Top 7 Tools You Should Have for Article Writing

article_writing_1Like we mentioned in How to Write a Great Blog Faster that anyone can write articles and blogs, but not all of them enable to make sure those posts are quality and readable. Some of bloggers maintain their blog on a very high level by offering very excellent writing and content, what about others? Fortunately, there are great tools available to help improve article writing. In below, we will introduce top 7 tools you should have for article writing.

750 Words

n201046311268_8566Compared to writing enthusiasts, most of you do not enjoy the writing part of the blog exactly. This time, you can try 750 Words, a free online exercise platform, which helps you get in the good habit of writing three pages about 750 words a day.

It is extremely simple, you just write down anything that comes into your head, without worrying about edition and censor issues. The exercise usually needs to be completed in the morning, so it can help fresh you mind and come up with some great ideas for the rest of the day.

Written Kitten

Written Kitten is another tool that you can use to reinforce your article writing, plus it is quite fun especially for bloggers who love animals. There is only a goal is to keep on your writing. Written kitten gives you an option of writing 100, 200, 500 or 1000 words, it will display you a cute kitten image every time once you finish writing.

Urban Dictionary

urban1Founded in 1999, Urban Dictionary is a famous and popular web-based dictionary which includes around 18 million literal definitions and descriptions. Whether you want to check out the real meaning of a term, or simply expand your knowledge, Urban Dictionary can offer assistance. You are able to learn many useful words and expressions, and also adopt them for improving quality of article writing largely.


As the world’s best grammar checker and automated proofreader, Grammarly aims to help you become a first-rate writing expert. Through very convenient and simple drag-and-drop, copy and paste process or upload files directly, you can start an instant grammar check for your article.

For any misspelling, dangling modifier, or punctuation error, Grammarly will keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, it contains context optimizes synonyms, plagiarism detection and citations, etc. With it, you could understand how to avoid mistakes, and build good grammar skill increasingly.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway app is considered as a great personal editor that emphasize on long and complicated sentences, and other common errors. According to Hemingway Editor, the yellow highlight means you need to shorten or split the sentence, while the red highlight means the sentence is dense so you should edit it to make easier to understand. There are other different color highlights set for other errors. Friendlier, based on the review result, it will give you a readability rate.

Zoho Docs

photoZoho Docs makes the easy creation, sharing, organization, and management of online document with your writing team members or customers though the offered Word Processor, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Collaboration and Task Management. It offers mobile app so that you are allowed to access to your article writing, and make easily and conveniently from the mobile devices.

Synchro Edit

Through Synchro Edit, the group writing platform, you are able to acquire some knowledge and understanding and widen writing experience by playing with the collaborative writing. Multiple bloggers or writers will edit the same article, exchange own views for continuous improvement, and work out the best version finally.

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