What is Differences between Domain and Web Hosting?

domain and web hostingPeople, especially website beginners always confuse domain with web hosting when they plan to build websites. Do the two items refer to one thing? The answer is definitely No.

Actually domain and web hosting are two totally different parts for building websites. Web hosting is the house you rent to live in. And domain is the phone number of your rent house. People can find you through the phone number. In below, we will explain domain and web hosting in detail, completely solving this confusion.

Domain Names

Computer computing depends on a series of numbers, which is called IP addresses. And a domain name is actually the visible IP addresses, formed by words, numbers, phrases, etc, according to the principles of Domain Name System (DNS). For example, www.LatestHostingOffers.com is a full domain name, pointing to IP Thus, people do not need to remember and enter complex IP to find our website. Instead, just type our domain name, and people can directly visit our web page.

Domain-NamesIn general, a domain name has several parts, divided by the periods. And every part is a level of domain name. Top-level domain name is the first-level set of domain, based at the far right.  gTLDs (Generic top-level domains): com, info, net, org, and ccTLDs (country code top-level domains): us, uk, cn, hk, de, eu, jp, belong to top-level domain names. And then besides first-level domains, from right to left, there are second-level, third-level, fourth-level…domains.

We also take www.LatestHostingOffers.com as an example, net is the first-level domain, and besthosting365 is the second-level domain, which can be created by you and register at domain name registrars, such as GoDaddy. The first commercial domain name is symbolic.com, registered in 1985.

Web Hosting

Web hosting service is just like a rent house that companies provide you with certain space on its server with resources like bandwidth, backup, email services, etc. Then you can put your website content on this space, furnish your website and link your domain name with this hosting. So that visitors can read what you want to deliver via entering your domain name.

web hostingWeb hosting also have many types, and three common types in the industry are shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is cheapest but website owners have to share one server with others together. In contrast, dedicated server hosting refers to one customer occupies the whole server, who will surly spend a lot. While VPS hosting is in the middle with affordable prices, and customers can enjoy the performance almost equal to the performance of dedicated server hosting.

It is crucially important to pick up a reliable web hosting providers. And we think that providers with 10-year hosting experience are the best. InmotionHosting is a pretty good option for you. It has different kinds of hosting solutions with free SSD. Besides, Justhost web hosting only starts from $2.5/mo, which is much fit for beginners. In addition to these two, Bluehost, Arvixe, A2Hosting and other companies listed in our Top 10 Web Hosting 2014 offer high price value web hosting as well.


Briefly conclude that web hosting is somewhere storing your data files, and domain name is a unique name marked your website. Visitors can type your domain name and shift to your website via Internet, whose content is stored in the hosting server. At last, we hope this article can help you and have a happy Internet journey.

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