The Must Have Features Of Small Business Websites

Many best small business websites are promoting their products and services to reach the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world with ease. Undeniably, the website is considered to be the face of a business. This is the best way to learn about the products with just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on mobile.


Most importantly, businesses are creating a website that is web and mobile friendly for allowing the visitors to access the website on their mobiles and desktops. Earlier, people use to know about the business by personally visiting the office. But, today, with the advent of technology, people are able to find products online.

If you have a highly featured product and do not have a website, then you cannot reach the potential customers who are actually looking for your product. Undeniably, website is helping both website owners and customers where the former is benefited by finding a potential customer and later is finding the product that they are looking for easily. Also, in order to flourish in this competitive world, it is important to have an eye-catching and informative website that stands out from the rivals. In simple word, website is a powerful marketing tool to promote a business and gain the brand image in the market. No matter whether you are a small size business or large size, having a website will help you gain more customers and high sales figure.

In this digital era, every customer looks for information on the internet and expects the businesses to be online in the form of a website. Despite of having a website, if the website lacks a few features, then you would witness a high bounce rate. To reduce bounce rates, and gain customers, it is essential for you to ensure that the following features are included in your website.

Must have features of the best small business websites

Domain name :


The first thing to create a website is to have a domain name. You can buy the domain from the domain registration companies. However, you need to buy the one that suits your industry and the products you are selling or services you are providing. It is recommended to choose a domain name that ends with an extension .com. You need to take a little name to find the domain name that best suits your business. Ensure to buy the domain name that is short, easy to pronounce and remember by the website visitors.

Easy navigation :

The website that is easy to navigate allows the visitors and customers to explore about your business and products with ease. Basically, the website that is tough to navigate has less retention rates. It is crucial for you to have the navigation bar on top of every web page on the website. When a visitor is redirected to your site, they look for the navigation bar. This bar helps them to find what they are actually looking for without any hassle. In fact, the visitors understanding your products will turn into your potential customers.

Contact details:

To gain the trust of the website visitors, you would need to include the physical address of the business. The contact details should include phone number, address, email address and other vital information. Most importantly, you would need to keep this information above the fold for high visibility. You can also include the information such as business hours, social media buttons, and your business operating locations.

Call to action (CTA) to best small business websites:


This is very important to add in a website. The next step that a website visitor would take, when he/she likes a product is to register by providing the details. This CTA should be on the home page or on the landing page of a website. This should be above the fold. On the CTA, you need to put your phone number and a link to the contact information page.

Add informative content and images :

The website that has informative content will see a sea of traffic. The website is lifeless and meaningless without content. This content actually speaks volumes about your business. This makes the website visitors to gain a clear cut idea about your products and services. Most importantly, people should not dump the content on the website instead should upload the content that a website visitor find informative and turn into your potential customer.

Images boost the online experience of a user. In fact, the images speak a thousand words about a business. However, ensure to put the images that are small in size to keep up the page loading time.

Create a responsive website :


People are born in the lap of mobile technology. In fact, mobiles are glued to their body. They search for the information on their mobiles. So, it is important for the businesses to create the website that can be accessed on any mobiles irrespective of the screen size. Basically, using responsive design for creating a website allows the visitors to open the site on their mobile devices and web. When a visitor opens the website, the website gets adjusted to the screen size. In addition, Google is putting the site that has a responsive design on top of the search results.

Flawless functionality :

Though, you can build your own website, but the sites that are created by a professional will ensure that your content and image loads properly and videos work effectively. The site that works effectively is visited by the website visitors again and again. Generally, the website with full of functional errors will have high bounce rates.

Include testimonials and reviews :

The website visitors are converted into potential customers by reading the testimonials of the customers who have already purchased and used your products. Including testimonials is the best way to grab the attention of customers to your best small business websites. You can show the uniqueness of your business over others. In fact, the customers will get to know why you are unique and successful in the market by reading these reviews and testimonials.

Search Engine optimization :

The website should be SEO friendly. The website should have all the keywords in the content that are often searched by the target audience to boost the ranking of the website and find easily by the audience. The search engines crawl, indexes and rank the site based on the SEO tactics used. SEO helps the website to improve the ranking and visibility.

Blog page :

Websites should have blog pages. Blogs help the businesses to bring potential customers and drive in huge traffic to the websites. And, it is important for you to upload blog posts on a regular basis. Google pulls out the websites that have fresh content. It is important for you to include catchy titles, informative content and rich image in every blog post.


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