Techniques For Responsive Web Designing And Development

Every business is creating a website by following responsive web design tips to promote their products and services to the global audience. Many businesses are hiring the web designers to create a static website to just put the content. But, the first impression that a client gets about your business is by going through the website. Unarguably, this is the face of a business. So, it is vital for you to create a website that has rich content, heavy graphics, images, videos, etc., which conveys about your brand to the customers just by having a glance over it.


However, with the advent of mobile technology, people are using mobile to access the website and go through the products and services offered by them rather than opening the website on desktop computers. In fact, people who are born in the lap of mobile technology, use mobiles to carry out their business tasks and other works. It is crucial for the businesses to create the websites that are easy to access on the web and mobile. For that, the web designers should use responsive design. When a website is created using this design, users can access the site irrespective of their screen size. In fact, when you open the website, the site gets adjusted as per the screen size of the mobile.

The best part of a responsive design is that, the website will be opened on all smartphones that are going to hit the market in the coming years. The businesses whose website is not compatible with mobile devices will loss potential clients. When the website is easily accessible on all the mobile devices, then the website visitor will visit your site again and again, thus reducing the bounce rates. The demand for responsive device is increasing day by day as it allows the website visitors to view the website on their respective devices without any hassle.

Here are few techniques and responsive web design tips that an amateur or professional web designer has to embrace while building a website using responsive design

Make best use of templates

It is vital for the developers who are budding in the web designing field to use templates while designing a responsive website. These templates help the web designers to gain grip over the tricks to design the web pages for a responsive website. The beauty of using templates is that, it reduces the time to design the web pages and also helps the developers to get innovative thoughts that can be put on the web pages. You can find the web designing templates on umpteen web pages, thus helping the designers to learn about how the responsive design works on a website.


Gain knowledge of media queries

Media queries are a feature that is loaded in CSS3 which allow the content to respond as per the size of the mobile device. Basically, these media queries will thoroughly check for the height, width, resolution and orientation of the mobile device and other gadgets and uses this information to find out which CSS rules can be applied. These are the backbone for designing a responsive website.

Use fluid grid layouts

It is crucial for the web developers to use the layout that are fluid. Basically, the website designer’s designs should adjust to the screen size of a mobile device, tablet, or iPad. Moreover, the layout should be adjusted as per the device in which the website is accessed. For that, you need to calculate the width of the site in terms of percentage rather than pixels. This allows you to design an appealing responsive web design that is flawless.

Use Jquery

Jquery is an ideal tool to design the responsive website. This tool enables the website designer to play with plugins and create a site that is responsive and adaptable. There are other plugins that are power-packed in Jquery tool, which allows the designers to create a responsive web design for a website.

Easy to access background images

The background images that are used in creating a website should be scalable. You need to give special attention to these images while designing a responsive design for a website irrespective of industry. The designers should use Jquery to scale up the background images that perfectly fit to the resolution of the devices in which the website visitors access the website.


Perceive the perception of users on mobile devices

Many website visitors interact differently on a mobile device over the desktop computers. So, you need to track the analytics to find out why visitors are using mobile devices to visit your website. However, this may be to access information in a jiffy through the search bar. It is vital for your designers to focus on designing the search bar that is visible for the visitors as soon as they land on your website from their mobile devices.

Use imaginary techniques as responsive web design tips

Images are the key attraction of a website. In fact, this is the attention grabber. So, you need to use imaginary techniques to save a single image in different sizes and use on the places while building a responsive website. In case, if the website visitor has opened the website on their mobile device, then the image will be adjusted to their device size, thus allowing them to view the website like they view on the desktops.

Page loading time

The success and mars of a website depends on its page loading time. The website that has high page loading time has increase in bounce rates and the visitors will not exhibit interest in visiting this site again. So, it is important for a designer to check the page loading time every other time when they design a website. The web designers should use the small images rather than using large size images to fasten the page loading time. No matter whether it is a responsive design or a static design, you need to adhere to the page loading speed rules. It is highly recommended to reduce the usage of non-optimized images to reduce the page loading time.

Do not cram the mobile website with content

Visitors skim through the websites from their mobile phones. While preparing and crafting the content for mobiles keep the mobile users in mind. Basically, mobile users do not have enough time to read all the stuff written on the site. It is vital for you to display important details that convey about your brand and above the fold.


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