Ways To Write The Perfect Affiliate Product Review

The world has become really dependent on the online world. Most of the people today like to shop from the online shops because of the low price and greater variety available in the online shops. But, there is one disadvantage of this as you cannot touch and feel the product for yourself. This disadvantage was however overcome by the people who know how to write a product review template. The people that have bought the product and used it give their opinion about the product. This is highly beneficial for the people who are in a fix about buying or not buying the product.

It is established in a study that more than 79% of the people rely on the online review for buying a product so it would be a great advantage for you to know how to write product review template. So, this is the time that you make some extra money by writing reviews for the products in the market.

How to write a product review template

The process of product writing is a time taking one and it is only when you give your honest and research-based opinion on the product that you get good search engine ranking and that extra income. If you just try to bluff you will not stand anywhere and your review will not gain that importance. So, just follow the following points and help people buy the right kind of product:

Search for the products that you will write about :

Search for the products that you will write about

The first thing that you must do is search for the products that you will like to review. The products can be of a wide variety but you must try to confine yourself to the products that belong to your niche and are of high quality. The high-quality products are looked for in the market and you must look for the products that are actually going to interest your audience. Similarly writing reviews of the products that do not have any relationship with you will not attract any audience to your review because you have no authority to opine about the products that you have no clue about.

Research about the popularity of the product :

When you have selected the product you must check how it is faring in the online world. For this, you must check for the reviews that might be already present online either using Google search engine or various search tools present online. You could even go to various forums that discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the product. For knowing about the product, you could even put up your question regarding the product on various social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will give you an idea about the product and what do people expect out of it. Reading various reviews will also give an idea of the formatting and structure of the most famous reviews. If there are too many reviews already present for the product you might want to give that product a skip and search for another product instead. Only when you are sure that you can write a better review than those that are already present online, you must attempt to write a review for that product.

Own and use the product :

Own and use the product

If you have to write an honest product review you must use the product yourself and then only make an opinion about it. This will help you in creating a trust for yourself among the people. This is of great importance because if you just copy the review of some other person you may provide either similar points as that of the other person or provide info that is misleading. This will definitely tarnish your reputation in the market.

First, write the rough draft :

When you have purchased the item and used it, you must start writing about the product. You must start with the name of the product as well as the model if there is any. This should be followed by writing a brief introduction of the product, then its details and then the proof that you have actually bought the product. The proof of purchase could be the receipt and that would induce the transparency factor in your review. Then you should write about the pros and cons of buying and using that particular product.

You must remain unbiased throughout your review. It should not seem that you are in favor of or against the product. This will help you gain a reputation that is positive and long lasting. You could even upload videos showing how you are using the product and how you feel right after using it. This will obviously help you garner more audience as it will prove that you are genuinely saying about the product.


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You must write a good conclusion that should include the rounding up on the important features. You should also give your recommendations regarding buying or not buy the product including the specific group of people that the product is suitable for. You can ask people to add their own opinions in the comments section of your review.

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