Ultimate Web Hosting Guide for Beginner

Web Hosting Guide is a place for the comprehensive and unbiased web hosting knowledge, with which you will be able to get a good understanding on Web Hosting and know how to find out a reliable affordable web hosting solution for your web site.

Web Hosting Types

There are various types of web hosting solutions. Depending on your needs, you could choose from one of several web hosting solutions and therefore it is important to research and evaluate the services to pick the correct one. Below, you will find the most common type of web hosting services in the industry.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting refers to a hosting service that loads of websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. It is the most economical hosting, and has been widely adopted for individuals and small businesses use.

We summed up both merits and demerits of shared web hosting to help you evaluate whether shared hosting is suitable for your website.

Pros of Shared Web Hosting

  • Affordable Priceshared web hosting price is much lower than other hosting types like VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, because have to share memory, CPU time, application resources with some other people on one server.
  • Simple to Operate – When buying shared hosting service, the hosting package would always include a free and ease-to-use control panel, which contains many applications. You can manage your files, database, and email through the control panel, no professional skills required.
  • Great Customer Service – shared hosting is the most competitive field in the market, and most of the shared hosting customers are newbies with few hosting experience. Thus, to maintain the competitive advantage, providers always offer great customer service.

Cons of Shared Web Hosting

  • Resource limit – there are some CPU and memory limit of shared hosting, if you overused, your provider would suspend your hosting account.
  • Low Security – the security of shared hosting environment is low because you have to share server with other people.
  • Server limitation – before you buying shared hosting service, you have to make sure the certain needs of your website, for some providers would limit shell access, the new software installation, and server level-setting changing, etc.

Is Shared Web Hosting Really Suitable for You?

For any personal blogs and small business websites, shared hosting is the best hosting type that fully meets the websites’ requirements. However, if your website’s demands are within the following lists, you should consider advanced VPS hosting and Dedicated Server.

  • Your website ask for a high security level for business needs
  • Website Daily unique IP is over 300, or daily traffic page view is more than 1000
  • Your web site run on the features or modules which shared hosting doesn’t offer
  • Site memory needs exceed 128MB


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is another popular hosting type that is widely chose by webmasters and business. Compared to shared hosting, VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and it provides with more valuable and advanced features, and comes with more reliable performance. VPS has distinct advantages. For many situations, it is functionally equivalent to a dedicated server hosting, and being software defined enable to extremely easily and conveniently created, used as well as configured.

With a purpose for better speed and security, more and more business owners tend to choose VPS hosting solution for their website. There are thousands of VPS hosting solutions out there but not all of them are good enough to meet the hosting needs from a Business, which makes finding the truly reliable VPS hosting provider extremely tough.

In below, we will give you a quick view about how to choose the best VPS.

Get to Know the Background of a VPS

Compared to those low quality VPS hosting providers who try to avoid offering customers vital information about their products, a reliable VPS hosting provider would normally introduce their background, location, contact information, datacenter facility and etc on its official page.

Besides, to know the quality of their product, you should also check the hosting review from professional editors and their customers, with which you will know how well they really are.

Check VPS Service Term

First thing you should check is whether the VPS hosting solution included features can address your website requirements. Then you need to pay attention to their service terms like Uptime Guarantee, Money back Guarantee, any hidden cost, and etec.

Bluehost and Inmotion Hosting stand for the providers in VPS solution. You can can refer to Best VPS Web Hosting to get more about it.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated web hosting service is an advanced type of web hosting service, in which people can lease an entire server without sharing with anyone else. This is much more flexible than shared hosting and VPS hosting. With it, people can have complete control over the server, including OS option, hardware and more others. And typically, you would receive connectivity to the Internet, redundancy measures, and monitoring.

Types of Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has managed and unmanaged two types.

Compared to unmanaged type, managed dedicated server comes with high price. With it, the hosting provider will not give you a control panel for easily control and management of your website, but also handle the technical issues including operating system, software, hardware, server and security maintenance, monitor as well as update. If you do not have professional team for this work, managed dedicated server is worth the addition cost.

