Why Google Organic Search is Important to Your Business

Search engine optimization is a very famous concept in the social media marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is of two types, organic search engine optimization and paid search engine results. Organic search engine optimization is simply manual page optimization of your site in order to rank it on search engine result pages such as in Google and Bing. The higher your website gets ranked in the search engine results, the better chances for your website to be viewed by readers or users. And thus you can get more consumers to your website.

google-search-organicPaid results are generally advertisements. The website owners have paid in order to display their web pages in search engine results for certain keywords. It’s quite easy for the users to differentiate a search result whether it is an organic or paid result. Because paid results are shown with border lines, a shaded background, or with other visual clues.

Why Organic Search

All the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer organic search engine optimization than pay-per-click advertisements. And this is the reason more and more organizations and website owners are turning to organic SEO in order to run their business for long run and as a marketing strategy.

Organic SEO helps the website owners from additional expenditure unlike pay-per-click advertisements. Another importance of organic search engine optimization is that without any extra expenditure business owners can submerge them into the online market and also take part in the competition of the competitive online marketing field.

Search engines such as Google rank pages in the search results based on the relevancy of the website, quality of the website and the website’s conformity to SEO guidelines. On the other hand, in PPC advertising, website owners need to spend more on their websites other than just building website and content. Also most of the users do not prefer to click on a PPC advertisement; rather they prefer to click on some relevant results.

Ways to improve organic search rankings

improve-search-engine-ranking-300x179Therefore organic search engine optimization is the best practice to list your website in search engine results. Here are some ways to improve organic search rankings in Google.

1. Define the keyword list

It’s very important to use keywords in content for organic SEO but do not think that Google will pull your sites in the top rank in the search results for every keyword related to your business field. Your goal should be to rank for most of the desired keywords. For this you need including management and marketing. Thinking how people can search for your services and products, and make a list of the keywords. Then checking the traffic for each of the keyword by using a tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner.

2. Good content

With SEO, the most important factor that you should think about is the content inside your website. Writings have to be of high-quality and engaging so that readers find interest and they share it and also link back to it. Viral content has the most chance to rank in the top search results.

3. Create cornerstone pages

If you make multiple pages on a same set of keywords, Google would be in confusion to determine which one is relevant and to rank. So it’s better to integrate your content into a single page. It will not create any SEO confusion.

4. How to use keywords in page content

Creating relevant content is one of the best ways to list your site in the search engine results. You should use targeted keywords while creating content and try to use the keywords in natural way in first 50 words. Use keywords 2-3 times but you should not use too much.

So, organic search engine optimization is the best way to rank your website in the search engine results.

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