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prwebFrom globally well-known Vocus, PRWeb ( is engaged in online news distribution and has become the leader in this industry. It has already got number one in site traffic, number of release and social media. And more than 30,000 organizations and businesses release news across blogs, search engines and websites easily through PRWeb.

PRWeb Great Features

There are multiple press release plans at PRWeb for customers to select a suitable one. And PRWeb offers customers just 3 steps to public news: create, distribute and track it. And PRWeb has an extensive press release distribution network, covering search engines, media digests, associated press distribution, web as well as regional coverage.

Through above networks, news of customers will be distributed on a wide range of places and rank high as well. So visitors will find customers fast and easily that will increase trade deals finally. In addition to that, PRWeb allows customers to add images, file attachments and videos in their PRWeb press release.

More than that, PRWeb has an important advantage that differentiates it from others. That is the tracking service. A lot of people worry whether visitors read their news and how many readers know it after all. PRWeb real-time reporting capability supports customers to know how many times their news was read and where their readers are. Thus, customers will make a business plan to the point.

On top of above features, there are other features creating PRWeb the best, including:

  • Customers can choose the time to distribute their press release
  • PRWeb does not require training or experience on press release
  • Customers can place their press release on permanently

PRWeb Price and Discount

PRWeb provides five plans for customers to release their news, which are Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium and Financial plans.

  • PRWeb Basic plan enable news to be sent to major news sites and search engines, such as Bing and Google. The price is set at $99 for each press release.
  • PRWeb Standard plan has more features on the basis of Basic one. For example, customer press release will be sent to over 250,000 subscribers and bloggers. And the price is higher for richer features, which is $159/news.
  • PRWeb Advanced plan asks people for $249 per news, since it contains a lot of useful features to improve visibility of your business. This plan will help businesses place news on local news sites and premium web sites. What’s more important, Advanced plan has a priority: next day distribution.
  • Premium plan is similar to Advanced plan, but it supports national media distribution and embedded video. For this plan, customers will pay $369 per news.
  • PRWeb Financial plan has the highest price: $499 for each press release. Besides above referring features, it aids customers to distribute news on the top Financial sites, which is quite suitable for large businesses.

Now, through the following promotional link, customers will get 25% off their first invoice.

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It is easy and simple to register an account on PRWeb. Within one minute, customers will become a member of PRWeb without any fee and public news right away.

Customer Support

PRWeb offers customers 24/7 editorial desk support via phone and Fax. Furthermore, there is learning area online to help customers write and distribute news. And PRWeb editor will check news from customers to see whether it follows rules or not.

To test out how PRWeb could help on your business, please checkout now, and take the benefit of its 25% deal.


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