Top 5 Stupid Features of Web Hosting

Nowadays, web hosting industry is quite competitive. For standing out their services and attracting more customers, hosting providers will enrich their hosting solutions as possible as they could. It seems very beneficial to customers, while in fact, it is not. In many cases, hosting providers just play tricks with customers by making them ridiculous and stupid claims about hosting resources and features.

Some of them are easy to discern, while some others are made in a way that can really fool hosting beginners and even experienced customers. In below, we list several stupid features of web hosting, and people need to keep eyes on them when selecting hosting services.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

Elements and features like CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth are required to run a hosting server. With the increasing of usage and scale, these features have to grow to satisfy the needs. As the result, hosting providers need to pay more money to buy more resources. It is wrong if people think that providers will responsible for the cost. Hosting providers offer add-ons and extra equipment to make the cost getting back to customers finally.

Especially for shared hosting service, providers usually guarantee customers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. However, no one can really ensure unlimited resources. Even if a hosting plan is subscribed as unlimited, there is always a restriction available. Since people need to share the resources with many others, they might not receive enough resources to address their basic needs. This is most likely to happen, and people should pay attention to this aspect.

Content Management System Supports

cmsDue to the great features of easy organization and management, most people choose a hosting service for using to build WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS-based websites. People will also find that hosting providers claim they support WordPress and other tons of CMSs. Actually, this has nothing to do with the hosting provider, because these CMSs can run on any platform, no matter which hosting provider people choose.

Instead of considering the content management system support, people need to put emphasis on the 1-click installation of content management systems. If hosting provider offers one-click installation service to CMSs, it will be useful to customers who have no programming or HTML knowledge.

Web Statistics Feature and Flash/DHTML Support

This feature is similar to Webalizer and Awstats support, we just simply mention it. Features like Webalizer and Awstats have already out of date. There are many other alternatives that much greater than them. For example, Google Analytic is considered as the best and most popular one, more importantly, it is free of charge.

Others like JavaScript, Flash and DHTML support really fool many people. They are confused by those technical words, expressions and acronyms. Let’s make point. There has no specific demands placed on the hosting to support these features, because all of these features run on the side of customers.

Industry Standard 99% Uptime Guarantee

99It sounds great if hosting providers guarantee customers 99% uptime. The fact is just the other way around. First of all, many providers just guarantee 99% network uptime, instead of server uptime, and the thing is totally different.

On the other hand, there are around 8760 hours per year. If providers guarantee 99% uptime that means customers may have 87.6 hours of downtime. This is terrible, especially for business and eCommerce websites. Compared to 99% uptime, 99.9% uptime guarantee is acceptable, and this is the bottom line.

24/7 Support Services

Majority of hosting providers offer customer 24/7 telephone, live chat and email support service to help resolve any possible issues. Of course, as customers, people can contact their hosting providers at any time. The important part is the guaranteed response time of hosting providers. It is useless if customers cannot receive effective response.

The 5 stupid web hosting features are main factors, while hosting providers might fool customers with some others. When choosing hosting services, customers have to find out if they do not know about the unfamiliar and strange features. Avoid being misled by those stupid features.

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