The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Cloud_Storage_Handy_BackupCloud storage service is regarded as starting in 1960s but gets popular in recent years, which supports people to connect their data on the cloud at anytime and anywhere. Generally, the cloud storage service providers build cloud storage based on servers in multiple datacenters and ensure them secure, accessible and available. And then people store data, files, media, etc on this highly virtual space.

There are two kinds of cloud storage services: one is for personals, which is also called file hosting service; the other is aimed at entrepreneurs. Individuals often store videos, files, images and synchronizes that can be accessed by users from a smart phone, a different computer, tablet and more. And entrepreneurs usually upload the data of the company, users and app that could be connected by API or API applications.

Pros of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage service is used by hundreds of thousands of users nowadays because it has a broad range of advantages, making convenience for users. In storage_img01below, we list some core pros of cloud storage:

  • Customers no matter they are individuals or entrepreneurs, will just pay for how much storage they used. Thus, they do not need to worry about limited space or wasting space and money.
  • There is a variety of ways to access stored data no matter where users are and what time it is.
  • Cloud storage service providers make backups of customer data in multiple datacenters around the world. If one copy of data occurs to lose or any disaster, there are other copies.
  • For entrepreneurs, they can choose off-premises, on-premises or the combination of both.
  • Cloud storage service offers customers an access to a large number of applications and resources that another company hosts in the infrastructure.
  • Cloud storage has useful functionalities, such as moving virtual machine images from one user account to another user account or moving from one datacenter to another. Besides, users can export images from the cloud to on-premises location and vice versa.
  • It is easy to add additional cloud storage to satisfy the increasing needs since it is so scalable.

Cons of Cloud Storage

cloudsecurityFrankly speaking, cloud storage also shows some disadvantages that users find inconvenient. One of the cases is the cost prediction. Since storing data on the cloud is easy and requires for money that actual uses, it will be very hard to make a cost plan for the future storage requirements. Once the scale of business grows rapidly, users may not have enough money to pay cloud storage.

Another con is about privacy because government is possible to access the cloud and get the user data. Thus, users had better encrypt data if necessary before uploading it to the cloud. What’s more, if users store large files or data on the cloud, they will be required a great deal of bandwidth to realize uploading or downloading. The last con towards cloud storage is outages, which will affect business sometimes.


Apparently the pros of cloud storage far outweigh the cons, and that is why more and more users choose to store their data on the cloud instead of the traditional disk. Moreover, there are a lot of excellent cloud storage providers in the market, such as Dropbox, creating benefit for users to easier store data on the cloud.

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