Why Keep WordPress Plugin Up-to-date

WordPress is a dynamic blog content management system that utilizes a combination of PHP and MySQL to create web pages. The ease-to-use of WordPress makes it extremely popular among webmasters.

Nowadays, almost all webmasters would install a few plugins at least on their WordPress website to gain specific features to make WordPress run more smoothly and efficiently.

However, the effect of plugins might be determined by multiple factors, too many plugins or any wrong plugins would slow or even shut a website down. Thus, for WordPress plugin functions and amounts, webmasters should make decision wisely.

In addition to that, another essential issue we talk about today is “the importance of keeping WordPress plugin up-to-date”, actually.

With the frequent updates of WordPress, webmasters have to deal with constant updates of all their plugins to make sure the website runs properly, due to many reasons.

  • Improved Functions - Most of the time, plugin updates share the same purpose with WordPress updates. Some developers can create flawless code while others can’t. New plugin versions always come with updates that fix serious security flaws to increase website security level
  • It is Fast - Plugin updates is a necessary process, and it just takes few seconds, Even better, some plugin updates can be completed with a single click of the mouse button. With new and optimized features, webmasters have nothing to lose by updating.
  • Performance - For today’s Internet, a slow website would harm the search engine rankings and also annoy visitors. While there are some plugins available that load fast and drag a website down over time. Regular plugin updates will help check those slow plugins.
  • Spam Attacks - Similar to the security flaws mentioned in the first reason, some faulty plugins can cause spam attacks, especially if webmasters have a comment-related plugin. With information of plugin code, attackers are able to spam comments or they even attempt a backdoor hack.

Updating plugins is quite easy, all people need to do is click a few links and all of their plugins will be updated, the same applies to WordPress itself. Anyway, keeping WordPress and plugins installation up-to-date can have both significant and positive impacts on the website.

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