LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS

LiquidWeb and 1and1 are considered as two of the largest and most well-known web hosting providers in industry, and they are committed to offering a wide range of hosting services and products to satisfy the different or increasing requirements of customers. VPS hosting is one of the most popular products of LiquidWeb and 1and1. In below LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS, we will review and compare their server configuration, price, performance and support aspects to find out which VPS is better.

Founded in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is a privately held web company that offers high-performance managed hosting services and operates 3 wholly-owned datacenters. Now, LiquidWeb serves more than 30,000 customers in over 150 countries. 1and1 ( owns very good reputation in providing reliable domain registration and affordable dedicated server hosting. 1and1 Group manages over 19 million domain names.

LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Server Configuration

In order to help customers build different types of powerful websites successfully, LiquidWeb and 1and1 virtual private server hosting services are available in both Linux and Windows operating system. Meanwhile, their VPS hosting come with multiple different packages and server configurations as well.

LiquidWeb VPS hosting is managed by default, while LiquidWeb allows customers to manage the server themselves by giving them cPanel or Plesk control panel at very affordable prices. LiquidWeb offers customers multiple operating system options, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Windows 2012 R2. All LiquidWeb VPS hosting solutions are powered by SSD technology, and they are perfect for customers who need the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability of shared hosting.

Basically, LiquidWeb VPS hosting offers 1GB memory, 50GB SSD disk space, 1-year free single domain name registration, 1 standard SSL certificate, 5TB outgoing bandwidth, free incoming bandwidth, 1 public IP address, API access, instant provisioning, easily upgrade or downgrade, create & deploy server images, free Storm firewall and much more.


1and1 provides customers Linux and Windows VPS hosting as well, and it allows them to select administration software from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and Windows Server 2008 R2. The entry-level VPS hosting plan includes 1 vCore CPU, 1GB guaranteed RAM, 50GB HDD storage (SSD is available) and unlimited traffic.

Moreover, 1and1 VPS hosting offers full root access, Parallels Plesk 12, 1and1 control panel, MySQL 5 database support, script languages: PHP, Python, Perl for Linux, Cron jobs, 1 own static IP address, 1 domain, 250 1and1 mailboxes and etc.

Compared to 1and1 server configuration, LiquidWeb VPS hosting is more feature-rich. With LiquidWeb, customers will receive plenty of guaranteed server resources and valuable features, while 1and1 provides great features like SSL certificate, SSD drives, FTP storage and others as add-ons.

LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Server Prices

LiquidWeb VPS hosting is managed with cPanel/Plesk control panel available, and the server solutions charge at different prices for customers to choose. Regularly, LiquidWeb VPS hosting price starts from $50/mo. Although LiquidWeb VPS hosting is not covered by its money back, it is still risk-free for customers to sign up with since LiquidWeb allows daily and monthly billing, and customers just pay only for what they use.

In terms of 1and1 VPS hosting, the regular price of 1and1 VPS hosting starts from $12.99/mo, and the company offers monthly and yearly billing cycle options. If customers go with annual plan, 1and1 will offer them more than 60% off making its VPS hosting price start at $4.99/mo for the first 6 months. 1and1 guarantees 30 days trial period, and customers can receive a refund if they are not satisfied for any reason.

It does not make sense that a VPS hosting solution is even cheaper than a shared hosting plan. 1and1 VPS hosting service charges at very unreasonable low prices, it is probably because 1and1 limits some resources and there are hidden costs. Indeed, 1and1 VPS hosting charges for extra fees for some valuable and useful features.

But if we take LiquidWeb VPS hosting features and prices into consideration, we can find that LiquidWeb VPS hosting has higher price value. For businesses and customers who have higher demands, LiquidWeb VPS hosting is quite affordable.

LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Server Performance

liquidweb-e1305151960192Each LiquidWeb VPS hosting solution supports 100% network uptime and is backed up by 3 privately owned & operated datacenters located in Arizona and Michigan. All of its datacenter facilities feature with numerous zones for added redundancy, complete power system, redundantly built network, disaster recovery and other components.

Additionally, LiquidWeb provides RAID protected SSD drives and real-time monitoring. Everything from the design, security and backup of the buildings, infrastructures and networks LiquidWeb utilizes was planned carefully with complete redundancy and customers’ needs in mind. LiquidWeb VPS hosting ensures customers the best and highest quality server experience possible.

1and1 makes use of multiple datacenters, which are located in the USA and Europe. Due to the various redundant connections between datacenter facilities and the most important Internet hubs, 1and1 enables to guarantee customers almost 100% uptime. At the same time, 1and1 offers 24 hours surveillance by highly qualified engineers and technicians, interruption-free power supply, diesel generators and more.

Even through, the facilities, technologies and backups of LiquidWeb are more reliable and leading. According to our own tests and customers’ feedbacks, LiquidWeb managed VPS hosting performance is much better, faster and more secure than 1and1.

LiquidWeb VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Customer Support

Since LiquidWeb VPS hosting is managed, so customers will be ensured a smooth server management and hosting experience. Besides, LiquidWeb invests a great deal of focus into building its industry-leading support team. With the 24/7 access to on-site and professional support technicians are available and can be contacted through telephone, live chat and email. All of customers’ questions and problems will be answered and resolved effectively and rapidly. LiquidWeb guarantees 59 second or less response times.

For matters relating to the setup, operation and management of a server, 1and1 support experts can offer customers responsive assistance and helpful solutions. 1and1 support methods include 24/7 free of charge hotline and free email. No matter for the expertise of support staffs or the support methods, LiquidWeb support service is more professional, helpful and customer-friendly.

Which VPS Hosting is Better?

Definitely, LiquidWeb VPS hosting is the better service that we strongly recommend. Compared to 1and1 VPS hosting, LiquidWeb managed VPS service offers richer & more valuable features like SSD technology, free domain, free SSL, cPanel available and etc. In addition, the VPS hosting is super-fast and reliable. LiquidWeb VPS hosting is well-designed, and it is perfect for high-traffic websites, businesses and enterprises.

With LiquidWeb VPS hosting, customers will get 24/7 Heroic Support and affordable prices. Please visit: to know more information about LiquidWeb and its high-quality virtual private server hosting.


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