VPSCheap.net Review

vpscheap_net_220VPSCheap.net Review in below will review and analyze the price value, availability and customer support service aspects of VPSCheap.net.

Since its establishment in mid 2010, VPSCheap.net (www.vpscheap.net) specializes in providing full range of VPS services on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Also, the company prides itself on maintaining full uptime with very low hosting prices. Currently VPSCheap.net serves thousands of customers and websites, and it is expanding the facilities across the US and beyond.

VPSCheap.net Review on Hosting Price Value

Generally, customers can choose between Pure SSD Server and Budget Servers. Both of the services come with multiple well-designed VPS hosting solutions to meet customers’ different needs. VPSCheap.net also allows them to contact the support team for a custom server solution of their own.

In addition to Windows Server, VPSCheap.net provides customers with the most popular Linux distros including the different versions of CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and Suse. To help customers get online quickly, VPSCheap.net will deploy any server in less than 5 minutes.

From Basic to Enterprise Plans, VPSCheap.net contains 256MB to 4096MB Memory, 10GB to 150GB SSD Space, 2 core processor, 1 to 5 IP addresses and unmetered network connectivity these guaranteed resources.

All of VPSCheap.net server solutions include DNS management for controlling domains and reversing DNS, free and essential IPv6, full & instant root access that allows customers to install, implement and run applications & software on the server.

VPSCheap.net ensures the best price value.

Its SSD Basic Plan allows semi-annual and annual pay, and the prices charge at $15 and $28/yr. As for other plans, customers can choose to monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly billing cycles.

Regularly, VPSCheap.net hosting price starts from $3.99/mo, while if customers go with long-term service, they will receive up to over 16% off to make the SSD VPS hosting price from $3.33 per month. In fact, VPSCheap.net requires no contracts. So, customers enable to ask for their money back within 30 days of placing their order, if they are unsatisfied with VPSCheap.net service.

VPSCheap.net Promotion
Up to 16% Off

Compared to many other VPS hosting providers, VPSCheap.net not only offers low hosting prices, but also guarantees user-friendly money back policy.

VPSCheap.net Review on Server Performance

VPSCheap.net VPS hosting is quite cheap, but its facilities and hardware are not. To deliver customers reliable, fast and secure VPS hosting experience, the company makes efforts on using and improving its infrastructures and technologies. VPSCheap.net is scalable on demands, and customers can make upgrade without any downtime.

  • Coresite datacenter in Chicago, and there will be more locations available across the United States and other regions
  • Custom enterprise-level hardware and servers are built on powerful Intel Xeon machines, which feature with super-fast RAID storage as well as dedicated ECC RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards, tier 1 networks and Atrato/Hibernia IP networks are used for faster throughout into VPSCheap.net network and more cost-effective connectivity to the global Internet routing table

VPSCheap.net Review on Control Panel

With VPSCheap.net full-featured control panel, customers will have all the great tools they need to start, stop, reboot or reinstall their servers with few simple clicks. This control panel is simple and easy-to-use, and has an intuitive interface to make multi management of billing or support from just one place.

VPSCheap.net Review on Customer Support

Since VPSCheap.net service mainly focuses on experienced personal users and developers, so it offers certified email support. However, customers still can get rapid and helpful response with its email method. Also, VPSCheap.net has knowledgebase for customers to check out tutorials and articles.


In general, VPSCheap.net VPS hosting is based on SSD and stable platform. Each of its solution comes with great rich features to help customers create websites easily. By utilizing industry-leading datacenter, server hardware and technologies, VPSCheap.net ensures maximum availability and security. Most importantly, it charges at one of the cheapest VPS hosting prices, starting from only $3.33/mo, with free setup and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We recommend VPSCheap.net for personal use.

Please visit: www.vpscheap.net to know more.


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