Things To Know Before Installing A SSL Certificate

Installing SSL certificate on Linux or windows based server becomes a must have criteria in all the e-commerce sites to gain user’s credibility while it also have positive impact on the search engine ranking. However, sites other than e-commerce too should integrate this SSL in their site as man in the middle attack, Unicode characters, etc. are some common security issue while working online and SSL can come to rescue in those entire situation. But before buying a SSL certificate, there are some important points about which you should be aware of and these are outlined below.

Types of SSL certificate


This is the first thing you should know. SSL certificate is of two types, dedicated and Shared and you can plan to go for one that suits your website requirement best. The Shared services are usually free but the drawback is they do involve some security concerns and also do not have any support services. This is best suited for those bloggers who are only into writing. But dedicated SSL certificate are fully owned by one specific user and it provides the best security while they also have support services. Dedicated SSLs cost money and any e-commerce site should go for this one.

Know level of encryption before Installing SSL certificate on Linux or windows based server

The next criterion is to check the level of encryption. Various levels of encryption level is available and users can choose the one that is needed by their site. In case you have an e-commerce site that accept credit and debit cards, ensure to have minimum of 128-bit encryption with the SSL certificate to maintain maximum security. Otherwise things might become easier to the attackers to discover the encrypted data.

Look for the brand name

There are countless SSL certificate authorities from whom you can purchase a SSL certificate. But it is always best to go with the brand name if you are bit more concerned with the security. Also in case it is an e-commerce site that is involved in selling various expensive items like jewellery, car etc., going with the best brand is a very good idea. Some of the trusted and well reputed name in the market is Comodo, Geotrust and Verisign. You can consider these brands for any high end e-commerce website.

SSL needs a dedicated IP address


You should have a dedicated IP address for private SSL certificate. You are able to add a dedicated IP in the business and enterprise plan for free, however, for any other packages, it will require $4/month. When you order a SSL, the dedicated IP address will be added to the account automatically if you do not have one.

However, in case of shared hosting, there is no need of IP address as most of the companies on shared hosting are using SNI (server name indication), for offering SSL certificates on the shared IP addresses. But again there are some issues involved with that. For example,

  • SNI is not compatible with most of the old browser versions
  • You can expect to see some certificate mismatch error.

Changing to dedicated IP addresses requires some time to broadcast

Before Installing SSL certificate on Linux or windows based server, one more thing that you should be aware of is changing to the dedicated IP addresses takes some time to update it. That is when you switch to dedicated IP address, the IP of the website will be changed and the DNS takes around 4-8 hours to update it worldwide. As a result, while some visitors will be able to open your website in the new IP address, it will take 4-8 hours for some other visitors. This is why, this change in IP address should be planned by you beforehand and the best time is the off season.

One SSL certificate in one cPanel account

This is to know that you will get just one SSL certificate for one cPanel account. That is one SSL certificate and one dedicated IP address for a single cPanel such as shared, reseller and VPS account. However, if you need to have one more SSL certificate for a sub domain or a different domain, create just another cPanel account and you will be good to go. In case of shared account, this can be done by adding up another shared account or else you can upgrade to the reseller or dedicated plan. But if you have an existing reseller, VPS or Linux dedicated server, create one more account in WHM and that’s it.

You can cover more than one secured domain in one certificate

Even though there is a limitation in the SSL certificate per cPanel account but you can always cover more than one secured domain or sub domain name in a single SSL certificate. What you need to do is go for buying a multi-domain or wildcard SSL certificate. This kind of certificate is no doubt costly but all the domain and sub-domain will be covered in single SSL certificate and the cost of maintaining different accounts with also be eliminated. Again, all these domain can share the same dedicated IP address. This is no doubt a most important thing to know before installing SSL certificate on Linux.

For installing SSL certificate on Linux or Windows based server, you should go for annual plan


There is no monthly plan available and the minimum tenure of a SSL certificate is 1 year, however, you can also go for multi-year plan where the certificate is available for 2-3 years. But before the expiry date, ensure to buy a new SSL certificate with a new expiry date.

So, these are main things to look for while you consider buying a SSL certificate for your website.

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