WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting

WebHost4Life (www.webhost4life.com) and InmotionHosting (www.inmotionhosting.com) are two green web hosts. The former offers both Linux and Windows hosting for individuals and SMBs while the latter is dedicated to serving every customer with shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server based on Linux. InmotionHosting is one of Top 10 Web Hosts as well.

WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting in below will compare hosting features, pricings, performance and technical support of WebHost4Life and InmotionHosting to check which one is better.

WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting on Features

On web hosting types, the two companies are much different. WebHost4Life has premium Window shared and VPS hosting packages as well as one unlimited Linux hosting plan. Instead, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server of InmotionHosting all have multiple plans.

The only similar hosting of WebHost4Life and InmotionHosting is shared Linux hosting.

WebHost4Life has one shared hosting plan with all-inclusive features, such as unlimited disk space, domains allowed, website creator pages, email accounts and bandwidth. Moreover, WebHost4Life offers MySQL databases along with Perl support and SSI. To help customers manage hosting, the company gives web hosting control panel as well as file manager and FTP manager.

InmotionHosting has 3 shared hosting plans, in which the smallest Launch plan has unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. Besides, InmotionHosting allows 2 websites on 1 Launch account. Most importantly, a number of scripts are supported, like PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby. What’s more, cPanel as well as over 310 free applications are for InmotionHosting customers.

WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting on Pricing

Since WebHost4Life Linux shared hosting contains almost everything, its pricing is a little high. People have to pay $10.99/mo in regular time while the company provides $6.95/mo promotional pricing. Thus, people will save around 38% off. In addition, WebHost4Life has 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

WebHost4Life $6.95/mo Promotion
38% Off

InmotionHosting shared hosting is also feature-rich but its pricing is a bit lower. The regular starting pricing is $7.99/mo. By following our exclusive InmotionHosting shared hosting promotion link, people will save up to 56% off to respectively spend $3.49/mo, $4.37/mo, and $7.49/mo on InmotionHosting 3 shared hosting plans.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
50% Off

More than that, InmotionHosting has the longest money back guarantee in the world, called 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting on Performance

Both companies are eco-friendly but via different ways. InmotionHosting utilizes Outside Air Cooling technology in the Los Angeles datacenter to much decrease carbon output. WebHost4Life has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates 100% equal to used energy in datacenters.

Besides being green, WebHost4Life also tries to be reliable. There are 2 datacenter locations to offer geographic redundancy. Especially the datacenters are full of power all the time by UPS and diesel backup generators. Cisco network along with BGP 4 technology provides reliable network as well.

Likewise, InmotionHosting uses datacenters in west coast and east coast, one of which is even famous as the most connected building. Hardware and technology in the datacenters are also top level, like Dell servers, Brocade and Cisco routers, BGP 4, Outside Air Cooling, etc. More than that, InmotionHosting has its exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which the website will load 6× faster.

InmotionHosting offers 99.9% uptime guarantee.

WebHost4Life vs InmotionHosting on Technical Support

WebHosting4Life technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To access its support representatives, people will take advantage of phone, email and live chat. Additionally, there are only knowledgebase and user guide for people to browse. Fortunately, people could enter key words to search knowledgebase, which will help them save time.

24/7/365 technical support via phone, email and live chat is also available to InmotionHosting customers. Moreover, InmotionHosting self-help resources are ampler, and classified into various files, like FAQs, education channels, community support, etc. Or people could search questions as well.

Which One is Better

After learning features, prices, performance and technical support of both web hosts, we are easy to know that InmotionHosting wins WebHost4Life on every aspect. Its web hosting is cheaper but feature-richer, more reliable and faster as well. Though WebHost4Life is good, InmotionHosting is better. If people want Linux hosting, InmotionHosting is a right choice between the two companies no matter who they are, which offers shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server.

Please visit www.inmotionhosting.com to get more information of InmotionHosting.


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