Rackspace Email Hosting Review

rackspace-email-hostingEstablished in 1998, Rackspace (www.rackspace.com) is regarded as one of the most leading and well-known web companies in the industry. In addition to a variety of reputable cloud services, it delivers customers web hosting, email hosting, business app solutions and etc. as well. Until now, Rackspace has been serving tens of thousands of customers, and has multiple datacenters and office operating all over the world.

In below Rackspace Email Hosting Review, we are going to check out Rackspace email hosting service from feature, price and support factors to help customers find whether this email service is worthy of selection.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Features

There are lots of useful and valuable benefits that customers enable to take from Rackspace. By making complete use of these features, they can get one of the best email hosting experience to ensure the success of personals or businesses. Here, we list some of the key features, and people take as a reference when considering Rackspace email hosting.

It contains 25GB mailboxes, 50MB attachments, custom mailboxes with professional appearance, secure POP/IMAP connection, custom email filtering, domain & user aliases, split-domain routing and easy-to-use migration tool. The premium anti-spam & anti-virus help keep inbox safe, active directory for simple login as well as management, Outlook auto-setup and SSL encryption.

Besides, webmail features like private-label sites, customized interface, shared calendars as well as contacts, mobile sync, robust email client, instant messaging and Admin feature such as admin control panel, access & spam control, API are all available to customers who choose Rackspace email hosting.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Uptime

Rackspace guarantees 100% uptime to its email hosting customers. The datacenters of Rackspace located across over the world. And in order to ensure reliable and fast delivery and speed performance, Rackspace sets:

  • precision environment with N+1 redundant HVAC and advanced fire suppression system that will be functioning completely
  • conditioned power includes UPS for all servers, and N+1 UPS power subsystem
  • improved and secured network with multiple top providers, high-performance bandwidth, equipment, hundreds of CDN edge locations

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Prices

Rackspace email hosting has Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange two packages. The former is a business-class email working with Outlook, and the latter is considered as Microsoft’s popular email platform ensuring the highest level of Outlook collaboration.

The price of Rackspace Email is billed at $2/mailbox/mo, if sign up with over 200 users, customers can get 37% off to make the price at $1.25/mailbox. While for the Hosted Exchange, it charges at $10/mailbox/mo, and the discounts start at $8/mailbox for more than 50 users.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Supports

If customers have any question about its email hosting, they can get great Fanatical Support from Rackspace. The support technicians will offer assistances through telephone, live chat and email. At the same time, the Rackspace Community, knowledge center, API Documentation and Develop Center are available all the time for customers to check out solutions.


Compared to many other competitors, Rackspace email hosting comes with great features, 100% uptime guarantee, reliable support and affordable prices. Choosing it, people could conveniently and easily manage and expand their businesses.

To take advantages of this professional email hosting service for any size of businesses, please visit Rackspace.


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