On the other hand, with unmanaged dedicated server hosting, you definitely are responsible for all of the updates, management and software installations. If you have experienced with server administration, installation or other complex technical issues, unmanaged dedicated server is a good choice that can also help you save budget since it is cheaper than managed dedicated server.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

So, what’s the special benefits you can get from a dedicated hosting, below are some for you:

  • Fast and Powerful - In dedicated web hosting, your web site will use all the resource of a server so that the response time will not impact by the other web site and the restriction of your account. In a shared web hosting, the vendor will limit your site usage on the hardware resource of the server such as CPU, memory, etc. Once your traffic has exceeded this limitation, your site will be slow down. And at the same time, since there are a lot of web sites hosted in the same server as yours, when they get too much traffic, the response time of your site will be impacted consequently.
  • Security - Information on a shared server is likely to be less secure than information on a dedicated server. A dedicated server can also be provided with its own firewall. If you are storing highly sensitive information on your server, this increased security will obviously be a high priority.
  • Flexibility and Software - Since you have the full control on the server, you can decide the OS and the software you want to install on the server, this give you the control and the flexibility you need for your business.
  • Service - Usually, a dedicated web hosting company can give better service to their customers than what of the shared hosting vendors, since they have no need to face huge list of customers and can put more focus on the each request they have received.

When You Need a Dedicated Web Hosting

Do I need a dedicated hosting The answer is hard to make, especially considering a shared web hosting will cost you less than $10/month but a cheapest dedicate web hosting will take more than $30/month off your pocket. Even though, we still can find some guideline to help you make the decision.

  • If your site is with secure e-commerce applications or sensitive content, then a dedicated web hosting will be a good choice.
  • If you want to get the benefits of dedicated web hosting we listed in above, go for it.
  • If your web sites become unstable because of too many traffics (in most case, when you get more than 500 unique traffic per day), you will need to consider upgrading your web hosting to dedicated server

How to Find an Affordable Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting means Powerful, but it’s much more expensive at the same time. Your site, just like anything else, need to budgeted. To find an affordable solution will take you some time, but it’s worth all the effort eventually. Below are some useful tips to help you find out the most appropriate one for your site.

  • There are many different level dedicated servers with different price available from the vendors, the monthly price can range from $30 to several hundred dollars. It would be good to figure out the required hardware (CPU, disk space, memory, etc) for your site, and only purchase for what you need.
  • If you have your own IT support team, then you can consider an unmanaged dedicated server. The price of managed dedicated server is higher than an unmanaged one.
  • Do some search on your hosting vendors. You should find a reliable one instead of a cheap one. Some basic research including reading the web hosting review online, calling them to ask the questions you have , and sending an email to them to see their response time. You also can consider the vendors who have won the award of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting, they are really very experienced and win a lot of honors for providing exceptional service to their customers.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is designed to people who want to start their own businesses as a hosting provider. By utilizing reseller hosting, you enable to resell the allotted space, bandwidth and other resources, features to other people. Reseller hosting does not need much knowledge of technical aspects of hosting service, and you can rent shared hosting, VPS or even dedicated server from a company, and then resell it out.Web design companies and systems integrator providing web hosting as an addon or extra service usually are resellers.

HostGator has done great job in providing the great support to their reseller, which has made it the leader for reseller web hosting.

Free Web Hosting

Since there are many affordable and reliable web hosting, generally, we do not recommend free web hosting. But if you create a website only for your own interest, an experiment or a test platform, you can save your money and efforts to choose a free web hosting for a start. Pay attention to that, free hosting has very limited features and resources, and companies integrated many banners, inline and flash ads into your websites. Once your website grow, it cannot meet your requirement, so you have make preparation before choosing free web hosting.

Free web hosting can be very enticing to those who has limited budget for their site and cannot affordable a good web hosting service. This is quite common for some individuals who just start building their site and want a try. But is it something worth their time spend and effort done? Below are 5 reasons which will tell you why the answer is NO.

1) Free Web Hosting is not User Friendly

In genaral, the firm offering free web hosting will put certain advertisement in your site. This is one method hey make a profit for their company. The advertisement might annoy visitors who browse your site, and make them leave your site immediately after they browse it.

2) It is not Stability Enough

because of the free, uptime guarantee is not offered. The stability of the web hosting service cannot be expected. And actually, the reliability of this free web hosting is awfully lower than a paid one. The worst issue is that the free hosting lack backup too. so once your website is down, you will face the risk that your site cannot recover.

3) Poor Customer Support

What sorts of support do you hope to get from one free web hosting provider? You might only get E-mail support. And because of the stability reason, the company might have a large number of email for support need to deal with. So you meet long waiting time.

4) Branding

This probably the most important one. Name of your web site is your brand in the web site. Once you get the free service of a web hosting, you will be provided with a sub-domain under their main domain. Usually, the free web hosting will not allow you to host your own domain in their server. When running a web site, the most difficult thing is not how to build it up but how you attract the traffic to your site. Once you want to move your site out due to all kinds of reason, you cannot keep the same domain name, which means all the effort to promote your web site will be wasted. And you have to start from zero.

