What Is Email Hosting Service And Its Benefits

Email hosting is the type of service that manages email servers. Generally if someone has a domain name in their name then they would need to have an email service for that particular domain name. For this, however you would need to take up the services of the email hosting service provider and reap the advantages of email hosting.

The web hosting company that supports your domain name may also provide you with email hosting but there are certain problems associated with this type of email hosting. These web hosting companies may mainly give you only POP3 email. Also the antivirus protection they extend is of very basic type and may not be sufficient for your needs. The other features that you are offered by the web hosting companies as far as email hosting is considered are also of basic types and minimal in nature.


Why should one use professional email hosting services?

The professional services that provide email hosting are capable of giving you that required peace of mind. You can very well keep your complete focus on your business when the emails are being taken care of.


What are the advantages of email hosting?

The most important advantage of the email hosting service is that the communication that are exchanged with your clients are made more professional as with such services you use business emails instead of the regular emails and that is more impactful and convincing.

Makes your website trustworthy

The professionalism of the email sent by you becomes more evident as you can use your company logo in your emails. This also translates into trust because now the emails are being sent by a domain name instead of a personal email account.

Better features

Email hosting services do not just give you basic elements of hosting. They provide you with varied types of services so that you can utilize the time that you get to further enhance your business. The advantages extended to you by email hosting providers are

  • Unlimited aliases
  • Auto-responders
  • Unlimited forwarders
  • Large attachments
  • Robust spam/virus protection
  • Calendars
  • Mail rules
  • Online storage
  • Mailing lists
  • Blacklists
  • Whitelists
  • Backups
  • Archiving
  • Folder management
  • Contacts management

Access you email from anywhere

This is not the end of the benefits that you will get when you opt for email hosting service at a professional level as you can also have access to your emails from any place at anytime by the means of webmail, or your smart phone or any of your preferred email provider such as outlook or any other.


The other advantages of email hosting services include the affordability of the services; you will not need to maintain any type of in-house email server. Such email servers also need you to keep some IT people who will be able to manage all those email servers.

Opportunity to compare

Before making the choice about the email hosting service that you would take the services of you must compare the services. This is possible because most of the service providers give free trials to their clients. This is a golden opportunity for the people who are new and want to choose the best service provider for their business emails.

Secure and safe


The email hosting services provide a secure way of contacting your users. The service providers make sure that the data that is transferred is done in an encrypted way. This is important as it prevents any unauthorized person or party to access your emails or sensitive data.

Greater storage space

You get a large amount of storage space for your emails and other data. You can store hundreds and thousands of important emails without running out of space. It is important that you choose a flexible plan of email hosting services because then you will be able to choose larger or smaller space depending on your need. Also, you can make changes to your plan depending on your need.

Address book

Most of the companies also provide the facility of address book to you and probably this is one of the most important aspects of any email service. The email hosting services generally give you the facility to share even the address book.

The email hosting service providers also give you advantage of spam filters. The antivirus software of these companies is of superior quality and they try to retain the spam out of your inbox.

Other professional features

The email hosting service providers give you many more facilities such as mail monitoring. There is another feature that you get when you avail the services of the email hosting companies and that is mail grouping. This makes it possible for you keep all your similar kinds of or the emails that re sent to the same user together making it possible to later know what emails were sent to which client. This also helps in figuring out the statistics. You can know which type of clients respond to your emails and what type of emails result in conversions.


If your business is a big one then too, the email hosting services help you a lot by providing you with the facility of sharing the contacts, managing calendar and tasks. You also get the facility of backup of data and recovery of lost or deleted data from the trash can of your email. The features are numerous and unending and you can choose and pay for those that you think are needed by you and your business. So, just sit back as your emails are being taken care of by the email hosting services.

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