Reasons Why Your Website is Losing Attention and Steps to Prevent it

What is it that you could do to keep your customers attention? Your homepage determines how to attract audience attention. But if you think your customers are not staying long enough to explore your website here are some reasons why with solutions to them too.

Too Many Advertisements

Embedding advertisements do help to get added revenue but imagine you visiting a website where the page is exploding with click-on ads, video ads, banners etc. Would you continue exploring the website or would you leave it for something that doesn’t dodge you for a product or service. Too many things on your website is not a cool idea at all. What is the use of that little revenue when you are losing out on your customers?

Have a clean page keeping a couple of genuine ads that could be useful to the customer is not bad but having your page full of them is something which definitely not in the how to attract audience attention list.

Grammatically Incorrect Content is not how to attract audience attention

Grammerly incorrect content

Irrespective of the services or product you are displaying on your website it is vital that the text displayed on your website is clean and is grammatically correct. It is not necessary that the content be written in highly decorative language, simple words but correct grammatically are definite to attract customers. The correct usage of grammar gives authenticity to your company. Ensure that the content has been proof read before it is published for customers to read.

Contact Page

Adding full details in your company’s contact page is another way on how to attract audience attention. There are a few websites which embed only their email address for all types of communication. However, this could also be a limitation in increasing your customer base because email restricts immediate communication. People have to wait for response in case they are looking for some immediate response. Adding valid phone/mobile numbers besides the email address helps in gaining the customers trust because the customer gets his response in no time. Ensure that the contact page is encouraging because this page defines the customers who are interested in your company and should be retained.

Is Your Homepage too Cluttered?

Another reason why your website is losing out on its customers is that you are cluttering your homepage with too much information. There is no doubt that the customers like to have proper information about the product or service but it is also significant to understand that overburdening with not- required information is also not something they are looking for. Adding too many points moves their focus from the main point. A diverted customer is never going to buy from your website.

Flash Videos and Background Music

 Flash videos and background

Gone are the days when someone would stop and watch the autoplay music in the background. Advertisements that have unstoppable flash video widget are an absolute ‘NO’ . People are not here for flashy videos and the background tra la lala’s, get over these old fashioned things. Your important data is being missed by them. These flashy videos take up much data of the customer and there is nothing that can be done. Plain Java and HTML give you a simple interface which will help you draw the attention of your potential customers.

Being Glamorous in a Good Way is how to attract audience attention

It is understood that new businesses don’t wish to spend extravagantly on designing a website or pay a web developer to get your job done for you. Moreover simplicity is appreciated but having something displayed online definitely needs to be a bit glamorous to have the attention of the customer. Being extraordinarily simple could also raise suspicions on the authenticity of your website and company.

Avoid Stock Images

Here is another point on how to attract your audience attention to your website. Stock images are for situations when you are unable to provide a proper photograph or when there is nothing good that you can find to upload. Try clicking some pictures yourself; people love originality. Pictures on Instagram and photos on other visual social media platforms have thousands of followers that maintain their originality. Cheap subscriptions are of no use and aren’t going to get much appreciation. Everyone is aware from where you get those highly edited smiling and posing pictures.

Stay Updated

‘Old is boring’ people always look for fresh content. The products could be the same but you could always think of new ways to present them to your customers. Having a column where you display something about the present happenings across the globe definitely has your visitors glued to your website.

Stay updated

Easy Sharing

Customers love to share what they like. If they find your content valuable they would want to share your content. Install some free sharing tools through HTML code or a plugin and let your content be read by many. This is definitely going to attract more audience to your website. Something that cannot be shared cannot be explored these days. If your content is loved by the people you are sure to get an overwhelming response.

Use these nine gems and have your customers take a liking to your website instantly.

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