Some Common Mistakes WordPress Beginners Make

logWordPress, as one of the most widely used content management systems, can be a great framework for beginners to build the first website with. However, along with its relatively low barrier to entry, many beginners tend to make some common mistakes. Therefore, how to avoid frustration in the early stages of their online career becomes a serious problem for a large group of beginners.

The article will dive into several most common mistakes that WordPress beginners will want to avoid for the purpose of building good-looking and well-functional site.

Failing to Change the Default Login Information

When installing WordPress, webmasters can have access to change their username as well as password. Usually, a site with very simple username and passwords are those that can be easily hacked. To prevent that, every WordPress webmaster, especially the beginners, should learn to create a strong password and username using a combination of symbols, characters, uppercase and lowercase letters. Another way is to make use of some great online services like Password Generator, which allows people to generate a very strong and complex password.

Forgetting to Change Permalinks

Permalinks, just as the name suggest, are URLs that point to a specific forum or blog entry or other types of web pages after it has passed to the archives from the front page. A permalink is less susceptible to link rot due to its character of remaining unchanged indefinitely.The default permalink structure of a WordPress site displays like, instead of

permalink setting

Changing the permalink is very simple. Webmasters just need to navigate to Settings → Permalinks panel, and then choose one of the more common permalink structures or enter their own in the “Custom structure” field using the structure tags.

Using Complicated Categories & Tags

WordPress grants webmasters the ability to categorize content with tags. However, many WordPress newbies would misuse the functionality, for instance, creating too many complex categories and tags. Doing so can not only result in ugly site that is difficult to navigate, but also make visitors leave the WordPress site. Even worse, it affects everything from SEO to load time of a site. In order to stay hold visitors for a longer time on a certain website, WordPress beginners need try to limit categories and tags.

Publishing Incomplete Pages

Some WordPress beginners used to publish an incomplete page with messages like “To Be Updated” or “Coming Soon” and link it to other pages. No one would want to visit a website like that because it gives visitors the impression that the webmaster doesn’t take his website seriously. To avoid that, webmasters had better not launch a website until it is ensured to be totally complete.

Installing Unnecessary Plugins and Themes

New WordPress users often misunderstand that unused plugins and themes don’t take up website space. The truth is, it continues wasting the space resources of a website before being deactivated or uninstalled. Installing too many plugins and themes can slow down a WordPress website greatly, however. Reducing and deactivating the unnecessary plugins and themes is the best and easiest way to avoid slow websites. (More details have been revealed at How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin Properly.)

Not Using SEO Plugins

It is an important rule for any online business to get as much search engine traffic as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of good SEO plugins which are designed for helping WordPress webmasters optimize their posts and content in a proper way so that they won’t miss out on potential traffic. Even better, the installation of WordPress SEO plugins is very simple. Webmasters just need to pick up one or two favorable plugins among the Best WordPress SEO Plguins and install them step by step, then they can have a beautiful WordPress site up and running rather quickly.

Ignoring Creating Backups

Most WordPress beginners don’t have the awareness of creating a backup of their WordPress sites. They have no ideal of the importance of WordPress backups before they lose years of hard work within a few seconds. It is always too late when they realize that they need a backup to restore the data information. As a result, we highly recommend every WordPress webmaster to have a backup of his site, particularly when his is planning to perform an update.

Basically, there are two parts to backing up a WordPress site: files and database. Most Best Web Hosting providers like InMotion Hosting and Bluehost offer automatic backup service for their customers. If not, webmasters should learn to back up the entire site as well as their WordPress database manually and regularly. Usually for people who are using platform, they can easily backup their blogs by navigating to Tools->Export in dashboard. On the other side, for self-hosted users, they can do it using phpMyAdmin, a backup plugin, or an online service.

Not Keeping WordPress Up-to-Date

Keeping WordPress, and any plugins and themes being used up to date is very important. Firstly, new WordPress or plugins versions always feature with updates for fixing serious security flaws; secondly, regularly updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins can help load fast thus increasing the search engine rankings; thirdly, keeping updating to the latest version can protect a WordPress site from attacking in some degree.

For WordPress 3.7 or later versions, updates to the WordPress core will be applied automatically by default. However, themes and plugins are not enabled by default, so webmasters need to activate automatic plugin or theme updates on their WordPress sites.


Besides the above, there are many other common mistakes that WordPress beginners may make, like using an inappropriate theme, no having a contact form, making life difficult for mobile users and more. Here we just list the most common WordPress mistakes most WordPress beginners tend to make and which can be easily avoided as long as they take enough time to fix them.

On the top of that, choosing a reliable WordPress hosting solution is crucial for all WordPress beginners. For those with enough budget and who don’t want to spend time on backups or updates, etc. they can purchase a managed WordPress hosting service to release them from such trifles.

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