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The following MaxCDN Review will analyze the CDN service from MaxCDN around pricing, features, performance, and customer support to figure out what makes MaxCDN an industry leader in this field.

Who is MaxCDN

maxcdn logoEstablished in 2007, MaxCDN ( is one of the largest Content Delivery Network providers in the industry. Since inception, the company has been dedicated to creating the best CDN experience possible via frictionless and instant interactions and that can apply to both desktops and mobile devices at any place. In the past years, MaxCDN has helped ad networks, large blogs, online gaming services, plus a large group of hosting services like WPEngine and Pagely deliver fast and reliable web content as required.

MaxCDN Pricing Review

MaxCDN develops three levels of CDN service, including Entrepreneur, Professional, and Custom, and targeting at bloggers or startups, high-traffic websites, and publishers or ad networks respectively. The Entrepreneur level comes with three plans and charges from $9 to $79 per month. However, according to the latest MaxCDN coupon, for yearly plan customers, MaxCDN will give them 2 months free to make the average price at $7.5/mo.

MaxCDN Promotion
2 Months Free

MaxCDN pricing is made based on the bandwidth, however. For customers going with its basic plan, they can get 100GB bandwidth each month and 2 websites (zones). Usually, one zone is used per website. If people require CDN support for multiple websites, they can add additional zones charging for $12 per year. Other more, bandwidth overages will be calculated for each 1TB over a customer’s allocated bandwidth.

Customers are allowed to pay the CDN service with multiple payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. After purchasing, if customers find it not satisfied and cancel the service within the first 30 days, they are entitled to request full refund.

MaxCDN Network Review

MaxCDN network is made up of 18 global edge locations in multiple premium data centers. All the data centers are equipped with SSD-powered servers, bare metal servers, 10GB connections, and Anycast technology to maintain high speed and good reliability.

maxcdn network

Meanwhile, MaxCDN reduces the number of hops between internet service providers by working with many global peering partners to reach a powerful network with 56 additional locations.

Due to these efforts, MaxCDN can offer customers a reliable CDN service with high peering capacity to conduct any given load around the globe. And it builds a MultiPath Network to boast intelligent best-path routing and on-the-fly analysis to monitor packets loss and latency. As well, there is a custom FastStack powered by NGINX caching on complete SSD base metal servers to easily offload more static and dynamic content to the edge.

MaxCDN Feature Review

In addition to high performance network, MaxCDN offers a wealth of features allowing customers to deliver any content in any size with fast speed to the end users.

Origin Shield

MaxCDN makes use of Origin Shield of which the globally placed PoPs sit between the CDN and customers’ origins therefore protecting them from overloading request. Once it is enabled, it can handle origin requests for uncached content efficiently by sending them to the Origin Shield and filter these requests into a single origin request. Also, the Origin Shield offers better purging and provisioning as it deals with request spikes gracefully.

Control Panel

MaxCDN has a CDN control panel along with an intuitive interface for customers to access to all of the controls and features quickly and easily. They can review all the important messages, bandwidth usage, % cache hits, % non cache hits, manage their zones, run reports, and purchase new zones and add-ons right through the CDN control panel.


To help customers instantly control over the way of content delivery, MaxCDN enables them to create a 100% custom EdgeRule. They can also take advantage of EdgeRules to reduce the number of calls made to their origin servers by blocking requests, creating custom redirects, manipulating headers. In addition, EdgeRule allows customers to have a smart way of delivering content for ensuring the best experience via creating separate caches, one for mobile devices, and another for desktops.


In order to maintain high level of security while delivering web content, MaxCDN provides rock solid CDN security protocols. People can set two step authentications requiring the person logging in needs not only the correct credentials but also site owner’s physical phone. Aside from that, API security and secure tokens are also included in the CDN security protocols. Another security measure is EdgeSSL that uses MaxCDN global architecture to offer instant SSL, handles CPU intensive security customers’ sites need, and gives fully optimized SSL stack.


Like all top CDN service providers, MaxCDN offers customers actionable realtime reporting so that customers can quickly grasp the behavior of their content and traffic their make. As part of the realtime reporting system, customers can get realtime insight into their data coming in the form of detailed Raw Logs.

MaxCDN Customer Support

From setup to 24/7 technical support, MaxCDN promises to both respond and be proactive in maximizing customers’ CDN experience. For any integration problems, speed issues, or optimizing CDN usage, customers can get in touch with MaxCDN support team via live chat, phone, and ticket system at any time around the clock. The company promises to give phone and live chat response with 1 minute, and give ticket response within 2 minutes.

If customers want to do some further learning or prefer to solving common issues independently, they can benefit from MaxCDN’s tutorials, FAQs, and Quick Start Guide.


MaxCDN offers an affordable CDN service that costs at $9/100GB/mo. If customers purchase a yearly plan, they can have 2 months free in addition. Importantly, MaxCDN manages to build very high performance content delivery network and outstanding customer support. At the same time, customers with the CDN service can receive rich features and tools like Origin Shield, CDN control panel, EdgeRules, EdgeSSL, realtime reporting, and more to make web content delivery ease-of-use and speedy. Due to these, here we highly recommend MaxCDN to individuals and all-sized business who are looking for the best solution to accelerate web sites without spending too much money on it.

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