Tips for Domain Mapping with WordPress and Multisite

Domain mapping plays a vital role. Basically, domain is the address for the website. Without appropriate WordPress multisite domain mapping subdirectory, it is daunting for the audience to find what kind of services you are providing. In fact, just by seeing the domain name, people can identify what you are offering in a jiffy.

Basically, domain mapping helps the website owners to find the right domain for the site and render superior quality domain services. In addition, domain mapping allows you to add domain name that is already existing or that you are planning to purchase to the WordPress and Multisite networks. Furthermore, using domain mapping, you can affix multiple domain to a single site and add domains to sites in a multisite network.

In this article, we will discuss about the tips for domain mapping with WordPress and Multisite:

Set up the domain

Set up the domain

Once the domain is attached to the SSL certificate, then you need to configure it. If you have purchased the domain name from other locations rather than the place where you are actually hosting the website, then you need to change the DNS zone. However, admins have to follow the right procedure to change the DNS zone successfully by reading the instructions carefully. To map the domain, you need to change Nameservers, CNAME (Alias Record), and A (Host Record).

Basically, you need to change the DNS zones when you have purchased the domain name from another place instead from the people who are hosting your website. Moreover, if you have purchased the domain name and the site is being hosted by a single company and have Cpanel account set up, then you need to change A record.

Create account in WHM

However, this does not apply for the website owners who are sharing their hosting account with the other site owners, but is applicable for the sites that has dedicated hosting server. Ideally, account in WHM has to be created for single or multiple sites. You need to login to the web management account. If you do not know how to gain access, enter the IP address of the server in your browser address field to login. Then you can easily create a cPanel account by giving the domain name, user name, password, email and other details. However, it is important for you to fill all the fields without any errors to create the account and set up the domain for the website.

Add extra domains to cPanel

Add extra domains to cPanel

Basically, when you want to add more domains that map with your website, it is vital for you to buy the domains name with the name little tweaked to ensure that the website visitors who type your domain name wrongly will also able to land on your website. In addition, you need to have the domain name with the keywords pertained to your business to get more traffic and thereby sales. Importantly, prior to affixing the domain to the site, you first need to map that with your existing hosting account.

Affix domain name to both WordPress and Multisite

After adding the domain names to the cPanel account successfully, you need to verify the domains prior to affixing to the hosting account. It is the sheer responsibility of the admin to ensure that A and CNAME DNS set properly along with the nameservers. In case, if the domain name is registered with one company and the site is being hosted by the other company, then you need to follow the documentation of the hosting company or get in touch with them to find out the instructions to be followed to map the domain with hosting account. Basically, mapping of domain with hosting account varies from one hosting company to another. And, in case, if the domain name and hosting are done by the same company, then it is crucial for you to verify the DNS records thoroughly. Additionally, you can find the domain nameservers in the company who is hosting your website.

WordPress multisite domain mapping subdirectory associated with the main domain to the main website

After successfully adding the domains in the cPanel account, you need to add sub domains to direct them to your main website, the list of sites in your hosting account and the sites that use WordPress multisite domain mapping subdirectory. In case, each domain is purchased from different domain registration companies for you website, then you need to get in touch with them to find out how to create the sub domains. Basically, creating sub domains varies from one domain Registration Company to another. For instance, if you have purchased domain name and the site is being hosted by the same company, then you can easily create the sub-domains in the cPanel account.

Create both permanent and temporary URL redirects

Ideally, creating URL redirects are very helpful for the websites especially when you update the existing posts. A website visitor who visits the older post will be automatically redirected to the updated version of the older post immediately. Basically, it is quite easy to create URL redirects either manually or in cPanel account.

Plugins for domain mapping

Plugins for domain mapping

If you would like to add domain mapping functionality to your WordPress website, you do not need to change the settings in the cPanel account instead you can install plugins on the website. There are many domain mapping plugins available in online. However, you need to download the reliable one that meets your requirements. You can get a few plugins for free of cost, but not all. Basically, there are a few plugins that are developed for Multisite. However, you do not need to worry about the compatibility with the network. Prior to installing, it is better to test whether or not it is compatible to install on your site or not. The best thing is that, it is a cakewalk to install the plugins, since there is not convoluted process involved. Basically, this domain mapping plugin is used to map the domain with any site that is in your network with ease. In addition, you can use pro sites plugins to install domain mapping plugins.

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