Squarespace Review

Founded in 2004, Squarespace (www.squarespace.com) is one of the most famous companies that provides customers with reliable website builder, blogging platform and web hosting solutions. For both personals and businesses, Squarespace services make it easy and affordable to create and maintain their blogs & websites. Until now, Squarespace has already grown to over 500 employees and millions of users across hundreds of industries.

Squarespace website builder is one of the easiest and most popular ways for people to build exceptional websites. In below Squarespace Review, we will review its website builder from feature, price, easy-to-use and support service factors. Based on the content of this review, people can know whether Squarespace website builder is reliable.

Squarespace Review on Website Builder Features

No matter people require striking galleries, few simple pages, personal blogs, professional business websites or online stores, Squarespace website builder can offer them everything to achieve success online. In addition to its scalable and reliable cloud hosting, Squarespace also makes adding custom domain name easy. Each yearly account will get a free custom domain name. Of course, there are many other great features:

  • Tons of Modern Templates

Squarespace provides customers with tons of modern templates, which are crafted and designed by world-class design team. Customers cannot only install multiple different templates on to one single website and work on various designs at once, but also use the newest CSS, HTML and JavaScript techniques.

All of its templates can be customized for addressing customers’ different demands. Generally, Squarespace templates support all major categories and website types, including blogs, online stores, galleries and much more.


  • Email by Google

Customers with a Squarespace custom domain enable to link their domain names with Google apps for the work integration. Apart from Gmail, Squarespace website builder allows customers to use other business tools like Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drives and etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace website builder is optimized for better search engine results. Without the need for extra plugins, Squarespace website builder ensures proper tagging, clean article links, valid XHTML code, XML Google sitemaps, automatic redirects, anti-spam, Robots.txt and others.

  • Website Analytics

Squarespace will help monitor the page views, visitor count and visit counts for its website builder customers. Its website analytics coverage includes visitor insights, popular content, preferred OS/browsers, RSS statistics and unique visits & visitors. So, customers can learn where their visitors are coming from, what search keywords they are using and also view the visit numbers for every few minutes in a real-time.

  • Social Integration

Squarespace allows blog importing, store importing, image importing, content exporting and complete access. Simply put, customers enable to import, sync and then publish content conveniently.

Moreover, with Squarespace website builder, customers can take advantages of Squarespace blog app, Metric app, Note app, Portfolio app and etc. to make their websites better and management easier.

Squarespace Review on Premium Plan and Price

No matter customers create simple cover pages or the entire websites, Squarespace has plans for them. All its plans contain fully-managed cloud hosting that ensures customers’ websites remain available at all times. Moreover, customers can upgrade or downgrade their plans, and then receive either a prorated charge or refund depending on their new plans costs.

Squarespace Cover Page allows customers to create a beautiful, single page website, and it comes with unlimited storage & bandwidth, free domain name, powerful website metrics and mobile-enhanced effect. Normally, Squarespace Cover Page charges at $7 month to month. Now, they can pay $5/mo with annual plan.

If customers are going to create entire websites, Squarespace give them Personal and Business Plan options. Customers will receive 20 to unlimited pages, blogs and galleries with unlimited data transfer & storage, 2 to unlimited contributors, and optional Google AdWords Credit, eCommerce integration, developer platform, sell up to 25 products and etc. Squarespace website builder price starts from $8/mo.

Additionally, Squarespace has a special plan especially for eCommerce. This plan is well designed and includes advanced features to help customers’ businesses start and grow. The price of Squarespace Commerce Plan starts at $26/mo.

Squarespace ensures customers a free 14-day trial, and no credit card required.

Squarespace Review on Easy-To-Use

squarespace_editCreating and managing websites with Squarespace is a very simple process. In general, customers can arrange and add the features and content anywhere they want with a few simple clicks. All of these steps like page, colors & fonts configurations and content layouts customization can be accomplished by using Squarespace Style Editor.

What’s more, Squarespace provides customers with easy-to-use image manager, which ensures drag-and-drop management, responsive image loader, progressive image loading, image focal point control, image SEO and built-in aviary image editor.

Squarespace Review on Support Service

Squarespace develops an extensive and helpful knowledge base, containing detailed help videos, guides and workshops about Commerce, Domains, Pages and Content, Templates and Design, SEO and Metrics, Troubleshooting and Security and more topics. Or customers can check out its Community Answers as well.

Customers can contact Squarespace support technicians directly. Its email support method is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typically, Squarespace technicians will respond to help requests in about an hour. Squarespace provides customers with Live Chat support during weekdays from 3 AM to 8 PM EST.


Squarespace has one of the best website builder services, which is feature-rich and easy to use. All of its website builder plans include fully-managed cloud hosting, free domain with annual purchase, modern templates, search engine optimization, analytics, 24×7 customer support and more. Moreover, Squarespace website builder is affordable, and its price starts from $5/mo.

For any personal, business or eCommerce use, we recommend Squarespace website builder service. To know more information about this quality website builder, please visit: www.squarespace.com.


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