5) Paid Web Hosting Can be Affordable

If you realize that  the largest expense of a web hosting is not the fee from the web hosting provider but your time. it’s time for you to get a paid hosting service. Will it has high price? The answer clearly is NO. The most of top web hosting charge you less than $5 for each month, as well as give you rich features and friendly customer support. And you could also further save with Web Hosting Coupon in our site.

Determine Web Hosting Needs

Thousands of web hosting solutions are out there in the market, but not all of them are designed for you. So, in order to find out the best web hosting for your site, the first thing is to decide your web hosting needs.

It seems that plans offering everything are tempting. And a lot of such deals are available here, even charging at a very low price. However, if you choose that, you are saving trouble for yourself. Think about and decide how much you require, and then choose a best plan for your site with the suitbale price from a web hosting provider, which you feel comfortable with. In below, we will continue clarify it.

Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

bandwidthBandwidth is an essential service in every web hosting package. And many web hosts offer customers unlimited bandwidth in packages, especially in shared web hosting packages. However, can you get really unlimited bandwidth to run your websites If you do, your website will always run fast and never get traffic jam. But we know that is impossible in reality.

So learning to calculate the bandwidth that your website really need is helpful to select a web hosting fit for your website. Thus, you will not be in an embarrassing situation anymore where you either waste bandwidth and money or pay a lot for extra used bandwidth.

What is Bandwidth

Many people may just know the importance of bandwidth to a website. But what is it after all Simply speaking, bandwidth is a rate of data traveling between website visitors and the website hosted on the server via the Internet.

bandwidthAnd people usually mix bandwidth with data transfer. However, actually they are two different items. Data transfer is the actual amount of data that is transferred. And bandwidth refers the maximum amount of data that can be transferred per second. That is to say, Bandwidth is like a riverbed while data transfer is the water flowing in this riverbed. So wider the riverbed (bandwidth) is, faster the water (data transfer) flows.

So at the market, we can see different level bandwidth in web hosting packages for meeting different size websites. Some web hosts even give unlimited bandwidth to attract customers. But what’s most important is not how much web hosts provide, but how much bandwidth you really need since unlimited bandwidth is not real unlimited. The suitable bandwidth is both good for your cost as well as website.

The Truth of Unlimited Bandwidth

unlimitedYou may be very happy to see unlimited bandwidth in web hosting packages since bigger bandwidth presents faster website speed. But you should keep it in mind that no web host can provide unlimited bandwidth. This is their marketing trick to lure more customers. And it is fact that not all websites require large amount of bandwidth at the same time. So their unlimited bandwidth can satisfy a majority of websites.

In addition, you should take care the detailed terms in unlimited web hosting packages. Some web hosting companies just offer the first 10 GB bandwidth for free and then charge although they claim unlimited bandwidth they will offer.

How to Calculate BandWidth Your Website Need

Now we come to teach you how to calculate bandwidth that your website need per month.

  • Here is calculating formula without user downloads:

Required bandwidth = Average Daily Page Views x Average Daily Visitors x Average Page Size x Number of Days for Each Month x Tolerance number


Number of Days for Each Month: 30 days

Average Daily Page Views: the average page viewed by per visitor per day

Average Daily Visitors: the monthly visitor number divides by 30

Average Page Size: the average page size of your website

Tolerance number is set from 1.2 to 1.7. Since we just estimate required bandwidth amount, the real consumption may be larger. And the cost for extra bandwidth out of the package is expensive. So an amount of tolerance bandwidth is necessary.

  • The following is required bandwidth formula with user downloads:

Required Bandwidth = [(Average File Size x Average Download per day) + (Average Page Views x Average Daily Visitors x Average Page Size)] x Number of days for Each Month x Tolerance Number


Average Download per day: the total monthly downloads divide by 30

Average File Size: the overall file size divides by the number of files

And other terms’ descriptions in this formula are same as the descriptions in the previous formula.

Disk Space

There would come up a variety of technical problems when people build their website, one of the most common one is about the disk space. And on the computer, every task will consume disk space, including build a website.

In the hosting market, some web hosts offer customers unlimited disk space while others offer a limited amount of disk space. And in this article, we will discuss about how much disk space is required for a site.

About Disk Space

“Disk Space”, also known as storage, is an amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, likeon a hard drive, USB flash drive, floppy and etc. In web host, it means how much disk space you should rent from a web host to support your site.

