What a Reliable Hong Kong Web Host Should Provide for Customers

Hong Kong web hosting has become the first choice of the webmasters who make out a plan to start their business in Asia. This is because many Hong Kong hosting companies offer reliable web hosting service that is optimized for Asian visitors. In addition to the standard hosting features, they make sure that almost all the people in Asia can access to the hosted websites in a fast speed.

When choosing a hosting solution, webmasters always consider a lot about the budget, quality, speed and reliability. In addition to those general elements, an excellent web host should also be powered by the progressive technologies and no need for ICP license.

No Need for ICP License

ICP license, abbreviation for Internet Content Provider, is a permission that allows the websites to be hosted in China successfully. If you plan to develop your site in China, you should apply for this permit at first, or the Chinese government will block your site. However, the whole application procedure is time-consuming and effort-consuming because people always need to take over one month to get this permit.

In this circumstance, many people are looking for a hosting service that can help them start their sites without ICP license. And here, Hong Kong web hosting can meet their needs.  An excellent Hong Kong web host enables customers to build a China-based website free for ICP license and let webmasters save a lot of time and energy.

Fast Connections to Asian Countries

The hosting speed and reliability are regarded as the most important factors to a website. Thus, many webmasters have a high demand on those two aspects. The hosting company should utilize the world-class data centers in Hong Kong, equipped with robust web servers and the most advanced technologies.

A qualified Hong Kong web host has the ability to deliver stunning access speed to most Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. Besides, the 24/7 network monitoring is also indispensable. The professional technicians should keep testing and detecting all the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Great Popularity among Customers

When first knowing about a web host, customers have no idea whether it is qualified to host a website. Except for what we have discussed above, you need to collect a large amount customer reviews about the company on the aspects of pricing, features and technical support to make an exact judgment on a hosting provider.

Pricing & Features

Every webmaster wishes to find a hosting company who can provide the high quality services at an affordable price. Hong Kong web hosting is a good option for them. Compared with many America hosting providers, Hong Kong web hosting is much cheaper. This is because the consumption level in Hong Kong is commonly lower than America and the target customers mainly come from local areas. The pricing is starting at $4/mo in general.

Rich features help a lot as webmasters want to create a functional website effortless. In most cases, the hosting companies in Hong Kong offer both Linux and Windows operating systems and provide customers with all needed features. In addition to the abundant disk space and unlimited bandwidths, the web host should also offer the latest Microsoft technologies, programming languages, databases, etc.

Bilingual Technical Support

As the economic center of Asia, Hong Kong has appealed millions of people coming to start their business. Generally, Hong Kong citizens speak English as their second language. Under this condition, many web hosts can offer considerate after-sale service available in English and Mandarin, which allows the English-speaking customers to get the customer service smoothly.

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