Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

For any webmaster and business who is going to build online presence, choosing a domain name is their first step. As a kind of identity, a domain name defines a realm of administrative or control within the Internet, and it is used for the purpose of naming and addressing. Simply put, it is how visitors or customers find people, and the name they pass to others.

In a sort of way, choosing a good domain name is more important than choosing a good web hosting. In the following, we summarize several useful tips and suggestions that can help people and business owners choose a good domain name for their websites.

Unique and Easy to Remember

When choosing a domain name, people need to avoid those may be confused with other websites. For example, and are remarkably similar, and this will cause traffic lose. On the contrary, it would be better that the domain name is as unique as people’s contents and websites.

Long and complex domain names confuse visitors and customers, however, a short and clear domain name will help them remember the websites easily. If a domain name associated with the business and keywords, it is easy to remember, and also helps visitors & customers find out what people offer immediately.

There is one more aspect available that people have to pay attention to. Avoid using copyrighted or trademarked phases for domain names. People can check their potential domains through some free tools, in order to ensure the domains are in the clear.

Notice Spelling and Numbers

Since most visitors and customers type plain text in the URL bar directly, it will increase the chances of losing traffic to other websites if people add hyphen or use complex-spelling words as their domain names. For business owners, unless their company names contain numbers or we suggest them to avoid numbers when choosing a good domain name.

Register other Similar Domain Names

If people have to register domain names like the example we mentioned in the part one, we suggest them to register some of potential and similar domains at the same time to maintain the uniqueness. These domain names can be used as redirects, and this will also help website owners protect their brands and benefits.

Be Aware of Domain Extension

domain-name1There are tons of domain extensions available that customers can choose. Extensions like .com, .net, .info, .co and etc. are quite common and popular. Now, domain registrars provide many new extensions such as .online, .design, .tech, .app, .web, .family and more. If people run personal blogs, then they can choose any domain extension they like. But if they manage business websites, .biz and .company these extensions are highly recommended.

Think Twice before Signing Up With

One of the best things is that people choose a good domain name and keep it as theirs forever. Unfortunately, there are some people who do regret their options and want to change their minds after purchasing. Domain name registration usually comes with yearly + payment and people will not get any refund if they cancel the service. One of the feasible ways is to think twice before completing the payment, through writing or reading maybe.

People consider their domain name composition, while we can help them purchase their desire domain names from reliable companies. Throughout the market, hundreds of companies offer domain registration service. Some of them specialize in domain registration, while some others are hosting provider who deliver domain registration as additional services.

After comparing tons of companies, we introduce GoDaddy, 1and1 and NameCheap as the Best Domain Registration Providers. Going with these reliable providers, people will receive a wide range of domain extension options, great rich features, responsive & quick support and affordable prices. Visit: to know more.

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