What’s the Need

For disk space needs, it depends on people’s website scale. For instance, if they just plan to build a personal blog, then they do not need much disk space. But a huge website like Amazon.com, which contains tons of high-quality pictures, pages, and other contents certainly require a large amount of disk space.

The disk space needs is accompanied by a website growing, so it would be better for people to take a long-term consideration from the beginning. Like we mentioned many times, everyone have to do a roughly calculation about the contents they are going to put on the website before getting the website online.

When calculating the disk space requirement, the factors you should consider include space for the source code, images, videos, and database requirement.

Unlimited Disk Space

Some newbies may think it’s hard to calculate Disk space, then unlimited disk space feature is their best choice. For example, Web Hosting Hub, one of the best hosting in the industry, provides its customers with unlimited features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, file transfer, Emailbox, and more. No matter people want to create a blog or even small business website, WebHostingHub can perfectly meet their needs.

The price from WebHostingHub is also quie affordable, people could receive 50% off by following the latest WebHostingHub Coupon, which make it to be $3.99/mo. Besides, WebHostingHub guarantee 90 days full money back and 100% customer satisfaction. Unlimited disk space is not so expensive as you think. To know more about WebHostingHub, please visit www.webhostinghub.com now.


Unlimited Hosting - Is it Scam?

“Unlimited” is one key word of the hosting industry in 2008. Starting from this year, there are a lot of web hosting service providers will offer you “Unlimited” features such as Unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, or hosting unlimited web sites. Even some very reputed web hosting firms offer these unlimited features, such as: Bluehost, Hostgator, and hostmonster. However, many articles tell you that don’t work with the web hosting companies who providing “Unlimited” features. Therefore, what can you do now Below are my suggestion.

Enjoy it Get a unlimited feature from web hosting service providers is not a terrible thing. A feature of “Unlimited web site” will help you save a lot when you have more than one web site. And IXWebhosting will provide you with “Unlimited disk space”. Therefore you have no need to be too worried about the space you might use.

Don’t Abuse unlimited features Every company need to make profit from their customers so that they potential have the capability to provide a good service for you. Now, even the very reputed web hosting service providers start giving you a unlimited feature, what the thought behind it Let’s analyze one by one.

Could you really build unlimited web site The answer is no, the hardest part of building a successful web site is how to promote it, since the value of unlimited site is no more than a successful web site. A lot of people will only create 2-5 web sites so that they have time or budget to promote them.

For unlimited storage, I host a web site in iPower and the speed to upload files at home is around 8kb/second, which means it will cost you one day to upload only 13M data. Let’s assume you do not stop uploading file to the server, and in one year, you would only can assume 25G disk space.

What’s behind unlimited bandwidth it is the same as unlimited disk storage, and a secret is that web hosting vendor hasn’t tell you the connection speed. If you consume too much bandwidth, they can slow down your connection speed, and make your web site unavailable. They do not have any restrict the bandwidth, but the fact is that you can’t cost too much due to the connection speed.

So, keep one word in your mind that “you pay for what you get”, when choosing the best web hosting package for your web site, you need to pay more attention to the reliability, connection speed, and customer service from them.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is the time measuring a computer system running or being “up”. In web hosting, it is used to refers to how often a site is available or responsive to web requests, and has been one of the key factors to evaluate the reliability of a web hosting solution.

Uptime Types

There are 2 types of uptime in web hosting industry. One is the Network Uptime, and the other one is Server Uptime.

Network uptime is talking about the availability of the network, which including the network within the data center and the connection out to the Internet. Network is usually very stable, so a lot of web hosting service providers would like to give you a guarantee on network uptime.

And server uptime refers to the availability of your web hosting server from outside the data center. This will directly determine how possible your site will be accessed without any problem.

So, based on above definition, you can see that only a guarantee on network uptime will not good enough to put your web site in safe. But unfortunately, in the shared web hosting industry, almost all the uptime guarantee are referred to network uptime, and the industry standard for it is 99.9%. And for most of the dedicated web hosting providers, they will provide the guarantee number for both network uptime and server uptime, but you will be charged much more for their very reliable service.

Find a Reliable Web Hosting in Shared Web Hostings

It’s usually very hard to maintain a high server uptime in a shared web hosting solution. But there are also some exceptions in the world. In order to find them out, you cannot just look at their uptime guarantee in the selling introduction page. The only way to get a feeling about it before purchasing is to refer to the reviews from their customer or professional web hosting reviewer. hosting review and top 10 web hosting should be a good resource for you.

Since most of the web hosting service providers will give you 30 days money back guarantee, you can leverage this period to check their uptime by leveraging some 3rd-party uptime monitoring service. This is usually free if you don’t need a very professional report. Once you get the uptime data, and if you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund.

