Why Not Guest Post

Guest Blogging is one of link building techniques, which we use to create our back link through reciprocal linking. This is one of the outdated techniques, which is banned since the Google Penguin Update published, because in Google Penguin Update, Google is searching for the quality content on the websites. If websites don’t contain the quality content, they will all get penalized by the Google, and their ranking is dropped from the SERP of the Google.

As before that, many people used to posting their blogs on other’s blog just as to gain back links from there. In the mean time Google’s spam –king Matt Cutts revealed a rule of not allowing any guest blogging on our own sites, as if people disallow their rule and then their ranking will be slowing down on the SERP of Google. In below, we list out top 4 reasons why not use guest post as a way to build external link.

No Personal information

While posting a guest blog, we doesn’t require to mention any of our personal information in the blog, but all the guest blogger used to making this mistake and mentioning their any information in the blog like name, organization name, etc.

Not an Actual Ground

This is one of the biggest problems faced by the blog ‘s owner who allows guest blogging that guest blogger doesn’t write blogon the same ground, i.e. the content is not related to the original blog,in which the guest is posting.

The duplicity of the content

Most of the guest bloggers deliver the duplicate content in the blog, as they just have to get the back link so they pass the duplicate content to the blog’s owner to post on the blog.Now it’s the responsibility of blog owner to check whether the blog content is unique or not.If he find it unique, then its ok.  Otherwise he will reject the content if it is duplicate. Otherwise, if blog owner post that content on its blog, then his /her blog will get its ranking down in the SERP.


As we can choose any field in the content writing, we just need only one thing that our content should be real, authentic, and have real values.So that we will provide quality to our users, as they are the only one, for whom we are doing this.So it is very important that we should provide a real and authentic content to our users, with the right ground of ours. To do this, we have to become expert in this to cross all the hurdles in the way.

The above mentioned points are not followed by the guest bloggers, because they just think guest blogging as gaining the back link from the blog, and they don’t bother what will happen if they deliver the duplicate content, and if they mention some personal information in the blog.Seeing all these points, Google put a ban on the guest blogging, as this was one of the best link building techniques before the arriving of penguin update last year. The search engine wants our readers and their searches to benefit from the content provide by us, no matter who writes that content and how it is published in our blog.All it needs is quality content and quality is the most important thing for Google rather than Quantity of the blog provided by the blogger.

However, like other link building techniques, this guest blogging technique also has some rules and regulations if anybody wants to publish its guest blog on anybody’s site. If we want to post a guest blog on any site, then first of all we have to create a profile on that website, fill all the information thatthe site owner wants and after that we have to put up the site for the further process by the owner of the blog.

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