Strikingly Review

Strikingly ( is the company that specializes in website builder service. It takes a mobile-first approach and allows customers to build beautiful websites to everyone. All of the websites will be optimized for better viewing across all devices including smartphones, tablets as well as desktops. Founded in 2012, Strikingly is the first Chinese company to graduate from Y Combinator seed accelerator.

In the following Strikingly Review, we are going to analyze the feature, price, usability and support aspects of Strikingly website builder. If people are interested in mobile-optimized website builder and website, they can check this review and take a full understanding of Strikingly website builder service.

Strikingly Review on Website Builder Features

Strikingly makes website building an easy work. Generally, customers can pick a theme, fill in content and then it works. It provides customers with free website builder. With this plan, customers will get domain name, unlimited free websites, 5GB bandwidth per month and simple store that allows them to sell 1 product per site.

  • Well-Designed Templates

Strikingly offers multiple well-designed templates to help customers build professional and beautiful websites. They include business/project, portfolio, startup, fun, personal, event, organization styles. If customers select a template to get started, Strikingly allows them to change templates later. Its designers and developers are working on launching more excellent templates.


  • Domain Name

Free users can get domain name. For premium plan customers, Strikingly let them register one from it and connect their websites with the domain names they already own.

  • Cloud Hosting Platform

As Strikingly website builder customers, people have no need to worry about hosting or any server issue. All Strikingly websites include its high performance and fully managed cloud hosting, which sets an stable, secure and fast running environment.

  • Email Accounts

If customers purchase domain names from Strikingly, then each purchase contains email forwarding services for 3 email accounts. For customers who buy their domain names from other providers, they enable to set up their email accounts by using Google Apps.

  • Simple Blog & Simple Store

Strikingly helps customers create simple blogs as well as simple stores. They cannot only keep visitors updated, but also sell products with full eCommerce functionality.

  • Website Analytics

With Strikingly website builder, all websites come with analytics feature. So, customers can see who has been searching and visiting with easy-to-read charts. Based on these, they can improve the site content and structure to maintain and attract more visitors or even potential customers.

Moreover, Strikingly website builder allows customers to show social feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. on their website directly. If customers want to get feedback from their visitors, they can add a sign up form or contact form easily. Generally, Strikingly offers all the features customers need to create a successful website.

Strikingly Review on Apps and Embeds

Of course, website is more than just images and text. Strikingly App section includes dozens of 3rd party apps that the company has selected or HTML codes customers can copy and paste. Its App Center contains Twitter, PayPal, Wufoo, Google Maps, Facebook, SoundCloud, Slideshare, Pinterest, EventBrite, Instagram, E-Comm and more.


Strikingly Review on Premium Plan and Price

In addition to the free website builder, Strikingly provides customers with 2 premium plans: Limited and Pro to satisfy their increasing or changing needs. The premium website builder plans come with more advanced & valuable features. Greatly, they charge at very affordable prices.

Strikingly premium plans have custom domain connection, 2 limited websites/3 pro websites, unlimited free websites, 50GB to unlimited bandwidth per month, free domain & email with yearly package and simple store – 5 to 20 products allowed.

Besides, the optional features like Strikingly App Store, Mobile Action Buttons, embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript, remove Strikingly branding, password protection and collaborator invitation are available to choose.

Strikingly offers customers monthly, yearly and 2-year billing cycle options. Normally, the prices of its Limited Plan and Pro are billed at $12/mo and $20/mo respectively. Going with long-term contract, customers will receive up to 40% off making Strikingly website builder price starts from $7/mo.

Strikingly Promotion
Up to 40% Off

Since all Strikingly website builder plans are backed up by a 14-day free trail, it is risk-free to choose this service.

Strikingly Review on Website Builder Editor

landing-3-monitor-adaed67d6ac3d63e9b739432b93abebdIn general, Strikingly is easy to use, and it offers customers the easiest editor possible. No design or programming experience needed, customers can click anything to edit, publish instantly and then create a beautiful website in less than 30 minutes.

Simply put, customers build their Strikingly websites by adding sections: header section, gallery section, plain text section, app section, feature section, slideshow section and others. Filling in content, images and other components are intuitive and easy.

The only weak point of Strikingly website builder is a lack of customization options for each section. Its templates also have this problem. For example, Strikingly lets customers choose from multiple preset color palettes for the whole website, but customers cannot edit or change font sizes or colors.

Strikingly Review on Website Builder Support

Strikingly develops idea forum and knowledgebase that contain comprehensive tutorial resources to help customers find solutions. Customers can find articles about Getting Started, Strikingly Domains, Third-Party Domains, Templates & Styles, Social Media Integration, Analytics & SEO, Troubleshooting Guide, Mobile and others.

Or leave Strikingly a message, and its support staffs will reply to customers’ message as fast as possible.


Let’s make a summary of Strikingly website builder. Strikingly website builder is an ideal tool for creating those one page websites. It is feature-rich and easy-to-use. Even for people who have no coding skill and knowledge, they can build a great website quickly.

Strikingly website builder is mobile-optimized. Its responsive templates make customers’ websites look great on any device automatically. Strikingly gives customers both free trail and affordable premium plans. It is one of the best website builder options that people can trust.

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