There are also many sites who says they know the uptime of a web hosting company, the data there should be scammed. There is no way to know the overall uptime of a service provider as thousands of server are hosted in one data centers, how can they verify the uptime of each server (they might even not know which web site is hosted in which server). So, the data there should only be the uptime of one or two domains hosted in the vendor’s data center. It can be used to as a reference, but you still need to go to some web hosting review sites (such as HostUCan.net, BigCheapHosting.com) to know more.

Dedicated IP or Shared IP

The Distinction between Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses

One IP address with a 32-bit numeric address always is expressed as four numbers from 0-255 parted by dots, like Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP Address for the purposes of communication. Numerous addresses are possible here, but the number of that is finite.

Web hosting business has two kinds of IP addresses:

  • Dedicated IP address (named Static IP as well) refers that a site possesses its unique IP address. Typing numeric forms of the IP address or in your URL both will lead visitors to the same website.
  • Shared IP address refers that multiple sites have one same IP address. Typing the IP address will just take you to certain generic page rather than the specific website that you want to visit.

For the amaznigly rising of the finite number of IP address and the number of registered domain, Web hosting companies have to utilize shared IP’s if possible. Actually, a number of websites usually share one same IP address. Dedicated IP hosting solution is not the norm any longer and usually needs more.

Who Requires One Dedicated IP

dedicated-ipUsually, running a website with one shared IP will not harm you.But there are still some cases when dedicated IP addresses are needed:

  • SSL certificate: It is required in the e-commerce website to accept credit cards on the Internet, then the data will be encrypted and passed between visitor’s browser and web servers. And to install a SSL cert onto a domain or web site, the domain have to be deployed with a dedicated IP address, because SSL protocal or encryption takes place before the exchange of the HTTP header, which requires IP to identify the site.
  • Anonymous FTP: It is used to enable visitors download files from web servers through FTP with which they could directly download without providing the user name & password. In order to enable the anonymous FTP, the domain must be configured with a dedicated IP.

Search Engines and Dedicated IP

There are some well-known debate in SEO industry about whether we need to provide a dedicated IP for your web site, and part of them is true before but not right now, and part of them are still applicable now.

  • “A web site with dedicated IP can perform better in SEO than shared IP web site”. This might be true before, but based on latest research, there should be no impact. As you know, Search Engine consider more and more on the content of the web site, dedicated IP or not dedicated IP is really not important to them.
  • “Dedicated IP will protect a site from being banned by Search Engine”. This might sound correct since if a site scam the search engine, search engine might punish the site by banning all the request from that IP, so that all the web site with same IP will not work in the search engine. But right now, the most of sites on Internet are hosted by shared IP. And it would be non-profitable to search engines when they penalize a website according to the IP address. So, search engines can ban anything on one domain rather than an whole IP neighborhood and your web site will be in safe.


In general, you don’t need a dedicated IP. But it will be needed if you want to have some type of special entrance to your web site, like Anonymous FTP or SSL. For almost all the e-Commerce web site which need to accept Credit Card online, dedicated IP is required. And the cost of dedicated IP is normally $2/mo.

IXWebHosting is one of the few web hosts who offer free dedicated IP in its budget hosting packages. The price start at $3.95/month and include 2 free dedicated IP and 1 free domain. If you need dedicated IP, then IXWebHosting is obviously the best budget choice. To know more about the company, visit http://www.ixwebhosting.com now.

ixwebhosting review

Technical Support

Does the web hosting plan contain 24/7 technical support? If you just run a small site that is not critical, such as some personal sites are just to introduce the website owner, then you possibly don’t need it. Otherwise, you should make it clear whether this plan has this item.

It would be very frustrated when your web site is broken and cannot be access. At this time, if you know about what kinds of support you can get from your web hosting service provider, you will be in a better position to get your site up.

If a web host really cares about its service, it will provide its customer with 4 types support channels, and you can leverage the appropriate one based on the serious level of your issues.

Online Knowledge Base

This is the documents center from your vendor, you can see a lot of online help document which will tell you how to handle some very common issues. If the issue from your web site is not too serious for you, and you also happen to have a lot of time, if should be fine for you to go through the online knowledge base to see if your issue can be resolved by yourself. And this is also very helpful if you want to learn some technical knowledge about web hosting.

Email support

From most web hosts, you can find a place which will allow you to open a ticket to describe the issue you have met, and very soon you can receive an email from the engineer in their company to tell you how to handle your case. Email support system is treated as a very important part of the web hosting service. If they cannot manage this well, they will lose their customers very soon.

