Principles Of Effective Web Design

When it comes to a website you may think of many things that are important but little consideration is given to website design. In fact the design of the website is the first thing that is visible to the user and good web design principles can keep them on your website for long to enough to discover various features of your website. Unless people stay on your website for a certain period of time it is not possible for them to discover various aspects of your website.

So here are a few important considerations in web design

The first of the good web design principles of web design is that of visual hierarchy

You must have noticed that some portions of your website are more important than the other parts. For this reason you must make amendments in your website to get those important parts more highlighted than the rest of the website. If you want the user to click on a certain button or feature of the website you must make it more prominent as compared to the rest of the website. This prominence can be gained by either increasing the size of the button or changing its color to something that is more attractive.

The visual hierarchy should give prominence to the thing that would attract the user so much so that he would want to stay on your web page for longer. Then it should define your products and services n short yet clear message. The third thing should be to make available the button that would assist them in buying your product and services and then you could put a small description of what to expect.

For this you could just look at different website and try to figure out what all has been done to grab attention by those websites that you can apply to your own website.

The second principle of web design is following the divine proportions

Second rule of web design

It has been known that there is a divine ratio that helps in designing anything to complete aesthetic value. The divine ratio 1.618 along with Fibonacci sequence is the best way of ensuring an aesthetically design. You must use this ratio in your web design to make it as aesthetic as it could be. You could imagine it as the cut section of a conch shell. A larger portion (about two thirds) of the rectangle remains sparse where you can put the things that have more importance and need more attention while the remaining rectangular portion can again be divided in the same way to place progressively less important components of your website.

The third principle of web design is following Hick’s Law

Hick’s law is one of the basic laws that you must abide by while following the good web designing principles. The law states that the more the choices are available the more difficult it becomes to make a decision.

For example in the restaurants that offer you the most varieties of food you find it extremely difficult to make a decision about what you want to have. Same is the case with your website where you must use as less options as possible by eliminating choices. The choices are in a way distracting for the users and they may end up confused and not buying anything from your website. However, it is important that you must not confine the process of elimination of distraction to one or two pages of your website rather whole of your website should be made free of distractions.

The fourth web design principle is following Fitt’s Law

4th rule of effective web design

The Fitt’s law is about the prominence of the target area and its likelihood of getting attention. In your website you must make those buttons larger than others that are more important for you. For example in a music player the play button is kept larger than the other buttons so that the user is tempted to hit that button first.

Also,the placement of the most important button is crucial. The corners are the most likely places to get the hits because they are more accessible.

But this does not mean that the important buttons are made exceptionally large. Making odd sized buttons may repel the users and therefore it is quite important to not go beyond 20% of the size of the rest of the elements in the website.

The fifth web design principle is rule of thirds

For your website to appear interesting you must apply the rule of thirds. This is the rule that involves dividing the whole frame into nine parts that are equal in width and breadth. The focal point of your website must lie on or near one of those lines preferably on the right hand side. This makes the webpage appear more pleasing and captures the imagination of the viewer with more impact.

The sixth web design principle is following Gestalt Design Laws

The Design law of Gestalt states that when some views something the first thing that they do is view it in its entirety. It is only after a while that they view the details of the image. Similar is the case with your website. When a person visits your website they first look it as a whole and then get to the finer details of it. You must follow Gestalt Design Laws to make the most of the visit of your consumer. There are a total of eight laws that need to be followed. These laws are sure to give your website that extra views and conversions without you having to do much.

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