WebHost4Life Windows Hosting Review

As a web hosting company, WebHost4Life (www.webhost4life.com) serves individual webmasters, small businesses and even some medium companies. Its hosting solutions have been designed with both Linux and Windows platforms due to different marketing demands.

This article is about WebHost4Life Windows web hosting, in which its price value, performance and customer services will be reviewed.

WebHost4Life Windows Hosting Price Value Review

WebHost4Life Windows hosting has 3 plans, from basic, advanced to premium. Each plan comes with advanced Windows related features and different resources.

Its plans are on the basis of Windows 2008 and IIS 7/6. In addition, WebHost4Life provides MS SQL 2008 databases as well as MySQL databases as complements. Moreover, the company offers a series of advanced features, like ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1. Others are ASP.NET AJAX, MVC, WCF, ADO.NET, ASP, .NET IE controls, .NET mobile, IIS 7 URL Rewrite, ASPUpload, etc.

People will get resources from WebHost4Life basic plan including 10 GB disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited allowed domains, 10 email accounts and 10 FTP accounts. If people want more resources, WebHost4Life has advanced and premium plans as well as MS Power Server package for them.

Next, let’s come to see its pricing. The regular starting pricing of WebHost4Life Windows hosting is at $10.99/mo. Here is a special promotion for WebHost4Life new customers to cut $10.99/mo pricing at $4.95/mo, which causes an around 55% off discount. Considering that Windows hosting generally is expensive, $4.95/mo pricing is valuable and cost-effective.

WebHost4Life Windows Hosting
55% Off

Furthermore, this pricing contains hosting fee, setup, $100 Google AdWords bonus and $100 Yahoo or Bing sponsored search credits.

What’s more, as a web host caring much about customer satisfaction, WebHost4Life surly has refund policies to transfer risk of customers onto itself. During the first 30 days, its customers will try its Windows hosting services. If they are not satisfied, they can require for a refund.

WebHost4Life Windows Hosting Performance Review

WebHost4Life makes use of 2 datacenter locations to improve reliability. These datacenters are equipped with UPS power backup and diesel backup generators. Even if power outage happens, the server would be up still. Additionally, the company takes advantage of NetApp Snapshot data backups to protect data of customers placed in its servers.

Moreover, the network infrastructure is made up of Cisco routers and BGP4 Protocol, which is monitored by professional engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WebHost4Life also utilizes the best servers, which come from Dell company. With Dell servers, people will experience the fastest server running speed, which maintains reliably at the same time.

Another highlight is that WebHost4Life Windows hosting offers green performance. It is not much possible to produce wind energy directly at datacenters. But WebHost4Life still goes green and makes websites go green by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates.

WebHost4Life Customer Support for Windows Hosting

WebHost4Life supports its customers on Windows hosting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case people will encounter problems some time. Phone, live chat as well as email are valid tools that people will use for searching support.

The supporting representatives are familiar with WebHost4Life, are knowledgeable on Windows hosting, and are experienced to solve problems fast. In addition, they are responsible for managing knowledgebase and user guide in WebHost4Life Help Center, in order to ensure that people will get useful and latest information when they come there.


We have reviewed all aspects of WebHost4Life Windows hosting above. Now we conclude it with several words: multiple plans, ample Windows related features, affordable pricing, green Windows hosting, reliable hosting, risk-free hosting and well-supported hosting. Though WebHost4Life uses Windows 2008 server that is not the latest, it can fully meet the needs of individuals and small businesses. So, we recommend WebHost4Life still.

Please visit www.webhost4life.com to learn more details of WebHost4Life and its Windows hosting. Remember to claim its 55% off promotions.

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