Try the email support if the situation is not too bad and you don’t know the answer as well.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is the one I like most,. By this method, I can chat with the engineer immediately, and get the problem resolved steps by steps with the guide from them. But not all the companies will provide this type of service, you need to pay attention to their support system to see it is there. Usually, I only sign the offer with those who provider Live Chat support.

Toll free phone support

This is for very urgent case, you want to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. At this time, you can pick up the phone and ask for help. The same as live chat support, not all companies provide you with this type of service, if your business is really very important to you and cannot be offline for even 1 hour, you should only work with those who provide toll free phone support, and it will be better that the support is 24*7 available.

What Web Hosts Offer Normally

As for above 4 types of support channel, email support is very basic, if a web hosting service cannot reply your email prompted, you should not work with them, since this is also happened in the company with very poor service.

And you should try to signup with those providing live chat support, which will ease you a lot when you are in trouble with your site. For toll free phone support, this is just a nice to have feature unless your web site is not very critical.

As you could see, most of web hosts in our Top 10 Web Hosting, such as Bluehost, and?Inmotion Hosting??are providing all those 4 support channels for their customers to seek for a help.

Email Accounts

If you have your own site, you would probably want to have email addresses at your own domain, like [email protected], etc. How many email accounts will you need? Normally 10 is enough, but if you think you might want more then you can use, especially you build the web site for business usage, and you have many employees in your company, you will need more email accounts, and the good news is: most of the web hosting plan will give you more than 1000 email accounts, and some of them are un-limited.


Beginners who first involve in hosting area might find that they are confronted by a lot of hosts providing a wide variety of hosting solutions. In addition to different hosting types, some hosting companies also give people an option of solutions using PHP or ASP.NET platform.

There are many people will keep asking which platform is better. We will make a comparison between PHP and ASP.NET from some main aspects to give people an overview of two platforms.

Usability and Deployment

Referring to usability, PHP is able to run on Linux, Unix and Windows, while ASP.NET is built to run only on Windows platform.

PHP is equivalent to interpret the server, so when changing functionalities, no extra steps are needed to see those changes. For ASP.NET, it takes a great number of codes to achieve complex features and functionality with ASP.NET.

Resources and Supports

Since PHP is an open source, there are a lot of dedicated developers worldwide who continuously make enhancements and updates for better PHP performance. If users have any question, they can easily find useful supports and resources available for PHP on the forum or the Internet.

On the contrary, the improvements and updates of ASP.NET rely on professionals at Microsoft. In the hosting field, there are less supports available to help solve ASP.NET challenges. Most of the time, users are required to ask their providers for assistances, which need additional charges.


PHP, MySQL & PostgreSQL server, Apache server, as well as Linux operating system all are free for charge, and all of them are also free to upgrade. Even better, there is no extra licensing fee for having another server as a backup, or requiring to run various servers for server clustering or load balancing.

If people purchase Windows operating system, ASP.NET and IIS are included as free, but there might require a substantial licensing fee for a Microsoft Windows server, SQL service and even future upgrades. Besides, compared to affordable PHP hosting, the price of ASP.NET hosting is more experience.

Whether people should choose a PHP based hosting solution or ASP.NET one, however, the real criteria for choosing a web hosting platform actually decided on the website requirements.

  •   Really Need ASP.NET and Microsoft Solutions?

People should keep in mind that whether their websites reply on Windows technologies including ASP.NET, Microsoft access or Microsoft SQL server. If the answer is yes, then it is quite convenient to go to a reliable ASP.NET hosting solution.

  •   Or PHP, MySQL and CMSs

If the website specifically requires PHP, Perl or MySQL database, or for the persons who just want to set up a personal blog, or small businesses with a shopping cart, they definitely can find it easier to use PHP based hosting solution that uses a system like Linux or Unix. Unlike ASP.NET, The majority of blogging and commercial software are free and can run smoothly.

SSL, MySQL, and Shopping Cart (eCommerce Cart)

If you are planning on doing any sort of business through your website, you might want to look out to see if the host provides these facilities. These facilities normally involve a higher priced package or additional charges. The main thing is to check to see if they are available at all before you commit to the host. You will definitely need SSL if you plan to collect credit card information on your site.

Server OS

Is the type of operating system and server important? Whether you think so or not on the theoretical level, there are a few practical reasons for looking out for the type of server.

