Tips to Keep the Data Secure on the Cloud

Secured-Cloud-StorageCloud Storage has a wide range of advantages that users like and benefit from much. For example, people can store and access data at anytime, anywhere and through any device. Moreover, they can easily share what they store with others. So people are getting used to storing data, files, pictures, etc on the cloud now rather than on hard disk or other traditional storage equipment.

However, storing stuffs on the cloud is not very secure. Users may meet the downtime or damage of cloud servers so that they cannot access and get their data at once. Or the data of users may be obtained by the government or its authorities. And there is not a universal law or regulation to protect the data on the cloud.

Therefore, before uploading your data to the cloud, you need to know some tips to secure your data on the cloud. 5 tips are for you towards this purpose as following:

Choose a reliable provider with the encrypted cloud service

cloudsecurity When you decide to use cloud storage service, you will encounter a lot of cloud service providers to choose. And our suggestion is to choose an encrypted cloud storage provider to reduce the risk. This kind of providers will offer local encryption for your stuffs so that you will experience decryption process to access your data. Therefore, through that, even if providers and administrators cannot gain your stuffs. Additionally, uploading and downloading stuffs will also be protected by 256-bit AES encryption method, offered by the providers as well.

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Encrypt your data before uploading

Besides encryption cloud service providers, you should encrypt the data as well via a third-party application. Firstly, you need to download such an application. And then use it to generate passwords for your data that you want to put it on the cloud.

Do not put sensitive information into the cloud

Since cloud storage is so convenient that users always put all the data on the cloud. But we know at the beginning that cloud storage is not secure enough. The best way to protect your privacy is not to upload the sensitive information on the cloud, like ID number, credit card number, passwords, etc.

Make a local backup of the data on the cloud

backupAlthough you can access your data on the cloud at anytime, there is also possibilities that cloud servers go down and you cannot access them. Or your data are accidently damaged or lost. In these circumstances, a local backup is necessary and plays a vital role. To backup locally, you can use an external drive or the computer built-in drive.


If passwords are weak, they could be easily cracked by hackers, which would cause user information to be leaked out. Therefore, you should create strong and complex passwords to secure your information on the cloud, which should contain letters (upper and lower), special characters and numbers. What’s more, changing passwords at a regular time and never using the same password for all your accounts. Additionally, be careful when you share them with others. If it is possible, use multi-factor authentication to increase security for your cloud account.

In addition to above ways, there are others to keep your data safe on the cloud as well, like reading the user agreement carefully provided by cloud service company that you want to go with. You should also pay attention to the online behavior that will affect your privacy if you operate improperly.

It is rare that your data on the cloud happen to lose or be damaged or be stolen, but you still need to take necessary measures to make sure your data on the cloud as secure as possible. After that, you can have your cloud storage trip joyfully!

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