Simple Pointers On How To Get More Seo Clients

In very simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization means the activity that aims at improving search engine rankings. It increases and improves the visibility of a website. It could be on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other engine. Quite frankly, it is a very basic way of attaining quality control for these websites. Now that you are ready to enter this world, you might want to understand how to get SEO clients.


How to get SEO Clients

So to get into this lucrative business of SEO’s, you obviously need a good client base. There are still several people who have no idea about online marketing or SEO and are not really looking out for it. So how do you come up with leads? Here in this article, we have given you some pointers on how to get SEO clients.


Let’s start with some very basic hunting. If you hunt online, you might just come across a website which looks extremely ancient, is an obvious DIY job or could be a template based site builder. If you are able to find the developer or the company who created this site you can get in touch with them and try and educate them in lines of online marketing strategies.

Get Physical

The digital age might make this step a little unappealing; but it is still a great way to get hold of clients. There are many business owners who do business in person or in a brick and mortar store. They do not know of or do not think they need an online marketing strategy. There are also those who advertise through outdated strategies like phone books or newspapers. If a company can spend that amount of money to print on an ad on expensive mediums then surely they must have funds to also improve or create an online presence. Get knocking and start making yourself known. They obviously do not know about you as you have only marketed to people online. Meet these people and make yourself available. Let them know about the opportunities and growth they could look forward to. These customers might not be comfortable with digital channels or may not know much about it. So this would mean a lot of hand holding but it would lead to positive results for sure.



One excellent way how to get SEO Clients is to get in touch with web designing companies. In return for referring their clients you could offer them a commission. By ranking pages and a tempting list of design leads the offer can be made better. They might be tempted with a special pricing too if they sell your services directly for maybe a markup. This way you could get lots of clients. You might try the same strategy with printing companies, logo designers or other companies who might have some kind of interaction with your target market.


The SEO field need not be made all that complicated. You just need to make yourself visible first. If you are out there extending help, clients could grow out of that too. You could directly help through SEO forums, blog comments or blog posts. That way you would be known and customers might want to work with you or spread the word to other with similar problems and they would work with you.


This is just a broader step of the above. If you try and be visible on industry sites like for example Moz or Search Engine Land it might give you more credibility as well as awareness. While blog posts show your expertise, case studies would show how you can actually prove yourself. This way content can help you reach the users, find leads and convince prospects that you can actually do the job.



If you are operating in a city then you need to make sure that you are seen in the biggest terms in that area. For example, if you are working from New Jersey, you should be visible in searches like ‘SEO New Jersey’ or ‘SEO Company New Jersey’ etc. People tend to Google such terms and consider such companies as potentials.

Get personal

You could also get local clients by visiting non-SEO events in say web design meets, blogger meets, social media meets or even startup meets. We suggest that you just chat up people, if needed give a little advice here and there. These might be casual events and hence do not go in for hard selling. Your goal is for people to get to know you and what you do so they could come to you when they actually need an SEO help for their business.

Case Studies

If you have had successful projects for any major website, we suggest you flaunt it. Good case studies when featured on sites and blogs would be a good reference while meeting new clients.


Referrals a term easier said than done. They are the best clients but when you are in your infancy it is hard to get. Start with a fresh SEO Strategy. Find out keyword opportunities, create content which is targeted and share it with influencers. Definitely traffic would increase; it might take time but it definitely will. Clients might just recommend you to their peers and that’s how networking starts.

Social Media

This might be a slow but a proven method. Establishing yourself in social media accounts like Twitter would let you make a presence among other SEO professionals. You could be involved in public conversations and people would get to know you. LinkedIn is another way of showcasing yourself. This is a lovely indirect way of how to get SEO clients.


Your Strengths

As SEO is becoming more popular, it is also becoming more diversified and more specialties are coming up. So it would be a great idea that you find your own niche. You could focus on your strengths and channel and build a particular clientele.

We hope that this article helps you build a good client base.

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