SugarSync Review

SugarSync ( offers millions of users cloud services since it established in 2008 in San Mateo. Many companies, such as SanDisk and BestBuy, choose SugarSync cloud services as well. Besides the backup for data, files, pictures, etc, SugarSync also supports users to sync these stuffs on all the devices and share with friends, colleagues, families and others.

SugarSync Review on Usability

SugarSyncSugarSync is fully compatible with Mac, PC, Android as well as Apple IOS devices. So users will access, backup, sync, share files among all the devices at any time they like. So not only save the size of the computer storage, SugarSync also helps users save mobile storage.

Besides, SugarSync provides file backup no matter where users are and which computer they are using. Moreover, there are last five versions of the user file saved in SugarSync cloud. Thus, once users meet the damage of the current file, they are able to recover to the previous one and restore it.

In addition, users will gain syncing and sharing service from SugarSync. Instead of directly transferring files or folders to others, users can generate a public link of the file or folder and share this link to one who you want to share with via email, outlook, Facebook, etc. And they are allowed to view and download the file or the folder without registration.

What’s more, syncing plays a key role in cloud services. Besides normal syncing among devices, SugarSync also backs users to edit pictures, files, data and more on the computer when it is offline. And when it is online, these changes will be automatically synced to the cloud.

SugarSync Review on Security

SugarSync utilizes TLS and AES technologies to make sure that data of users are safe and secure. When users upload and download the data between the cloud server and user devices, the data is encrypted by Transport Layer Security that is recognized as the standard for secure web communications in the industry.

While the data of users is stored in the SugarSync cloud server, it is also well-protected by 256-bit AES encryption tech. This is a very high-level secure encryption tech, by which online financial transactions are encrypted as well. Additionally, users also have the right to limit the actions of members to do with the shared folders or files.

SugarSync Review on Pricing

SugarSync offers a free trial of its cloud services for 30 days with limited 5 GB storage. Within the free days, users will also enjoy backup, syncing and sharing services. Besides free trial, SugarSync has 3 Individual Plans:

  • Users need to pay $7.49/mo or $74.99/year to get 60 GB cloud storage.
  • Users need to pay $9.99/mo or $99.99/year to get 100 GB cloud storage.
  • Users need to pay $24.99/mo or $249.99/year to get 250 GB cloud storage.

2 Business Plans with admin control functionality:

  • $55/mo or $550/year business plan contains 1000 GB storage for 1 to3 users.
  • Custom Business Plan is for over 3 users. The price and storage amount are tailored.

All paid plans give users almost 17% discount if users choose yearly plans.

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SugarSync Review on Customer Support

SugarSync Business Plan includes live phone support for users, which is very convenient to contact technicians and search solutions. What’s more, SugarSync offers online Support area, covering resources on getting started, frequently asked questions, technical issues, account and billing as well.


SugarSync is powerful to offer users cloud services with advanced cloud technologies and secure cloud environment. More importantly, it designs cloud plans targeted at both individuals and businesses. 30-day free trial for any user who registers an account is also a big benefit! To get more details about SugarSync, please go to


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