Top 5 Website Traffic Checker You Should Know

Most website owners and bloggers, especially the beginners, pay much attention to the traffic of their own websites as well as of their competitors’. Knowing your website traffic is a good way to judge the popularity of your content, while keeping tabs on your competitors’ helps you figure out what works the best on the niche. The post is going to introduce some widely used website traffic checkers including the features and the direction for use.


alexa ranking

Alexa, a wholly owned subsidiary of, is one of the best-known website traffic checkers in the market. The company provides customers with a suite of intuitive analytics products to transform simple hard data into meaningful insights. When you enter the domain of a website, Alexa will reveal the site ranking based on not only a site’s traffic alone, but also refers to the traffic of all other sites monitored by Alexa.

Using Alexa, on the one hand, you can have access to some significant numbers including Alexa traffic rank of global as well as a specific country, and audience geography; on the other hand, you can see other traffic metrics like how engaged are visitor to the site, where do the visitors come from and go next, site description, audience demographics, and more.

The use of Alexa for checking website traffic is very easy: assume that you’re using Chrome browser, the most effective way is to install the Alexa Extension on it. Then you can start using Alexa by clicking the button on the top of your browser whenever you need it without going to



SEMrush is the most recommendable tool for SEO experts. As you could see from the above screen, SEMrush offers you plenty of information around search (organic) traffic for the site you’re searching for. Besides Organic Research and Keyword Research, there is also Advertising Research for achieving maximum ROI from your PPC campaigns, Display Advertising for enhancing your success with SEMrush data, plus Video Advertising Research, Backlinks, and etc.

Just put in the website URL then you will instantly know the overview analytics of the website traffic. If needed, you can easily upgrade to SEMrush Pro plans for more results.



As a fantastic way of checking website traffic for free, SimilarWeb offers a range of data including a clean interface and traffic analysis. Unlike Alexa, SimilarWeb requires you to go to its website first, and type in the website domain you desire to get the details of the website traffic.

SimilarWeb gives you information of the site global rank, country rank, and category rank in the front of the report. At the Traffic Overview section, you can find the total visits on desktop & mobile web in the last six months, the engagement like page view, and bounce rate, the countries that are sending the most traffic, the traffic sources, what search keywords are bringing the organic referrals, and more. SimilarWeb allows you to download the traffic report as PDF files if you wish.



QuantCast is also a popular website traffic checker that comes with free direct measurement of audience. QuanCast report offers you information about traffic, demographics, visitors’ interests, business & occupation, and many more information. If you’re looking for a powerful tool to estimate the website traffic along with a desire to find target audience, you should not miss QuanCast.

QuantCast, different from other website traffic checkers, does not give accurate website traffic numbers, but all the traffic details of a website are 100% based on what data sources it has and you can feel free to rely on it. However, you should also notice that a website with limited visits will often fail to find any results at QuantCast because of the insufficient data. Like SEMrush and SimilarWeb, QuantCast requires you to enter its website and type the domain you plan to check if you want to use it for free.

Google AdWords Display Planner

Google Display Planner

Google AdWords Display Planner, created by SEO gurus in the industry, is a combination of Google Ad Planner, Placement Tool, and the Contextual Targeting Tool. The website traffic checker allows you to check any website traffic either for free or paid and gives you the most accurate measurement of website traffic.

With Google AdWords Display Planner, you can get much useful traffic information such as a visitor’s average time on site, average number of visits per visitor, total page views, total number of visitors during a month to a website, and more. Google AdWords Display Planner is under Tools in your AdWords account. Now, find it, and start you website traffic checking tour!

Benefits of Checking Website Traffic

Though you have came to know the top 5 website traffic checkers in the market, you may still be confused about the exact benefits of checking website traffic. We can come up with hundreds of reasons to do it, but due to space constraints, we list the most important three ones as follows:

  • Checking website traffic lets you know the estimated monthly or daily sessions of your website or of any other one is getting;
  • Checking website traffic offers you the top traffic keywords, use which you can greatly drive search traffic to your own website;
  • Checking website traffic is the most effective way to know the traffic breakup as well as website engagement details of a certain website.


Now, you may have a clear knowledge of using a website traffic checker to find out the number of people who are visiting your website over a period of time and where they come from geographically. You also clearly know what advantages you can benefit from the website traffic estimator. I really hope the website traffic tools mentioned above can be helpful for you to estimate the traffic of your website or your competitors’ in the future. And I suggest you try out different sites with more than one website traffic checkers so as to get the most accurate analysis.

However, knowing website traffic only does not guarantee complete success for you. You need also make effort to improve your website content so as to attract as many visitors as you can. If you are expecting to know more information about how to increase your website traffic and succeed online, you can read these two posts: 5 Key Factor for a Successful Local Business Website and 5 Key Factor for a Successful Local Business Website at

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