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VPSLink Review in below is going to analyze and check out the VPS hosting price values, uptime & performance, usability and customer support service of VPSLink.

Since its foundation in 2002, VPSLink (www.vpslink.com) has been specializing in offering unmanaged VPS hosting and other related products to meet the requirements of personal users and small-to-medium sized business owners. At the same time, the company also maintains its VPS hosting with both high uptime and price value.

Based on customers’ feedback, VPSLink constantly refines and improves its virtual private server solutions, infrastructures and technologies. With these great advantages, VPSLink has already trusted by thousands of customers.

VPSLink Review on Server Price Value

To begin with, VPSLink gives its customers maximum flexibility by offering them the choice of VPS hosting solutions, application frameworks: LAMP and Ruby on Rails, virtualization platforms between OpenVZ and Xen, Linux operating system including full versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Slackware, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

Each VPSLink VPS hosting solution comes with a range of resource allocations & memory, and full root access feature allowing customers to install any software/application they might need.

Now, there are five solutions that include 2.5GB to 40GB disk space, 100GB to 1000GB bandwidth, 64MB to 1024MB dedicated RAM, and 1 to 5 IP addresses.

VPSLink VPS solution is quite feature-rich, while it charges at very affordable prices as well. The VPS hosting now has 5 solutions, and VPSLink allows monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year billing cycles. If customers go with annual payment, VPSLink will provide them with more than 15% off. As the result, the VPS hosting price starts from only $6.62/mo.

VPSLink Promotion
15% Off

A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for VPSLink customers. If the VPS hosting cannot meet their needs, they can get a refund within the first 30 days. This money back policy does not apply to domain fee and add-on services.

VPSLink Review on Performance

In addition to great rich features and cheap prices, customers can experience very reliable and fast VPS hosting service at VPSLink. Its well-designed and equipped datacenters are placed in Boston, Massachusetts. The company also makes full use of other solid components to assure redundant connection, high security and maximum performance.

VPSLink takes benefits from various major upstream network partners and providers to deliver continuous Internet connectivity, performance and greater route diversity. All of its facilities and networks in 24/7/365 monitored by VPSLink engineers, and they will not only ensure no-downtime upgrade, but also help protect customers’ servers from hacking and attack.

VPSLink Review on Usability

VPSLink service is unmanaged, and it provides customers with full control to administer their servers. By using VPSLink easy-to-use server control panel featuring with web-based shell access, OS control & VPS upgrade, customers are allowed to start, reboot and stop their servers on needs. The entire process will be quite easy. VPSLink also offers optional WHM/cPanel license, the most popular control panel.

VPSLink Review on Customer Support

Although VPSLink does not offer direct phone call or online chat, there are some other ways available to customers to get sales, billing or technical assistances, for example, the ticket and inquiries. Its Support Department is open all day of the year, so customers will receive fast response.

Moreover, VPSLink Community contains Wiki, Blog and Forums. Customers can find tons of useful and valuable articles & tutorials for solving common technical issues.

Is VPSLink VPS Hosting Recommended?

Generally, VPSLink specializes in Linux VPS hosting service. Although it is unmanaged, VPSLink offers customers full root access and easy-to-use control panel to make easy management of their servers. Along with the feature-rich VPS hosting solutions, reliable & secure performance, friendly support methods, VPSLink delivers customers one of the greatest server experiences and it’s perfect for personal website or for testing environment. If you want to know more hosting options, please search for VPS hosting from HostUCan.net.

Now, VPSLink is promoting its VPS hosting, and the price starts from only $6.62/mo, with 30-day money back guarantee included. To claim this product, please visit: www.vpslink.com.


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