ServerPoint VPS Hosting Review

serverpoint_vpshosting_220Started its business in 1998, ServerPoint ( is considered as one of the oldest and leading hosting companies throughout the industry. ServerPoint professionally serves thousands of customers worldwide with traditional web hosting, cloud VPS hosting and dedicated server product.

In the following ServerPoint VPS Hosting Review, we are going to analyze the price value, uptime & performance and support service of ServerPoint VPS hosting to figure out whether it is reliable and worth recommending to customers.

ServerPoint VPS Hosting Review on Price Value

ServerPoint provides customers with flexible, feature-rich and easy VPS hosting service, which is available on both Linux and Windows cloud platform. Also, customers can have ability to choose from different versions of Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora operating system, configurations, some other resources and features.

Go with its VPS hosting, customers are allowed to configure their own servers, which are powered by the newest Xeon Nehalem and Xeon E5 CPUs. ServerPoint VPS contains 1 to 16 Xeon CPU cores, 256MB to 32GB RAM, 10GB to 1,200GB disk space, 3TB/mo bandwidth, 5% to 100% of each burstable CPU core, and up to 8 Linux/Windows virtual machines.

Customers can purchase cPanel license and installation to deploy its VPS hosting automatically. Or ServerPoint also offers managed service to let its technicians take care of and manage customers’ servers.

ServerPoint VPS supports Apache, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET and more very well. Moreover, it ensures fast provisioning. With ServerPoint Client Portal, customers cannot only get direct console access to KVM, but also provision and activate new servers quickly.

Even better, ServerPoint VPS now is on sale. The original price of ServerPoint VPS hosting starts from $18/mo. Click this special promotional link, customers will receive 65% off making its VPS hosting price from only $6.3/mo, one of the cheapest VPS hosting prices in the market.

ServerPoint VPS Promotion
65% Off

Although ServerPoint VPS is not backed up by any money back policy, it is still considered as a VPS hosting with high price value for its feature-rich solution, cheap prices as well as big discount.

ServerPoint VPS Hosting Review on Uptime & Performance

ServerPoint guarantees 100% network uptime.

First of all, ServerPoint utilizes top datacenter facilities that feature with Liebert air conditioning units, APC with power distribution, central power control and many other components. In addition, the company runs its own servers, which are with a variety of new Sandy & Ivy Bridge Intel Processors.

Through private, fast and highly redundant gigabit networking, ServerPoint builds stable connection between all customers’ servers and its equipment. Along with the uplinks to fiber Ethernet & private LAN infrastructure, and the supports of several world’s best backbone providers, ServerPoint VPS hosting ensures and delivers 24/7 access, reliable uptime and fast server performance.

ServerPoint VPS Hosting Review on Support Service

Trained and managed by its own, ServerPoint Support team consists of hosting experts who has deep knowledge and patience. The company will never outsource any of its support operations to the third party.

ServerPoint has multiple ways for customers to get assistance. When they having problems, they could make toll-free phone call, Live Chat or case ticket to get their questions answered or issues resolved. With these 24/7 supports, customers are able to require fast response times as well. Generally, ServerPoint average response time is 10 minutes. So, it can really help customers a lot.


For personal bloggers and small business owners, ServerPoint VPS hosting is regarded as one of the greatest options to get start. If they sign up with the VPS hosting service, they will receive flexible platforms and configurations with rich features & resources. Meanwhile, ServerPoint provides customers with high server reliability and friendly in-house support service. Now, customers can even get 65% off to save a big budget.

ServerPoint VPS hosting price now starts from $6.3/mo. To know more, please visit:


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