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In below MailChimp review, we are going to review the email marketing service provider from pricing, features like contact management, email creation & sending, and reporting & tracking, plus customer, hoping people can get a clear understanding on if MailChimp is the right choice for them to succeed in email marketing area.

Who is MailChimp

mailchimp logoFounded in 2001, MailChimp ( is one of the best email marketing service providers in the industry. The company is dedicated to democratize technology for small businesses through creating innovative products to empower its customers to grow. Up till now, MailChimp has successfully served over 12 million people and businesses around the world.

MailChimp Pricing Review

MialChimp provides quite affordable email marketing service plans based on the number of subscribers a customer has, plus how many emails he is looking to send each month.

The Starting Up Plan charges for free, allowing customers to mail less than 12,000 emails per month to less than 2000 email accounts. The plan comes with many basic features like MailChimp’s built-in signup forms, email templates, email designer, reports and etc. leaving a MailChimp icon embedded in customers’ newsletters.

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Forever Free Plan

As some powerful features and support options are only available with paid accounts, customers have to purchase or upgrade to one of the other three plans if they take their business seriously. The monthly cost of the plans will be at least $10/mo.

MailChimp currently accepts multiple payment methods like major credit cards, PayPal and direct debit.

MailChimp Contact Management Review

It is important for an email marketing service to be easy-to-use. MailChimp knows it very well and packages rich user-friendly features in the plans.

  • Custom Forms—MailChimp enables its customers to design their signup form that match their brands as well as newsletters. Customers can add images, drop-down boxes, radio buttons, and collet information in custom fields as required.
  • Segmentation and Groups—MailChimp makes it possible for customers to send people the right content. When sign up for a newsletter, Subscribers can choose groups to join, and customers can categorized those groups when they’re ready to send. A range of options out there customers can make use of to segment their list: new subscribers, subscribers around particular location, and etc. MailChimp also allows its customers to create an auto-updating segment based on specific criteria.
  • Subscriber Profiles—MailChimp provides customers with unified subscriber profiles and detailed user information. The provider also tags the top subscribers as VIPs by rating them based on the past opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. Other more, MailChimp allows customers to keep track of their subscribers’ quirks and preferences using the Notes function, view replies and search through archived conversations on the Conversation tab, plus see purchase history, discover similar subscribers and more.

MailChimp Email Creation & Sending Review

MailChimp offers customers with all tools and features they need for creating newsletters, surveys, and other event emails.

MailChimp email marketing service comes with the easiest way to design a campaign by simply dragging and dropping photos and content blocks. Customers can edit and resize images using MailChimp’s built-in tools, as well as filter, search, and organize images or documents using MailChimp’s file manager. Besides, customers can benefit from the template editor that adapts to their workflow. Or, they can test or preview a campaign on mobile devices, plus use MailChimp’s link checker to verify every URL in the email or show a screenshot on hover.

All templates from MailChimp are well-designed and customers just need to add their message and tweak the colors as they like. They can also start with a basic layout or code their own templates. Likewise, people can use the Merge Tags to dynamically add content to their email, and use Email Beamer to create campaigns without logging in to MailChimp. For agencies, MailChimp grants them the ability to set up multi-user accounts with different level of access, for instance, Admins, Managers, Authors, and Viewers.

As to delivery, MailChimp Automation enables customers to create a target types of emails which send when triggered by a specific event, date, or a certain activity from subscribers. Additionally, at MailChimp, it is possible for customers keep their campaigns reach everyone living in different time zones around the world as a result of MailChimp Timewarp. Before sending a campaign, the Inbox Preview can show what the email will look like in more than 40 different clients.

MailChimp Email Reporting & Tracking Review

A top email marketing service provider will provide its customers with graphs, reports, and stats for helping them understand how well a campaign is doing.

MailChimp report is made up of multiple parts. The interactive graphs help customers know the number of emails that were delivered, who opened the email, and etc.; the monitor tends tell customers which email addresses bounced and for what reason, plus who unsubscribed from customers’ list; subscriber activity reports give customers a real-time report for every subscriber’s email activities; revenue reports tell online retailors which customers make a purchase after opening the campaign.

Besides, the report also show where the subscribers are located, who unsubscribed from the list and how a customer’ campaigns work by comparing them with other MailChimp users. People can also see how their campaigns are performing with particular domains and use MailChimp’s email click map overlay to attract more people.

MailChimp Customer Support Review

In case customers need help when using MaiChimp email marketing service, the provider offers good customer service for customers. For paid account holders, they can consult MailChimp support team by making use of Live Chat and email. However, for users on the free plan will have access to MailChimp Knowledgebase only. The knowledgebase contains hundreds of articles and tutorials categorized by different topics so that customers can easily find out the most effective answer to their questions.


Overall, MailChimp offers rich features and functions within its email marketing service plans. The company makes email marketing enjoyable for all customers. It is suitable for beginners to experienced email marketers to make great profit from their email list. For more information, please check online.

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