SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

SiteGround ( is committed to offering webmasters and business owners the best web services at affordable prices. In addition to its most popular web hosting widely used for building WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites, people can also find advanced & powerful cloud hosting and dedicated server products in SiteGround, to get more resources and better performance.

If people are interested in SiteGround cloud hosting service, they can check out the following SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review, which gives the full knowledge and understanding from the feature, price, reliability and support factors.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Based on fast and scalable cloud environment, SiteGround utilizes industry leading and innovative technologies to offer customers high flexibility, usability as well as security. No matter for creating small development project or dealing with high-traffic enterprise websites, SiteGround cloud hosting can greatly meet their needs.

SiteGround offers four different cloud hosting solutions: Entry, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise, and each of them include different guaranteed resources and features. Such as 1x 3.0GHz to 4x 3.0GHz CPU, 2GB to 4GB DDR3 RAM, 20GB to 80GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP address.

SiteGround cloud hosting is fully managed, and its technicians will help manage and configure the server software & infrastructures. For any use or any customer, SiteGround ensures completely equipped cloud servers with CentOS and smooth experience by providing these valuable features.

It comes with free domain name registration, free private SSL, cPanel/WHM, Softaculous script auto installer for hundreds of popular applications, SSH access, private DNS server setup, IP tables firewall, the supports of multiple PHP versions and MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL databases and more.

Unlike other normal cloud hosting providers, SiteGround cloud hosting is specially optimized for scripts including WordPress, Joomla and Magento, with 1-click installation, autoupdate, Git integrated and triple/unique caching solution.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on Reliability

Since it is based on cloud platform, and also backed up by many cutting-edge facilities and technologies, SiteGround cloud hosting can ensure the highest reliability and fastest speed performance to its customers.

To begin with, customers are allowed to choose one location among 3 well-designed and featured datacenters in the regions of US, Europe or Asia. Along with the CloudFlare CDN, customers will receive better local speed and geographical accessibility.

If customers want to add resources to their servers, they can finish the process by a click without rebooting. Besides, its managed servers come with SSD disks and complete maintenance for delivering excellent speeds and resource efficiency. SiteGround engineers keep 7 offsite backups of customers’ accounts, so their data and information will never lose.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on Prices

SiteGround cloud hosting has four solutions, and their regular prices are billed at $60/mo, $80/mo, $100/mo and $140/mo. Customers can choose service period from monthly, 3-months and 6-months. If customers decide to go with 3 or 6-months term, they will receive 5% or 10% off that makes the cloud hosting prices at $57/mo or $54/mo respectively.

SiteGround will not lock customers in long-term contract, so the cloud hosting is not covered by its 30-day money back guarantee policy.

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SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on Support

If customers choose SiteGround cloud hosting service, they will get 24/7 VIP support by real technicians. When confronting with problems, customers can contact the support through telephone, chat with no hold time, and email method less than 15 minutes response.

Meanwhile, SiteGround knowledgebase contains tons of helpful tutorials and guidance, and customers can use to solve many common issues. To see how Siteground customers talk about their service, please check out


SiteGround offers one of the best cloud hosting services in the marketplace. Its managed cloud solution has rich features & resources, fast, stable & secure performance, 24/7 VIP support via phone call, live chat and email. The special promotion makes its cloud hosting more affordable. If people are looking for reliable managed cloud hosting, we strongly recommend them to consider SiteGround.

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