What’s the Differences between a Blog and a Website

A website and a blog are two different things. Although a web site can contain a blog, a blog cannot contain a full web site. We know it sounds confusing, but after you read this article and explore the differences between the two, you’ll have a better understanding.

What is a blog?

blog --1A blog is a chorological display of content that written by the blog author. As a result of that, the blog posts are published and divided into different topics. Most often, the new content goes on top of the existing pile of materials. Many blog allows readers to leave their feedback if the comment function is activated, and the blog author can respond to their readers as well.

Applications of Blogs

Blogging is widely used by different group of people, we list some says that people use blogs in below:

  • Personal: When you use your blog as a journal or diary for the purpose of discussing topics that are related to you or your family, your hobbies, or your dogs, you’re considered a personal blogger.
  • Business: You can make use of blogs to promote your business services or products as well. Actually, a blog as an effective promotion and marketing tool, can be used to provide helpful information for consumers and readers, for instance, product reviews and sales events. Often, business blogs come with a function to let readers write their feedback and ideas so that a company can improve its products.
  • Media/Journalism: Many popular outlets in the world are taking advantage of blogs on their web sites to offer information on current events, po+litics, and news on a regional, national and international level. Correspondently, there are editorial bloggers to maintain these blogs.
  • Government: the White House (whitehouse.gov/open/blog) is the official blog site of the President of the United States from his headquarters at the White House in Washington, D.C. The president and his staff provide content by way of blog posts, photos, and videos, and integrate feeds from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Blogging is a good way for governments to post news and update to the web as quick as possible. They also use it to integrate social-media tools so as to have a better interaction with their citizens.
  • Citizen Journalism: Due to its fine feature of offering an opportunity for people to report and analyze news and information on a national and international level, citizens are tending to use blogs for keeping the media and politicians in check by fact-checking news stories and exposing inconsistencies. The mainstream media has recognized the importance of the citizen voice emerging via blogs, and some major cable news programs make effort to interview these bloggers.
  • Professional: Professional bloggers is a rapidly growing group of category to blog for web sites or companies. With the development of Internet, many people choose to make money with their blogs by writing a certain topic for a product. In case you are interested in it, here are articles about How to Make Money via Writing Product Reviews on Blogs and How to Get Advertiser to Your Blog.

What is a Website?

hostucan.net logoA website is a collection of published pages and different sections. Besides the root page, the pages of the website are organized the same as a tree structure under the home page. Webmasters decide the way of linking one page with another one regardless of date of a page is created. Generally speaking, a website can incorporate a blog but usually includes other features and sections.

Website Features

With a website, you can benefit from these features that not available with a blog.

  • Photo galleries: You can upload and collect your favorite albums of photos in a specific area and allow your visitors to browse through and comment on them;
  • E-commerce stores: If you want to make money online, you can create a shopping area with products you need to sale included, so that your visitors can purchase them conveniently;
  • Discussion forums: Where visitors can join, create discussion threads, and respond to one another in specific threads of conversation.
  • Social communities: Where visitors can become members, create profiles, become friends with other members, create groups, and aggregate community activity.
  • Feedback forms: Contact forms that your visitors fill out with information that then gets e-mailed to you directly.

Comparison between Blogs and a Websites

Content Organization

Content organization is the main sign to tell a website from a blog. As what we have introduced before, the content of a blog is arranged in a chronological way, while a website houses content as per the hierarchical organization.

Platform and Coding

There are plenty of free or paid blog platform that are available for you to create an amazing blog with an ease, wordpress.com is one of the most popular options for creating and maintaining a simple blog.

On the other hand, the creation of a website depends on more than one choices. First, you should make a decision of a platform to host your website, Windows and Linux are the most usable ones. Then, you need to decide on which database to store your files, e.g. PostgreSQL or MySQL. You also need to choose from multiple programming languages like PHP or ASP. The last but not least step is to find a hosting solution that can meet all your requirements. If necessary, you can visit our Top 10 Web Hosting page to find the one fitting your needs best.

Support and Maintenance

Compared to websites, the maintenance of a blog is much easier. If you create a blog based on a blog service for free or other open-source platforms, the platform’ developers would do the maintenance and code development for you. But if you’re running a website, you have to maintain it either by yourself or hire another one to help you do it.

SEO Context

SEO influence both blogs and websites in similar way and with equal affect. Commonly, platforms of blogs are optimized for popular search engines automatically and result in a better impact, because most of them have built by a large group of expert developers and for many years. However, you can also make a website optimized for most search engines perfectly as long as you put in resources. Here we recommend you to read our tutorial of Basic Guides on SEO if you don’t know this tool very well.


I hope you have a better understanding of blogs and websites and their differences after reading this article. If you still have no idea which one to go with, here is a little suggestion: Start with a website. Once your website gets enough traffic, use that traffic to promote your blog. There are many Best Cheap Web Hosting solutions you can purchase to host your website, such as Bluehost, Arvixe or InMoiton Hosting.

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