  • If you have a small website, then it is unlikely that you will need to select a particular type of server OS for your website.
  • Windows web hosting tends to be a little bit more expensive than Linux. If you need to run a Microsoft SQL server database, or use Microsoft Active Server pages then you should choose Windows server.
  • If you have no clue on what these things even are, then normally you don’t need Windows server - you will almost certainly be fine with any type of server and my preference is to sign up for accounts using the often cheaper, more stable and feature-laden Unix systems running the Apache server.

3 Reasons to Host Your Web Site in a Linux Server

It’s more and more common that a person owns a web site, which can be for blog, family web site, small business web site or even forum. And the majority of those small-size or medium-size web site are hosted in Linux environment. Why so many webmasters would like to make this decision? I think below are 3 key reasons for it.

1) Stable As an open source operating system.

Since Linux code is open to the public, so that everyone can read it, suggest the enhancements and point out its bugs. With years’ development, Linux has been developed in multiple flavors (the most famous one is Red Hat). Hundreds of thousands of people have contributed their effort and time to making Linux web hosting simpler, more efficient, faster and bug free code.

And the same reason as why it’s stable, the security level of Linux is also higher than Windows.

2) Cheap Linux is free to all.

Unlike Windows, you have to pay thousands of dollars for a license. And this is also part of reason why the list price of linux web hosting package is much lower than what of windows web hosting packages.

3) A lot of Free Scripts to Help Setting up the Web Site Open source world is just as beautiful as it could be.

A lot of people contribute to it from different perspectives, such as OS, software development tools or applications. Linux, php, and MySQL have been a very popular platform to build an application. Right now, you can find many very good open source application to set up a forum, blog, image galleries, etc. And all those are free and easy to be installed. Even php and My SQL can work on Windows, Linux just a perfect platform for them.

There are more reasons that the webmasters want to choose Linux to host their web site. And a general guideline is that only if you want to use asp.net or sql server to build your web site, otherwise, Linux is always your best choice.

Subdomains, or Multiple Domain Support

For those who are thinking of multiple domains or subdomains hosted in one account, you should look to see if your web host supports this feature. If you have many web sites, and most of them don’t use a lot of space and bandwidth, then, host all your domain in a web hosting plan is a great choice and will save a lot of money. Many company provide this kinds of plan, such as: BlueHost, and Hostmonster,etc; They can host unlimited web sites in one web hosting plan.

Web Hosting Control Panel Introduction

Once people get into web hosting services, there are several control panels available for them to choose, with which they could manage their web server easily even they have no web technology knowledge. And among them, cPanel and Plesk are the two most popular choices in the whole market. In below article, we will give you some basic introduction on both of them.


cPanel is regarded as the best web hosting control panel for Linux-based web server. As an icon-based server management tool, people could learn how to use it with almost no learning curve. With features cPanel provides include file management, Email management, traffic status report, database management, domain management, server configuration and more. cPanel really make server management an easy task.


Plesk comes with close features as cPanel, which allows users to set up new websites, and email accounts, and DNS entries via a web-based interface. Plesk can be applied on both Linux and Windows hosting servers. Until now, Plesk has attracted a large group of users, especially on Windows, no other control panel could compete with it.

Who is better

Between these two control panels, the interface of cPanel is simpler and easy to understand. All of the features are accessible from the front page. For Plesk, it has secondary menu, which means it might be hard for newbies to find the tool to manage their server. In terms of the functionality, both cPanel and Plesk are quite similar.

But considering cPanel is only for Linux, if you choose Windows, Plesk is pretty much the best one you could find in the industry.

Which Web Hosts Offer Them?

To be honestly, cPanel and Plesk dominate the whole web hosting industry. Almost all the well-known web hosts choose one of them. For example, Bluehost, InmotionHosting, WebHostingHub choose cPanel while 1and1 and Hostgator deploy Plesk on their Windows server.


Price is always a factor, you should realize that you often get what you pay for, although it’s not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best. A stable, 24*7 support server is more important than money.

Most web hosts allow you to select an annual or 2 years payment plan that gives you a cheaper rate than if you were to pay monthly. You might be worried about if you aren’t satisfied with the plan you purchase, what can you do? Our suggestion is to go with web host with money back guarantee. Most web host offer you 30 trial days, but some web host even guarantee anytime money back guarantee, such as ANHosting, WebHostingHub, and Inmotionhosting, those are definitely the web host you should consider first.

Web Hosts with Anytime Money Back

Want to look for a web host who allow for money back at any time? After doing some research in web hosting industry, we finally come out a list of web host who add this term in their service.

