Tips Before Buying A Domain Name

Internet is here to stay and influence our lives for as long as we can imagine. The recent transformation has caused a global awakening on the wonders that can be done through the use of internet and that is why all sorts of businesses and people are showing their presence on the internet. There are newer websites launched every single day to create something new. And just when you are planning to go for registering on World Wide Web there is a need to take buying a domain name advice which shall help you in finding the right domain namefor your website which is a reflection of your idea, business, venture or anything you want to portray through your website.


Buying a domain name advice is very simple and easy as all you have to do is consider a few of these pointers and you are sorted!

Register a unique name

Make sure that when you are coming up with your own website it is always a fresh and unique name which compels audience to click on the links created through it. The content on the website may have several links but it shall always stick to the unique domain name which shall become an identity on the internet. Sometimes the name we choose have already been taken and we just add up little words or number around it to stick to our choice! Take note that this is a NO-NO! Come up with a new unique name and try again!

Register the domain name for longer

It is obvious that registering a domain name is not free. You have to struggle a lot into finding the availability of your chosen name and sometimes the name may appear to be taken. Thus when you have landed with a perfect name and on with the purchase make sure you make the purchase for almost 3 to 5 years. This way you get a good deal and are saved from heavy charges plus risks associated with the expiry of your website in a year. It will save you from the annual tension or re-registering and maintaining the ownership over the website.

Say yes to only ‘.com’

The other option people consider while choosing a domain name is go for names other than ‘.com’. Buying a domain name advice is strictly prohibiting against it! Be biased towards ‘.com’ and register only with it. This is the only address that sounds appealing to the world and is reachable and track-able throughout the world. There are other choices too but they are there because they have some restrictions in them which is only understandable while you are using them. For instance, the country specific ones are only relatable to the country concerned and sometimes embedded in their language and do not appeal to the readers worldwide as much as ‘.com’ does.

Shorter the better!

The most expensive and rare domain names are the ones which has lesser alphabets or words in them. Like the 3 lettered domain names have become extinct and even if traded is going to cost whooping sum of money – sometimes as much as your business! And so there is a need to find the best possible and shortest domain name which covers ones reading at a go, rhymes easily, is remember able and easy to type on the address bar. This makes the website more user friendly, easy, and remember able thus making it easy to make the website popular and gather traffic.

Avoid misinterpreting names


Choosing a name inspired by an already existing website or business is okay but creating a name almost like it can cost you! Make sure that the domain name you choose does not confuse people and is not matching with an already trademarked website. This thought should be evaluated not by your calculation and interpretation of names but with the idea of how a judge in a jurisdiction will count it to be! If you get hints that the name is somewhat matching to an already existing trademarked website – choose another name!

Look into the history

Domains are sometimes sold off or worn out for use by the people. This is when the domain names are again put up for sale. And when you are in for purchasing a domain name for yourself you should take a thorough check on the website’s last existence and the kind of content it has in it. This will make you aware of the name that domain address has and the reputation which it carried. And thus if some domain name’s reputation had been too strong for you to break, well you do not want to go there!

Make a non-www website

Mobile phones and tablets are taking over the course of laptops and PCs and thus when we say that people hate typing “WWW” take the advice! Using a simpler mobile version of the website which is non-www like is a better address of the website compared to . Both may look and feel the same but when a person is set to type it, it’s a pain!

Always register on your own name

Websites are like assets which need time, money and knowledge and to a large extent help in creating a business over the net. Make sure that the ownership and rights of the website is exclusively yours. Buying a domain name advice is to always own a website on your own name rather than registering it on the firm or company’s name. As in the long run, there might come changes in composition or ownership of business, but the website and the online portal shall always be your own and secured from any unwanted acquires.

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