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Pressable Review available in below will review and analyze the managed WordPress hosting features, prices, reliability, security and backup support service of Pressable in deep and comprehensive.

pressable_markBased in San Antonio, Texas, Pressable ( has been providing reliable managed WordPress hosting service since its inception in 2010. Its WordPress solution is designed for personals, developers, designers and businesses that love WordPress and expect more.

To deliver customers remarkable, simplified online experience and let them create and publish great content easily using WordPress, Pressable makes efforts on configuring servers and other technology. The company sets out a secure and scalable WordPress hosting platform for all of the customers. Until now, Pressable serves millions of customers worldwide, and they ranges from personals, startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

Pressable Review on Managed WordPress Hosting Features

If customers are looking for reliable and fast WordPress but require more than those traditional shared WordPress hosting providers offer, Pressable is considered as one of the best options that can perfectly meet their demands. Pressable specializes in managed WordPress hosting, and it not only comes with great rich features, but also makes it very easy and convenient to setup managed WordPress websites.

For different customers and different uses, Pressable designs and offers them different managed WordPress hosting solutions. Firstly, Pressable most basic managed WordPress hosting includes 1 to 5 WordPress websites hosted, unlimited site storage and 15,000 shared pageviews.


Meanwhile, Pressable has private and dedicated WordPress hosting solutions: VIP and Private Cloud, and they are developed especially for businesses who need unique circumstances.

There are some other valuable and useful features that Pressable managed WordPress hosting offer to make customers’ WordPress websites more powerful.

  • Staging Sites: Pressable provides customers with one-click cloning tool, which can be used for creating a testing environment. If customers have already tested their changes including features and designs, then they enable to make those changes to their live websites or make a new website the live website as well. With this staging sites feature, customers’ websites are totally flawless when their visitors/customers do visit them.
  • SFTP Access: by making full use of SFTP access, customers are able to access and upload their WordPress websites via SFTP, and also get all the control they might require.
  • Collaborator Access: customers can authorize other people to help work on their websites. Once their work was finished, customers enable to revoke access, and those users will no longer be able to make changes on the websites. So, there is no need to share accounts or passwords.
  • 1-click MX settings: email is very important for businesses, and Pressable keeps this in mind. Also, this is one of the main reasons why Pressable offers customers easy MX settings. With the intuitive tool, customers can configure the MX settings by 1 click.
  • Managed Upgrade and Daily Backups: Pressable helps customers to deal with the technical issues. Additionally, it ensure easy managed upgrade as well. Pressable will backup the critical data and files of customers’ websites, and customers can use it to restore.

Pressable Review on Managed WordPress Hosting Prices

Pressable managed WordPress hosting has multiple solutions, and they charge at different but acceptable prices. Pressable offers customers monthly and yearly billing cycle options. The regular price of Pressable managed WordPress hosting starts from $25/mo. If customers choose to prepay yearly solution, Pressable will give them a discount of 2 months free.

With the promotion, Pressable feature-rich managed WordPress hosting price starts from $20.83/mo. There is no any money back guarantee available, and Pressable WordPress hosting service is non-refundable. However, Pressable provides customers with a 15 day trial, so customers can try and use its WordPress hosting with no risk.

Pressable WordPress Promotion
2 Months Free

Pressable Review on Managed WordPress Hosting Speed

Pressable managed WordPress hosting comes with very fast speed. In addition to utilizing the well-equipped datacenter located in Virginia, Pressable partners with Google PageSpeed, a tool used to analyze and optimize websites following web best practices, to deliver customers blazing fast speed.

All Pressable WordPress hosting solutions have premium CDN technology integration at no extra fee. This feature will help deliver content and websites load quite fast around the world. Moreover, there are some other features that Pressable offers to improve the performance of customers’ websites.

  • Server Side Optimization: Pressable has servers that are configured specifically for WordPress and WordPress-based websites. The server side optimization will enhance the websites’ performance effectively.
  • Caching: Pressable caching makes use of batcache as a page cache, and it also stores that in memcache. As the result, it will be able to serve cached pages to customers’ visitors much more quickly.

Pressable managed WordPress hosting is not only fast, but also secure and reliable. Pressable offers the combination of intrusion detection systems and malware scanning & removal, automatic nightly backup and strong firewall, so customers’ WordPress websites are always well protected and secured.

Pressable Review on Managed WordPress Hosting Support

Pressable managed WordPress hosting is based on delivering remarkable features and hosting also combined with helpful expert support. Apart from the regular update and management, Pressable provides customers with optional SSL support service as well.

Most importantly, Pressable ensures customers a smooth WordPress hosting experience by letting its WordPress experts handle all customers’ issues and questions. When customers need technical assistance, Pressable support professionals go above and beyond. So far, Pressable offers ticket and knowledgebase support methods, while we look forward to more direct support ways like chat or phone call.


Pressable is the company that focuses on managed WordPress hosting, and its reliable and fast service comes with great rich features like CDN integration, staging sites, collaborator access, SFTP access, daily backups, malware scanning and much more. Since Pressable WordPress professionals will take care of the technical aspects and managed updates, customers will be ensured fast, smooth and secure WordPress hosting experience, and create greater content as well.

Its affordable managed WordPress hosting has multiple solutions, and they are designed for different purposes. No matter for developers, designers, organizations, eCommerce or enterprises, they can find a suitable WordPress hosting solution at Pressable.

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