WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy

Started to serve people early, GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com) has a complete series of online services, including domains, websites, hosting, online marketing, email and tools. It has already been the largest domain registrar in the world. WebHost4Life (www.webhost4life.com) is similar to GoDaddy on products. But it is not as famous as GoDaddy partly since it is a young web host compared to GoDaddy.

In the following WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy post will cover the comparison of hosting features, prices, performance as well as customer support of WebHost4Life and GoDaddy. Then people will know which one is to choose.

WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy on Hosting Features

In terms of different marketing demands, the two web hosts has designed web hosting on the basis of Linux as well as Windows platforms. In below, oriented to their shared Linux hosting, we will compare their hosting features in detail.

WebHost4Life all-in-one Linux hosting package includes unlimited disk space, domains, email accounts and bandwidth. Besides, people are possible to create unlimited website pages based on MySQL databases by using free drag and drop site builder. Additional powerful features contain Perl, Server Side Includes, shared SSL, web hosting control panel, FTP manager and much more.

Coming with 3 Linux shared hosting plans, GoDaddy gives people more options. Its second plan Deluxe is similar to WebHost4Life plan, which also offers such unlimited features except that it only offers 500 email accounts. Another difference is cPanel it provides. Moreover, GoDaddy supports MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PHP 5.3-5.5, Perl and Python.

On Windows hosting, GoDaddy takes advantage of Windows server 2012 R1 while WebHost4Life uses Windows 2008. But WebHost4Life offers more features for Windows hosting, like .NET IE controls, .NET mobile, ADO.NET, ASP, multiple ASP.NET versions, WCF, MVC, AJAX, ATLAS, etc.

WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy on Hosting Pricing

WebHost4Life Linux hosting and Windows hosting both start at $10.99 per month. Now, the company has different promotions, via which the Linux hosting is at $6.95/mo after 38% off and the Windows hosting charges from $4.95/mo, around 55% off. Furthermore, the promotional prices apply to both yearly and 2-year payment.

More than that, WebHost4Life offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee in case people do not like its hosting services.

WebHost4Life Web Hosting
Up to 55% Off

GoDaddy sets the same pricing for its Linux and Windows hosting. The regular starting pricing is $6.99/mo. If people pay for 24 months or 36 months, the pricing will lower at $3.99/mo, 42% off. Also, GoDaddy customers will be allowed to ask for a refund within the first 45 days.

WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy on Performance

WebHost4Life is an eco-friendly web host that purchases Renewable Energy Certificates to compensate the power consumption in datacenters and its offices. As for the datacenters, it utilizes 2 with high performance. UPS power plus diesel standby generators, redundant air conditioning, NetApp Snapshot data backups as well as Cisco network infrastructure create much reliable hosting environment.

GoDaddy takes advantage of more datacenters but its performance is not ideal. We often hear of complaints about its downtime and slow speed from customers. One reason is that GoDaddy has invested lots of resources and energy on its domain services. Even though it is improving its web hosting performance, it cannot match with WebHost4Life either at present.

WebHost4Life vs GoDaddy on Support

GoDaddy only supports people around the clock via phone and email. It has live chat support but people have to chat with its support representatives from 5AM to midnight MST.

Different from GoDaddy, WebHost4Life provides customers with 24/7/365 live chat, phone and email support. Furthermore, since web hosting is the main service of WebHost4Life, its support representatives are proficient in solving problems related to web hosting.


Both web hosting providers tailor premium web hosting solutions. However, WebHost4Life is green and offers more reliable performance. Especially its Windows hosting solutions is high price value, which is on sales from $4.95/mo now. If people get into trouble, it is more convenient and efficient to get solutions from WebHost4Life too. So, between the two companies, we recommend WebHost4Life.

Please visit www.webhost4life.com to gain more details of WebHost4Life and its web hosting solutions.


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