What is Cloud Storage, and How it Works?

Cloud-Storage1_Since people put more and more emphasis on Internet flexibility and security nowadays, cloud storage, which is based on powerful and stable cloud technology, has been becoming increasingly popular and essential throughout the industry for both personal and business use.

What is cloud storage, and how it works exactly? In the following, we will give people a clear understanding through a comprehensive introduction of cloud storage.

What is Cloud Storage

Simply put, cloud storage is a kind of service that people could use to store data and information to the web. Generally, the cloud storage physical environment protection and running issues is managed by those cloud storage service providers, who also take responsibility for ensuring data accessible and available to users.

According to the different targeted objects, data location and some other aspects, cloud storage service is classified as private, public and hybrid three main models:

  • Private cloud storage: based on a dedicated environment, private cloud storage is provided for a single object. It comes with the highest security level, and is always chosen by people who require more data control and customization
  • Cloud_StoragePublic cloud storage: a service that provides a multi-tenant storage environment mainly for the unstructured data and information, such as the Simple Storage Service from Amazon
  • Hybrid cloud storage: a composition of private and public cloud storage that has their advantages. If people need both of the cloud storages, Hybrid can meet their needs

By using cloud storage service, people are allowed to store their data and information online, and share, access and manage these data via mobile devices, tablets or computers at any time.

How Cloud Storage Works

To know how cloud storage works, people can get understanding and find out answers mainly from two aspects: the cloud storage service providers and the customers.

Actually, cloud storage providers own hundreds of separate servers. However, all of these servers are connected mutually in a grid configuration environment. As the result, the storage system can work as a single directory.

In the cloud storage working process, service providers play important roles on regulating storage base that usually placed in multiple separate sites. Providers are professional enough to handle both of the administrative management and technique monitoring, and that makes cloud storage one of the best and easiest methods for people to store their data and information.

As for customer aspect, people could choose from private cloud storage, public cloud storage or hybrid cloud storage, based on their demands. Compared to store data into the hard drives, cloud storage is much more convenient and secure for people to store, share and access their data and information.

Moreover, by integrating archived data into the cloud, people are allowed to extend storage areas easily, no matter which storage type they choose. Theoretically, cloud space is unlimited, and this is just one of the ways for people to save more space, ensuring store more files, apps and etc.

cloud-lockCloud storage is very safe, so it is a great choice for those people who have extreme concern about their data and information security. In addition to some regular security features, providers’ servers are well protected with leading and advanced encryption system, and they develop more tools and updates to make sure cloud storage the highest security level.

As a simple example: people enable to share something with others by only giving the other people the storage link. Then other people could check out or download it from anywhere at any time, without putting the data into high-risk Internet.

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