their hosting plans, while Bluehost offers customers free CDN. By making full use world-class technologies, all of the web hosts ensures customers at least 99.9% uptime, and small business owners and their visitors/customers can experience very fast speed performance.

More importantly, their hosting services come with very cheap prices. Inmotion Hosting and Bluehost hosting prices start from $3.49/mo, and Dreamhost service now charge at $4.95/mo after promotion. Inmotion Hosting guarantees 90 days full money back, Bluehost guarantees Anytime Money Back, and Dreamhost guarantees 97 days money back. All of their supports and policies are customer-friendly. Choosing one of them, customers can build and manage powerful and successful small business websites smoothly.

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