Ways To Overcome The SEO Challenges While Designing An E-Commerce Site

The e-commerce industry is one of the most booming industries of the world. There are more and more businesses opening everyday to sell various products through the World Wide Web. This has increased the importance of SEO for this industry many fold. You may think that the SEO strategies that work for the regular websites will be enough for your e-commerce website too. But, you are mistaken here. The SEO for ecommerce website are totally different and need a different approach:

Avoid any kind of duplicate content


You must make sure that your e-commerce website does not have any duplicate content. The websites with duplicate contents are penalized and therefore must be completely avoided. There are many products on an e-commerce website and each of the products is under different categories and sub categories. This means that many URLs will be generated. But, most of such URLs are useless and may lead the search engines to identify the content on your e-commerce website as duplicated.

What you should do?

If your pages are associated with categories or sub-categories you must try not to index the pages. This can be done by the use of the (REP) Robots Exclusion Protocol. You should also use canonical tag for preventing the reviews, comments and shopping carts to be indexed.

Structural flaw of the URLs

If you want to make your e-commerce website SEO for ecommerce website friendly make your URLs SEO friendly by making them short and memorable. It is always advisable to use the small letters and avoid the use of special characters such as spaces or underscore and as much as is possible use the dashes.

Wrong information related to ALT tag

If you have used images in your e-commerce website you must know how to categorize those images. If you give poor or inappropriate description of the images the search engine will do wrong indexing of the image. So use the required keywords and description. This description should be readable and understandable by the search engine.

What to do?

You must make your image identifiable by the search engines by the means of using right kind of keywords and giving descriptions that bring the qualities of the image that you want to be in the fore front.

Multiple version of one product leading to duplication of URL

If you have different versions of the same product available on your e-commerce website it can be seen by the search engines as duplicated content and this is not going to fare well for your website. For example, if you have two colors of the same kind of product the search engine may see the contents as duplicated.

What to do?

You can make just one page for the product and give colors in the options to choose from. This will not only prevent false duplication of the URL but also make it easier for the customer to make a choice as they do not have to flip pages to choose their favorite color.

Product description is not up to mark

You may get tired of writing about each and every product that is there on your website but it is the key to selling more products. Since the consumer is only looking at your product you need to tell them about the quality and various important aspects so that it become easier for them to make a choice. But, if you are giving the same description that the manufacturer gave to you then you must understand that the same description has been provided to other websites too and that would result into duplication.

What to do?

You must write unique description for each and every product on your website.

Focus on long tail keywords too for successful SEO for e-commerce website


Many customers just search for broad keywords because they have no idea about the specifics of the product. For them you need to put in keywords that are generic in nature but many others are also there who have complete idea about what they are searching for and they would search a specific item on the search engine. If you are neglecting these longtail keywords then you will lose out on a great number of customers.

What to do?

You must try to incorporate product reviews for your products because not only they give an idea about the product but also give you enough keywords that make it easier for your customers to locate the product on your website.

Problems with internal linking

It is not a hidden fact that all the ecommerce websites are run by a team. There will be copy writers, project managers, designers and media marketers. But, the problem is that while working for your website they may just pull out site links and the main problem is that they may not be grabbing the same link. Since this link is searched through the internal searching tool it will obviously be non-indexed.

What to do?

You must ask your team members about the way the linking works and why they should make it important to have consistent linking for your website.

Non-management of the URL parameters

Since the URL generation happens in the e-commerce websites it becomes necessary that you control how your URLs are generated. Though you find it easy to use webmaster tools by Google but then it may generate duplicate content without your notice.

What to do?

You must understand that human brain is far superior to a robot or any computerized system. So it will be better for your e-commerce website that you take the control of your URL structure and configure all the parameters on your own. You can do this by directing the Google on which parameters to keep in a closed box and which ones to crawl.


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