InmotionHosting & WebHostingHub

anytime-money-backInmotion Hosting is a leading business hosting service provider in the industry. They guarantee 90-day full money-back as well as then prorated refund after that period. As far as we know, this is the best money refund term in the industry.

As the sister brand of ImotionHosting, WebHostingHub has the same money back term as Inmotionhosting.

Both of InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub are green hosting.

Bluehost, Hostmonster & FastDomain

Bluehost is one of the best web hosts in the industry. Its shared Linux web hosting is very popular within individuals, small businesses and web developers. It guarantees 30-day full money-back and also prorated refund after these 30 days.

Hostmonster and Fastdomain are both the sister brands of Bluehost. There is no surprise that they follow the same money back term.

iPage & Justhost

iPage & Justhost are both the brand under EIG. Just like Bluehost, they offer 30 days full money back and then a prorated refund after it.

Above are 7 web hosts who allow for “Anytime Money Back” term, by working with them, you definitely put your money in safe. And according to our research, the web hosts with this term normally offer better products and customer servers when comparing with their competitors.

Free Domain Name & Domain Privacy

You need to check whether a free domain name is included in the plan. In most of the plan with price more than $3 monthly, a free domain will be included. But if not, you need to apply for domain name by yourself and then direct it to the service you just order. To register a domain name, please refer to our ultimate Domain Name tutorial.

When registering a domain name for a website, you would be asked whether they need domain privacy. So, what is private domain registration, does it actually work, and why it is paid at certain domain registrars, etc.

Private Domain Registration

Private domain registration is a service that provided by a number of domain registrars. If you buy the privacy service from the registrar, and it would turn replaces your information in the WHOIS with the information of a forwarding service like Domain by Proxy or ID Protect.

Simply put, you are expected to keep correct contact details for you and your site or company on the domain’s whois record once you register a domain name. And this record can be accessed to anyone. As the result, the private domain registration is always required by customers, especially business owners.

Should You Choose Private Domain Registration

Private domain registration comes both pros and cons, whether should you choose the service, it all depends on your own requirements.

Prevent Unwanted Spam

Since the whois record is available to the public, your information like email addresses and phone numbers are easy to harvest. Spammers and scammers will collect the information, and then spam you regarding the domain or something totally unrelated.

However, private domain registration can effectively keep you far away from spam. It prevents the spammers from getting your name, address, email and phone number. Besides, they are less likely to add a proxy service email to a list to spam.

By making your information anonymously, private domain registration is a great way to protect your privacy and business, if you plan to create or already own an online business.

Lead to Proper Contact Information

Sometimes, visitors or customers of your website might confront some issues, and they need to contact to you immediately. They might go to check the whois record, and that makes unwanted contact direct to you.

Putting up private domain registration, you information is protected. While you can keep contact coming to your website through proper contact information such as sales department, support team or your special-use email or phone number instead of personal ones.

For you business owners, although the private domain registration can protect information, it can also prevent some legitimate business contacts sometimes. Moreover, the service usually charges at $8 to $15 per domain per year, it will cost lots of money if using the service on dozens of even hundreds of domain names.


If you don’t stay in the USA, you have the option of hosting your site with some local provider. The advantage here is the ease of dealing with them (they are after all easily accessible by phone call or a visit), your familiarity with the local laws and easy recourse to those laws should it be necessary. It should be your choice if your target audience is local (eg a local fast food delivery service). On the other hand, hosting it in USA has the advantage of faster access for what is probably the largest number of your overseas visitors (particularly if you have an English-speaking audience). You also have a large number of hosting companies to choose from, and as a result, cheaper prices too.


There are also some specific requirement related to what web site you want to build and your skill levels. Considering web hosting company provide more than just hosting, you might want they can provide some web design tool if you don’t know HTML well and also want to build it by yourself. Or you want to create a blog, photo galleries or Forum in your web site, if all those are included in the web hosting package, it would be easy for you to build the site. Below are some addition service you might find in web hosting package:

  • Blog
  • Photo Galleries
  • Forum
  • Web Design Tools
  • Web Site Market Tools
  • etc.

Although, we have listed a lot of factor above, you need to think about what’s the most important factor to you, try to rank all the factor above, and give them a value. If you care about the support and reliability and with a lot of budget, you should find some company can provide quick support and 99.99% uptime. If you only have limited budget, you might need to lower your expectation on bandwidth or multiple domain host, etc. There is always a trade-off between price, reliability and features that you’re willing to live with. There’s no way for you to afford to put all your sites on your “ideal” web hosts. For sites that are not so critical, you can pay a cheaper price at the cost of a little more “down” time and inconvenience than your more important sites.

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