SpiderOak Review

spideroak1SpiderOak (www.spideroak.com) is an US-based company providing various quality cloud services since 2007. SpiderOak provides both free-of-charge and paid cloud storage services, and it is also well-known for the “Zero-Knowledge Privacy Guarantee”. According to reports, SpiderOak serves more than 1 million customers around the world now.

SpiderOak Review on Usability

SpiderOak cloud storage service is quite reliable and easy-to-use, and the company makes itself standout from other competitors in provision of syncing files/folders across different devices, in automatic data de-duplication, as well as industry-leading encryption.

Choosing SpiderOak cloud storage service, customers are allowed to store their files, folders and data such as PDF, Doc, images, MP3, zip, and many other things into the cloud easily, and also can:

  • Access anywhere at any time: no matter where they are, people could connect or sync all of their important files from unlimited devices. SpiderOak now supports Android, iOS and main mobile devices, and Windows desktop , Linux & Mac computer platforms
  • Share conveniently: people enable to share the files or data to anyone by creating password protected share rooms
  • Recover/restore everything: if people delete their data, or something wrong happen to their phone, laptop or computer accidently, SpiderOak ensures all of the data are available, only if people back them up to SpiderOak
  • Keep every version: whether people edit their files continually or not, they enable to access any version of the file from the creation to final. Meanwhile, SpiderOak technicians will keep the data up to date as well as safe.

SpiderOak Review on Security

One of the most important factors that makes SpiderOak cloud storage reliable is its high security level. It guarantees Zero-Knowledge Privacy, which means the server never knows the plaintext contents of the data it is storing.

Instead of many cloud storage service providers choose to encrypt data in transit, customers’ data is completely encrypted end-to-end with SpiderOak, and only customers could unlock and access it by using their own passwords. More importantly, SpiderOak never store the password of customers. Besides, it only sees is sequentially numbered containers of encrypted data.

SpiderOak Review on Pricing

SpiderOak designs different cloud storage solutions to address the demands of both individuals and businesses. Firstly, SpiderOak offers a free storage solution containing 2GB that people could use to store and share files.

Its Professional solution has 100GB storage, and charges at $10/mo regularly. If customers bill yearly term, they will get 16% off to make SpiderOak cloud storage service price at $8.33/mo.

At the same time, SpiderOak has another solution options which is perfect for enterprises, and the price starts from $6/user/month. Customers will receive unlimited storage amount, endpoint devices, historical versions and none file size limitations, etc.

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SpiderOak Review on Customer Support

In order to help customers out efficiently, SpiderOak provides multiple helpful support methods. Once customers have questions about its cloud storage service, they can keep in touch with SpiderOak assistance through email and phone call. Or customers enable to search for solution in SpiderOak knowledgebase.


SpiderOak cloud storage service has many great and useful features, allowing people store, share and manage their files and data conveniently. Even better, SpiderOak claims ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy to ensure a complete secure environment for its customers. Especially for businesses and big companies, they can take huge advantages of SpiderOak cloud storage. To know more details, please visit: www.spideroak.com.


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